First Sleep, Second Sleep

Feng Shui Help With Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a very common concern that many of my Feng Shui clients experience. In fact, forty nine percent of Americans report difficulty in sleeping. Anxiety and stress over waking up during the night and not being able to go back to sleep, often leads to taking prescription sleeping pills etc., the pills then lead to their own problems and it is a downward spiral.

After implementing all of the Feng Shui principles such as placing the bed in a good location, having their head pointing in the right direction, taking the mirrors out of the bedroom, removing all electronics, having adequate darkness and the right colors, air, and basically balancing the qi in the bedroom, I found there were still clients who could not sleep through the night.

So, through research on this problem, I was amazed to rediscover the sleeping patterns of our ancestors. They didn’t sleep in one eight – hour chunk. That is a modern invention – a modern myth! They used to sleep in two shorter periods over a longer range.

The existence of our sleeping twice per night was first uncovered by Roger Ekirch, a professor of history at Virginia Tech. He wrote about the history of sleep in a veryengaging book called “At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past.” In it, are hundreds of references scattered throughout literature, court documents, and personal papers that show the practice was common knowledge.

Ekirch found this sleeping pattern died out a around the time of the Industrial Revolution when everyone and everything became more regimented. Our ancestors practiced what is known as “first sleep” and “second sleep.” Thistwo–piece sleeping period lasted approximately twelve hours. They would go to sleep for approximately four hours and then wake up for three – four hours hours and then go back to sleep for another three to four hours. In the in between twilight hours, people would read, write, pray (religious manuals had special prayers for the mid-sleep hours,) talk, have sex or get up and go visit neighbors. The first four hours produced the deepest sleep. It was a period of unusual calmness- unlike the anxiety we experience today upon waking up at 3 three in the morning and thinking we need to get back to sleep for our physical and mental well-being!!

Two sleeps per night may have been the method of antiquity, but tendencies towards it still linger in modern man! It may be the answer to a lot of our current health problems.


We are the Whirled! Heal Your Lymphatic Ocean

While searching for info on the human lymphatic system and its correlation to the Earth’s water system , I came across this wonderful article by David Yarrow, an old time dowser, who I met a few times at the convention in Vermont. Ninety percent of our bodily fluids form the lymph system.

Lympha was the name of the Roman Goddess of clear water!! She was prayed to in order to maintain a harmonious, balanced water supply. If the ritual to honor her was not properly observed, she rebelled and caused a drought.

Another finding about the lymphatic system is that the color indigo brings it back into balance. Indigo (according to Dinsha) also neutralizes aluminum (product of chemtrails) which is drying out our atmosphere (and much more.) As David says, “We are the Whirled!!”


Stone Medicine in China

Stone Medicine

The knowledge of using stones and rocks as healing agents goes back thousands of years. In China, stones were held in high regard and were an integral part of their ancient medicinal practices. Stones were originally as important as herbs, but of course, when you purchase a stone it lasts a lifetime – there is no expiration date!

Herbs need to be continually purchased, so due to economic factors, herbs gained importance and stone medicine faded into the background. The ancient knowledge of stone medicine was further destroyed by Mao who started classifying patterns of symptoms into a simple quick fix system, like western medicine.

The field of Chinese medicine actually includes eight branches of treatment: acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, exercise (taiji and qigong), geomancy, moxibustion, and Feng Shui. The Chinese found that stones could be successfully used in conjunction with any of these modalities.

Jeffry Yuen, an 88th lineage holder of the Jade Purity School of Taoism has been orally transmitting the ancient knowledge of stone medicine, in conjunction with the above modalities for many years. He stresses that rocks are living, evolving entities and that their density and solidity bring greater permanence in healing than herbs. He also teaches that there is more stabilization in energetic intentions and therapies with stones, than in any other modalities. (more…)