The Sounds of Civilization

Musics Effect on Humanity and Consciousness by Jill Mattson

“Vibrations, or sounds, can control civilizations!” wrote ancient officials. An outrageous idea at first glance, but many ancient dynasties lasted thousands of years, while we grow tired of our president in merely four years.

I planned to uncover why many rulers believed this. I hunkered down into the study of antiquity… for twenty years, carefully recording musical and esoteric secrets. Esoteric societies guarded sound healing information, believing that whoever knew it – could control people and for the wrong reasons! They refused to document this secret information about healing sounds. Esoteric students were divided according to their moral and psychic advancement into categories such as initiates, disciples, adepts and masters. Secrets of sound were confined to verbal discussions among proven adepts and masters …safe guarding this powerful information. Each esoteric school divulged a few secrets, but I studied so many, I accumulated a wealth of diverse vibratory knowledge. Merely considering these ideas exponentially increased my understanding of the power of music!

Sparse writings from Rudolf Steiner discuss the musical system of the ancient Lumarians and Atlanteans. The earlier civilization, the Lemarians, listened to a descending musical scale, in which the smallest distance between adjacent tones was equivalent to nine of our notes! This music connected the listener with the Divine. Later, the Atlanteans claimed to enjoy a descending musical scale with the notes closer together, yet neighboring notes still represented seven of our musical notes. The Atlantean music connected man to his own Divine Spirit. (more…)



The United States is experiencing a profound rebirth whether it wants to or not.

With all of the explosive energies (fire and metal) whirling about, this is a year to remain cool, centered and aligned to your higher purpose. While reflecting on the current condition of the world with the constant wars. terror attacks. and the resultant refugees, I remembered the mind boggling research done by the renown ornithologist and entomologist, Phillip Callahan.

He discovered that there was an irrefutable relationship between the paramagnetic quality of the soil and cultural conflict that resulted in violence. During World War 2, while stationed in Ireland as a radio engineer, he became intrigued with the 13 round towers he found in the countryside. He noticed that around the towers, the plants, grass and trees were extremely healthy and that the farmers even brought their sheep to graze around the towers. Through experimentation, he discovered the towers were paramagnetic antennaes placed in diamagnetic or low paramagnetic areas to increase the fertility of the land and to bring the magnetic field lines of the earth into alignment. Paramagnetism is a force that moves toward a magnet (yang) and  diamagnetism is a force that move away from a magnet (yin,) The atmosphere, rocks, stone, and soil (inorganic) tend to be paramagnetic, while plants, water and most organic forms including humans tend to be diamagnetic. The two forces work hand in hand. (more…)