Flagstaff Dowsing Conference

“2021 – A Time to Heal”
October 6 – October 13, 2021

For years I have been interested in the powerful magnetic energy of the 39th parallel. Our capitol in Washington, our emergency government in Denver, the Mason Dixon Line, the division of North and South Korea, and even Beijing were deliberately placed on it for planetary control. It is esoterically viewed as the central nerve circuit of our planet. From the ancient pyramids in Illinois to Serpent Mound, to the Oracle of Delphi, our ancestors were well aware of its power and knew how to harness it.

Please join me for an exciting dowsing talk on the hundreds of sites both secular and sacred located worldwide on the the 39th parallel. This ancient view of the world embodied the concept of an “invisible architecture” underlying and maintaining all of creation. They knew there is a dynamic interplay between heaven and earth energies at every spot on Earth.

Please Join us – It is always a festive, informative event!


Feng Shui and Taoism

I just did a radio interview with Michael Benner on his Ageless Wisdom radio show. Listen Below!

Today’s Ageless Wisdom Mystery School program on KPFK-90.7 FM in Southern California features a discussion of Chinese philosophy, particularly Feng Shui and its relationship to Taoism, the I Ching, and Kung Fu. The more we understand our universe as swirling fields of energy rather than separate blocks of matter, the more likely we are to recognize the Taoist principle, “Resist Nothing.” That doesn’t mean don’t manage, control, or improve things, but like Kung Fu, we’re best at creating change when we’re in harmony with the natural flow of energy (chi).


West Coast Dowsing Conference

June 29 – July 3
Santa Cruz – University of California Campus

“Intuition into Action”

This year, presenters at the conference will focus on how dowsing and intuitive practices are applied to improve our lives and the lives of others. My talk will be:

Invisible Architecture
There is more to seeing than meets the eye!

Today, we have immersed and entangled ourselves so far down into technological complexities that many simple natural solutions for maintaining and protecting our well being are overshadowed and dismissed. We have forgotten how important it is to live our lives in harmony with nature.

As a solution to the current analytical, narrowly focused direction of scientific research, which knows only separation, we will explore Goethe’s way of holistic seeing – using not just our thinking faculties, but our sensory, feeling and intuitive faculties as well. This mode of receptive consciousness helps to develop an invigorating reconnection with nature where the whole comes into being through the parts, while at the same time the parts come into being through the whole. The only tools we need for this alternative way of experiencing the living world are dowsing tools!

Please Join us – It is always a festive, informative event!!