June 2023 – Brown Earth Horse WuWu – 戊 午 Solstice – Midsummer

midsummerAt the summer solstice, which begins on June 21st this year, the rays of the sun strike the ground absolutely vertically at the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees north) and do not cast any shadows for several minutes. the sun then seems to “stand still” (Solstice) for three days, from June 21 – 23. the suns (both visible and invisible) then turn south to do the same magic above the Tropic of Capricorn, which is located at 23.5° south of the equator on Dec. 22 – 24 in the Southern hemisphere.

The ancients knew that our planet revolves in an elliptical pattern around the sun and eclipses have two centers. Therefore, our visible sun forms one center, and the other center is called “the black, invisible sun.” Each planet in our solar system creates different elliptical patterns, so there are a multitude of black invisible suns. At the summer solstice, our visible sun is the furthest away from Earth for the year and the energies of our “invisible” sun and the “invisible” sun of Saturn are the closest to Earth for the year! At the winter solstice, the visible sun is closest to the earth and the two invisible suns are the furthest from the Earth.

The entire week of the summer solstice is celebrated around the world as a time of clear vision. It is the peak point of the rising tide of the solar in-breath for those in the northern hemisphere – and of the out-breath for that south of the equator. June 24th is known throughout Europe as Midsummer’s Day and bonfires are lit to drive out evil forces and to renew the reproductive powers for the year. it is a time to bathe “sky clad” wearing only protective garlands of herbs and flowers while honoring the Sun. The Freemasons also celebrate this day as the “Festival of St. John the Baptist,” who is seen as a bright and shining light. it is believed to be his birthday and is the first day of their New Year. June 24th was chosen to mirror the birth of St John, the Evangelist, on December 24th. It was also the beginning of the New Year for the ancient Egyptians and Greeks because Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) was directly overhead.

June 26th is the “holy” day for alchemists because the spiritual energies of the invisible sun of our sun and the invisible sun of Saturn are at their maximum strength. This is definitely a week for worldwide “Fire Rituals” and new beginnings.

In ancient China up to today, midsummer celebrations honor the Earth, femininity, and yin energy. Interestingly, with the most intense yang energy of the solstice lessening and turning southward, the coming influence of the yin energies are now celebrated. This energy will gain in power and influence until it reaches its height on the winter solstice. Honoring the balance between these two forces is extremely important in the Chinese culture. It is believed that if these cycles become out of sync, an imbalance will occur and bring catastrophes.

The Tropic of Cancer is intimately connected with the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is an imaginary line that weaves around the 23.5° line of latitude north of the equator and runs through Baja, Mexico, the Bahamas, Cuba, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India Southern China and Hawaii. Likewise, The Tropic of Capricorn is an imaginary line that waves back and forth and 23.5 degrees south. Our ancestors likened these two invisible lines of force waving back and forth over the 23.5° latitudes north and south of the equator to be like two strands of DNA spiraling in and out across the spine (equator.) Esoterically.the Ida and pingala spiraling around the shush.

Starting on 23.5° latitude in Baja, the Jesuits, in 1724, built the first of a string of Missions that run up the Baja/California coastline all the way to San Francisco. The Jesuits were very savvy about Feng Shui, astrology and geomancy, having spent decades with the Chinese Emperor. It is like the first mission is anchoring the base chakra for an entity that slowly climbs up the coast.

From Baja, the Tropic of Cancer weaves across hundreds of sun (or solar) temples as it winds around the Earth. It is interesting to realize that the word “temple” comes from the root “temp” which means time. This means sun temples were purposely built on powerful magnetic Earth locations and positioned to face exact magnetic directions to record important cosmic events… In Mexico, one of the most famous sites is Teotihuacan. Like most sun temples, researchers have found advanced knowledge of the Earth and cosmos encoded in its dimensions. Leaving Mexico, it flows across Havana, Cuba. No wonder America and Russia fought for so long to gain control of this powerful location! From here, it crosses many ruins in the Sahara Desert (which was a tropical desert only 6.000 years ago) and comes to Elephantine Island, which is located in the middle of the Nile. Here it marked the gateway to Africa – between Nubia and Egypt. Elephantine Island was once the location of a Sun Temple where mankind was created by the ram headed god, Khnum. The 23.5° line also crosses the stone circle at Nabta, which is the only megalithic circle in Egypt, and one of the first examples of an astronomical observatory in the world.

Moving further west, the Tropic of Cancer crosses through the center of Hijaz, the Sacred Land of Saudi Arabia where Mecca and Medina are located. It then flows in a straight line across more than 20 sun temples in India. Although I have listed only a few of the hundreds of the sun temples, many which are currently in ruin, it is clear our ancestors were diligently tracking the annual path of the sun and conducting their lives to live with the flow and rhythm of seasons. Each of these temples was specially designed to receive the rays of the sun inside the sanctum sanctorum, on special days like the Summer Solstice. We have to marvel at their astrological knowledge, wisdom and architectural skills.


May 2023 – Month of the Yin Fire Snake Ding Si 丁⺒

The Month of the Fire Snake arrives on Friday, May 5, along with a full moon and a lunar eclipse, and Wesak, (Buddah’s birthday.) The ruling element of the month is Ding (yin free) and is out pictured as a candle burning under the brightness of the noon day sun. Te snake is also a yin free animal and snake cycles are known for reveling behind-the- scenes talks, secret negotiations, clandestine activities, and a powerful desire to make things happen, whatever the cost. As each new revelation this month brings more confusion and uncertainty into our lives, it is important to remember that many cosmic and earthly cycles play a fundamental role in our lives, they are involved not only in our daily affairs, but in our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. From the motions of planets, to the ups and downs of the stock market, to personal biorhythms, to wars, to weather, to elections, to the seasons, we unwittingly out picture their many influences. Many traditions and cultures around the world are experiencing cycles ending and are about to enter new ones. In Feng Shui, we will soon leave period 8 and enter period 9, a fre cycle, in 2024. This cycle, which is the at the end of a 180 cycle lasts for 20 years until 2044, when we enter a new 180-year cycle.

This week, I did a fascinating interview with Richard Unger who wrote – LifePrints – Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints. He has found from decades of reading over 60,000 palms that to get an accurate hand analysis, the fngerprints are the most important area to discern your life purpose. Tis info is then further flushed out by the shape and type of hand, the lines in the palm and more; mounds, scars, warts and birthmarks etc. The fngerprints are formed in utero at about five months and never change, while the shape of the hand and the lines continually change throughout our life.

Richard has further merged his own direct experience with an exhaustive study of the medical literature on fngerprints to create a new specifc and accurate assessment tool that has been useful to business, therapists and individuals. To watch this lively informative video: https://youtu.be/lGMFc4q1FFo

Below is a simple, fun way to begin to read your hands. Te shape of your hands corresponds to the four basic elements of nature: earth, fre, water and air. Tese four elements each reveal a basic personality type. (the Chinese have 5 hand types as they have fve elements.) Many of us have a mixture of hand shapes. In nearly all cases, the hand shape corresponds to the body’s shape. For example, short fngers = short body/ legs.


INTUITIVE or PRACTICAL qualities dominate when fngers are shorter than palms. When fngers are longer than palms, THINKING or FEELING qualities dominate.Te LARGER the hand, the more these people tend to enjoy getting into the SMALL details of things, and they get satisfaction from doing it themselves on their own rather than delegating. Te attention to detail can at times also make them notice problems more, so people with big hands may fnd themselves being more critical than small-handed folk who skim over such details. Small handed people are ofen quick decision makers, sometimes to the extent of being a little impulsive and taking risks without considering all the details completely. Because small handed people tend to be quick-thinking, they also tend to like a fast pace in life and thrive when things in life are busy.

By determining which of the shapes shown matches your own hands most closely, you may uncover some personal strengths and weaknesses you may or may not be consciously aware of!

The Earth Hand

Realistic, constant, loyal, unwavering, modest, traditional, critical, suspicious, interested, possessive, sensual, active, athletic; no patience for details except those related to work; sense of rhythm; pragmatic.honest conscientious, and down to earth. Tese people have a practical outlook on life and prefer material realities over intellectual pursuits or daydreams.

The Fire Hand

Extremely extraverted nature; decisive; enthusiastic and warm, energetic; full of initiative, constantly in search of new ideas; aspires to perfection; versatile, egocentric, individualistic, nonconformist, energetic, restless, charismatic, Tese people are natural-born leaders, risk takers, and adventurers.

The Water Hand

Idealistic, receptive, impressionable, gentle, inspired, imaginative, introverted, secretive, vulnerable, emotional, romantic; confused except when it comes to creativity; hypersensitive, solitary, more perceptive than rational; needs to be heard, imaginative, emotional, and sensitive. People with water hands are the dreamers.

The Air Hand

The square palm requires a stable emotional life. The long fingers seek out the abstract and all forms of intellectual expression. Curious, analytical, original; shrewd and caustic; extraverted temperament, loves to communicate; humanist; loves to organize, wants order in all things; mistrustful of emotion. People with air hands have a gif for observation, are quick-witted, love of detail, and like to think things through themselves.


April 2023 Month of the Fire Dragon – Bing Chen 丙⾠ – Dragons, Flow and Choke Points


The month of April is always ruled by the dragon and this year it is the Fire Dragon. He (yang) represents good luck, strength, health and is unique because he is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. The dragon is a composite of deer antlers, a camel head, ghostly eyes, a snake body, a crab belly, carp scales, hawk claws, tiger palms and cow ears. Its power lies in a large, luminous pearl concealed under its chin, with 81 of its scales infused with benevolent essence (yang) whilst 36 contain a malign essence (yin). He can assume any dimension.

Ancient Chinese people didn’t blame dragons for natural catastrophes and other disasters. Instead, they saw them as benevolent, wise, and powerful. They believed the dragon’s breath became clouds from which rain poured down and lightning flashed. You frequently see the dragon portrayed with their undulating form weaving in and out of eddies of water and swirls of clouds embodying the coveted Feng Shui concept of “Flow.”

Thinking about the concept of flow and how vital it is for a healthy prosperous life, brought me back to the ancient Chinese masters who discovered that qi (etheric energy) exists everywhere and is the basic foundation of life and substance. They realized that qi follows spiral and vorticular pathways (water and air), just like the dragon, and if its flow is compromised or distorted, it affects not only the health of the planet, but all other life forms that exist on earth.

The concept of flow can be both virtual and real. Points where it is compromised or restricted are called “ choke points.” Geographically, choke points are strategic, narrow passages that connect two larger areas to one another. When it comes to maritime trade, these are typically straits or canals that provide risky shortcuts that are essential to keep the global supply chains flowing, since approximately 80% of global world trade flows through them.

In many instances, alternate routes are nonexistent or impractical. There are eight primary choke points and 5 secondary ones in the world (see below) with extremely high traffic volume due to their strategic geographical location, Each one is particularly vulnerable to accidents, blockades or deliberate disruptions during times of political global unrest like we are witnessing now.

Interestingly, we see two countries, Iran and Yemen. which border two of the choke points, constantly under siege. Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz) The Strait of Hormuz links the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman It’s a primary vein for the world’s oil supply, transporting approximately 21 million barrels per day. Yemen borders the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb which is just 12 mies wide. This strait separates Yemen and Djibouti, and Asia from Africa, connecting the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Many see The frantic conflicts among countries involved in Yemen’s conflict as the direct result of greed and regional ambitions to control the choke point.

There are also virtual choke points on the internet! “We understand the real-world geography of countries and the routes across their borders very well, but we don’t have a full understanding of the routes data can take between the roughly 60,000 networks that make up the internet. — or the potential for and practice of government-placed controls when that traffic crosses national borders.

Any network node that internet traffic passes through when it enters or exits a country’s internal networks is called a choke point, and these can have big implications for internet freedom, censorship and cybersecurity.

The number of potential network choke points in a country reflects how easily a government can tamper with internet traffic either for cybersecurity or for repressing the freedom of communication for a country’s citizens.”

It all comes back to the concept of flow. We can see the myriad of consequences that may happen by impeding flow, both geographically and virtually – think banking here also. Choke points, which was originally a military term, are very real and deeply affect our lives daily. Most are beyond our control, but we can apply the concept to our homes and businesses. Take a fresh look around at your surroundings, both indoors – kitchens, bedrooms etc, and outdoors to make sure there aren’t any choke points!

Red Fire Dragons are always seen to attract good fortune and good luck. Maybe its a good month to have a red dragon with you or in your home. Their favored location is the SE.

Wishing you a Blessed Month, Carol


Month of the Green Wood Tiger Jia Yin Ancient Wisdom, Clouds and Plasma Cosmology

A few days ago, on February 4th, we entered the new solar year of the Black Water Rabbit and the first day of spring. It was also the first day of the Green Wood Tiger’s monthly rule. The tiger always rules the first month of the new year with is February. In Chinese astrology, the Tiger is the Wood element. He contains mainly yang wood with some yang fire and yang earth. Yang Wood stands for the oak tree, the leader or decision-maker. This year, the Yang Wood element is highlighted and is characterized as the “Tiger who is crossing the Forest.” Interestingly, this Dark Water Rabbit year is described as”the Rabbit leaving the forest.” Tigers usually do things their own way and hate being told what to do. It is important in wood tiger months to stay grounded, and to look below the surface to mitigate frustration and failure.

I recently became aware of Robert Temple’s new book “a New Science of Heaven” which is packed with mind blowing information about the new discoveries in plasma physics. He wrote the book for the average person because he thinks the vast majority of people have heard little or nothing about the science and need to know what plasma physicists have been discovering. He also thinks our increasing understanding of plasma “will be the true paradigm shift for our current age.” The characteristics of plasma, which is the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquids, and gases have been known and written about in ancient mystery texts around the world for eons and the wisdom is finally seeping through.

Temple explains that the world is made up of 99 percent plasma and only 1 percent atomic matter! The Sun, stars, lightning are all made of plasma. Since plasma is inorganic, it means that the majority of life forms are inorganic. and like organic life is aware. David Bohm who was a plasma physicist knew about this in the 50’s and found electrons that have been stripped away from atoms do not behave as separate individual particles but rather as part of a larger, organized whole. Dr. Bohm found that these collective movements, gave him the impression that the sea of electrons (plasma) was “alive,” blurring the lines between physics and metaphysics.

One of the most intriguing topics Temple writes about are the Kordylewski clouds which were discovered in 1961 by the Polish astronomer, Kazimierz Kordylewski. He found that there were two massive plasma dust clouds, nine times the size of the Earth, located above the atmosphere between the Earth and Moon. Since the clouds were very difficult to detect, interest in them waned until 2019, when three Hungarians astronomers “rediscovered” them in the same location that Kordylewski had predicted. Today, they are now accepted as a reality by mainstream physicists and Google will even correct your misspelling of them!

Since the clouds, which lay on either side of the earth, are above the atmosphere, they are not made of water vapor, but consist of preatomic particles and very fine dust. In the diagram they are L4 and L5.

Temple says each speck of dust in these clouds can hold tens of thousands of electrons. He further states that the clouds are “examples of inorganic life that has existed for billions of years” and asks “Is it possible they could have played a role in the forming of our planet throughout its long cosmic history, perhaps even helped create organic life? Life in its basic state is inorganic and is not made of atomic matter. It is made of pre-atomic matter namely the atomic particles, electrons, protons, and ions… Thus, we and all living things in the universe, whether organic or inorganic, arise from this plasma and the organic state is secondary to our fundamental nature as plasma beings.”

He goes on to explain that due to the Sun’s solar winds bombarding the K clouds with charged particles, the particles and dust inside of them interact with great intensity creating a highly complex non linear electrical network. This network is made of filaments or rivers and streams that are eerily similar to the nodes and synapsis of our brains. He further states that these plasma clouds having “ordering properties,” can be considered alive, self aware and to have intelligence. Many are speculating that these massive clouds are like huge storage units accumulating billions of years of information from both the sun and the moon and we know stored information becomes memory or history! Now, with a slow shift from a mechanical mindset of the universe back to a more biological view of life, plasma physicists may be actually proving the existence of “the ancient bodiless ones.”

I think this is a book everyone should read. There is so much new scientific information that unlocks the doors to a new way of thinking and validates the true wisdom of spiritual teachings worldwide. I have posted a link to where you can purchase it on my website – https://www.invisiblearchitecture.com/new-science-of-heaven

The Feng Shui mania of the past two months has finally started to quiet down, but there is still time for a yearly update. or a space clearing. I now use 2 lasers specifically designed in Europe to erase negative, stuck energies and another to beam in healthy, ones. They give great lasting results.

Wishing everyone a Great New Year!


December 2022 Ren Zi – 壬⼦ Black Water Rat – Fire, Water and Cycles

December Feng Shui

December 2022 is ruled by the yang black water rat. The Yang elemental water is seated is on top of the rat who is composed of both yin and yang water. On top of this, it is a yang water Tiger year. So much water! Yang water is powerful water like the oceans. Water rules the emotions and this powerful fresh fluid energy, that has been lacking for the last few months, has the potential to wake people up and to enable them to feel more self-assured, dauntless, and independent from the constant programming going on around them. They may even feel they have the ability to flow through any and all obstacles with ease! This is a welcome energy, but it is powerful, illusive and we need to use it wisely!

Classical Feng Shui is the technique used to unveil these hidden properties. It is based on the continuous inter-dimensional observations made by Chinese sages in contemplation of the underlying unseen etheric mechanics of the universe. They found that qi (etheric energy) exists everywhere and is the basic foundation of life and substance. They also discovered qi follows spiral and vorticular pathways (like water and air), and if its flow is compromised or distorted, it affects not only the health of the planet, but all other life forms that exist on earth. Through their vast collection of data, the sages realized that there are verifiable, repeatable cycles of qi that affect both man and the structures he builds. These Feng Shui cycles are related to both time and space.

Next year, 2023, the Black Water Rabbit year is the transition year to 2024, where we will move out of period 8 cycle (yang earth) into a new twenty year Flying Stars Feng Shui cycle, ruled by the period 9 (fire) star. A Complete Cycle of the Flying Stars is 180 years and contains three 60-year Big Periods: the Upper, Middle, and Lower periods. Each of these periods contains three 20-year small periods. In 2024, we move into the 9th 20-year period which lasts from 2024 to 2043 and is the lowest point of the 180 year cycle.

The reason why each Feng Shui Period lasts 20 years is due to the movement of Saturn and Jupiter, in that they take 20 years to align with each other, and it is believed that when Saturn and Jupiter align, in a certain configuration, major changes will occur.

Every home and business on the Earth has its own unique Flying Star diagram of qi energy. The positions of of these Flying Stars within a
home or business move when the cycles change. Daily Flying Stars impact Feng Shui Luck only for a day, monthly Flying Stars impact Feng Shui Luck only for a month and yearly Flying Stars affect Feng Shui Luck for one year. But, the position of the 20 year Flying Star lasts for 20 years. That is why moving into a new 20 tear period will have such an affect on current star placement within the home or business, especially since we are moving from yang earth (8) to fire (9) energy.

Some of the things he number 9 fire star is related to are the eyes or heart, the mind, middle-aged women and matriarchy in general, explosions and fires in the destructive sense and it is will be the wealth star.

In the next newsletter, I will go more deeply into our upcoming cycle changes both new year and 20 year.


November 2022: Month of the Silver Metal Pig

Month of the Silver Metal Pig

Everything seems so on edge this month. From the economy, to politics, to wars, there is chaos and pent-up anger in the air. Even the cosmos is broadcasting these energies to us! Tomorrow, November 8th is election day in the US tomorrow and it is being overshadowed by a total lunar eclipse and full moon. The full moon which usually reflects the solar rays as cool white, calming light, will be blood red. Blood moons, with their eerie copper color, bring an astrological and spiritual shift that can sometimes feel chaotic and disorienting. The Total Lunar Eclipse is a significant event because, the Earth, traveling between the Sun and Moon, disconnects and disrupts the normal monthly energetic flow. The ancients believed (through eons of observation) that this disruption can activate unexpected events and shift us out of our current cycle to new levels of consciousness. Tomorrow should be a memorable day!

The ancients knew that each planet, sun and moon were each ruled by a specific metal that linked heaven to earth – the sun (gold), Moon (silver), Mercury (mercury), Venus (copper). Mars (iron). Jupiter (tin) and Saturn (lead.). We have forgotten most of this wisdom because current science has isolated itself from the impact of the constant cosmic forces streaming in from the heavens. Luckily, we have the pioneering work of Lili Kolisko., who in her decades of qualitative scientific research on these relationships proved that a definite connection exists between specific earthly substances and heavenly bodies!

She discovered the moon and the moon sphere (the aura) were intimately interwoven with silver when it is brought into a liquid state, Through her study of silver, she found that if silver was melted and then allowed to solidify, a specific phenomenon was observed that did not occur when other metals were melted. The silver attracted oxygen out of the air when it was melted, but as it solidified, it expelled the oxygen. The molten metal began to move and splutter and developed a crater landscape – like erupted volcanoes. The solidified silver looked just like the surface of the moon!

When we think of the landscape described above, it is difficult to realize that the most remarkable quality of both the moon and silver is their affinity to light. This is the reason silver is used in photography and to make mirrors. Lily Kolisko said, “The silver acts in such a way that it represents what lives in Light, it produces picture of what acts in light. The silver behaves like the moon in the cosmos. The moon is continually reflecting the light that comes from the sun and all other planets. The moon is the great photographer of the universe! It continually brings us back pictures.”

Through further experiments, she was able to observe the effects of various phases of the moon on a silver salt solution. The process of these experiments involved placing cylinders of special filter paper into glass vessels that held measured amounts of silver salts dissolved in an acidic solution. The silver salts rose up the filter paper crystalizing into patterns that changed according to the lunar phases, seasons and planetary alignments. Through careful study she showed there is a definite rhythmical process taking place. She found each month had unique characteristics.

This is because the moon is reflecting the light of the sun in different zodiacal constellations. It is as if the silver is producing cosmic photographs. Each, day, month, and year has its own lunar signature. The silver pictures of the moon (above) are from July and August, 1927.

In Kolisko’s research, she demonstrated that everything (whether in the cosmos or on Earth) has a body and a “sphere of action ” that surrounds it. This sphere can only be accessed when solid matter is dissolved into a liquid state. As she said, “The spiritual, nonmaterial forces are not somewhere up in the clouds, They are everywhere, even here on Earth. This is the same wisdom the alchemists use in their transformation and perfection of matter. It reminds me of my favorite alchemical saying, “You must fix the volatile and volatize the fixed!

Looking at the Chinese birth year animal ( the sun sign in the western astrology) of some of the main political actors, I found that Karen Bass, who is running for LA mayor, Zelensky, and Xi are all snakes and in opposition to the monthly qi because the snake opposes the pig’s energy. Other interesting findings are Newsom is a sheep (favored this month,) and Putin is a dragon and can get along well with pig energy. President Biden being a horse is not very tolerant of the pig’s qi and has to work at compatibility.

Thankfully, the silver pig’s qi this month is known for its abundance of intelligence, peacekeeping abilities and great sense of humor. These are qualities we all need this month, especially in a Triple Black Water Tiger year!

Love and Light,


October 2022: Geng Xu – 庚戌 Gold Metal Dog and Your Daily Magical Hour!

October is always ruled by dog energy. These Dog months tend to be unstable because we are leaving autumn and entering into the winter season. During this month, the seasonal fire element begins to die as we move into the colder, wet season of winter, so the dog month is known in Chinese astrology as “the grave of fire.”

In the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Dragon and Dog are said to be the rulers of the gates to “Heaven and Hell. The Dog is related to the underground; death, spiritual, occult and conspiratorial matters. It is interesting that in Greek mythology, Cerberus the dog, guards the gate to Hades and in Egyptian mythology, Anubis the dog, guards the gate to the Duat. Garm is the name of the Norse Dog who guards the underworld gate. The dog seems to be the chosen animal to guard the gate to Hell! This is specially true this month with the Yang gold medal dog ruling.

Expect to see many revelations come to Light from the underworld of religion, politics, economics, fake news and conspiracies this month!.
On top of this, October, is frequently called “Black October,” because the stock market usually goes through bouts of instability as the investors feel the uncertainties of the month.

While doing some research on sidereal time (star time,) I remembered years ago there was so much chatter about 1:30 pm sidereal time, being about a half hour of heightened intuition. So, I decided to investigate what had become of that phenomena. I was shocked to find it had been a 20 year research project with 22 studies and 1, 524 trials at Stanford Research Institute – SRI – famous for their Remote Viewing Programs and sponsored by the CIA.

The scientist who did this research was James Spottiswoode an American physicist who has carried out psi research, notably in remote viewing, with an emphasis on seeking physical correlates to psi performance. He worked with SRI remote viewing programs later at
SAIC, where the program moved and at the Global Consciousness Project with their worldwide random generators network.

There are two types of Chronos time – solar – based on the sun’s movement and sideral – based on star’s movements. Sideral time is used by astronomers and other scientists and researchers to keep track of celestial objects. It is based on a time scale of earth’s rotation in relation to fixed stars in the sky, and was used to discover the mysterious nature of such astral phenomenon as pulsars.

Spottiswoode discovered significant data showing that remote viewing in sidereal time is directly correlated with success, or lack there of, based on our orientation to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. At a certain point during the day, our zenith, or the point in the sky directly above us, aligns with a particular point in the galaxy. Rather than measuring time based on the Earth’s orientation with the sun, one can measure time based on Earth’s orientation to this galactic point. Days measured in this sense are shorter than solar days by about 4 minutes, lagging by a little more than 1 day per year.

He found that there are peak times during the day when our orientation to the galactic center can enhance success with remote viewing and psychic ability. By examining the time of day when the sessions were being conducted, based on solar time, he kept finding discrepancies. But when organizing the data based on sidereal time, he found a correlation. At 13:30 local sidereal time (LST), the data showed that one would have 400 percent greater success in remote viewing. At this time, our planet is oriented with the Milky Way so that the galactic center is located directly on the horizon. This daily period of peak psychic cognition lasts for about three and a half hours, from 12:45 to 14:15 h LST. When the center of the galaxy is directly overhead, psychic cognition drops to its lowest point, between 17:30 and 20:00 LST. I didn’t realize the this spike in intuition lasted for about three and a half hours! Looking at my current solar time, it is 11:58 – but my local sidereal time is 11:49. They are very near each other now, but will gradually move further and further apart. There are apps for cell phones that give you the LST.

He further discovered that during times of low geomagnetic activity, there was also an increase in telepathic experiences. Geomagnetism is due to interactions between the solar wind and the ionosphere, which causes fluctuations in our geomagnetic field. You can look up the current geomagnetic activity on the site Earthsky – it says for today – “current geomagnetic activity: Quiet now. Minor geomagnetic storms
are possible for October 3 due to high-speed solar wind from coronal holes.”

If you want to optimize your intuition, make sure you are in the 12:45 – 14:15 LST and the solar forecast is clear. The two pictures are of
Astrolabes, They are devices used to calculate the LST before we had apps!

Wishing you an “intuitive” month!

Love, Carol


August 2022: Month of the Earth Monkey Wu Shen 戊申

This month is ruled by Wu (yang earth) seated on top of the metal Shen (Monkey.) This is a very friendly, agreeable, innovative, and strategic sign.

The problem is that all of these great strong, solid energies are in direct opposition to the Yearly Triple Water Tiger. The Monkey and Tiger are in major conflict and the mixture of Earth and Water makes for “muddy communication!” We don’t have to look far to see this is a global problem that portends to get even worse this month. The solution is for each one of us to be conscious and to not contribute to the mixture – to set the tone for personal harmonious communication.

On top of this, August is also known as the month of the “Hungry Ghosts!” Here is an excerpt from the August newsletter I wrote two years ago about the Hungry Ghosts during the pandemic. “Celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival is all about looking after hungry, discontented, wandering souls.

These are ghosts without families to care for them or people who died because of unfortunate events like pandemics, war, murder or suicide. Families do everything they can to placate these unhappy spirits with gifts of food, money and other supplies. Though primarily intended to prevent these ghosts from causing trouble in their own lives, the customs of Ghost Month do raise a certain mindfulness about making space in our world for those who have fallen out of society.”

In 2020, I wrote about Tecumseh’s Presidential Curse which stems from an 1840 dispute between U.S. President William Henry Harrison and Shawnee Indian leader, Tecumseh. Some believe the curse is the reason that Harrison, and every following president who was elected in a year ending in zero, died or was prevented from serving his full term in office. Harrison went on to be elected U.S. President in 1840, but never finished his term.

He died in office of pneumonia several months after being elected.This pattern of dying in office, resigning, or other disruptions, has continued for 20 years:

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected. He was assassinated in 1865.
In 1880, James Garfield was elected. He was assassinated in 1881.
In 1900, William Mc Kinley was elected. He was assassinated in 1901.
In 1920, Warren Harding was elected. He died in office in 1923.
In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected. He died in office in 1945.
In 1960, John Kennedy was elected. He was assassinated in 1963.
In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected. He was wounded by a would-be assassin’s bullet. Many think Nancy’s astrology worked!
In 2000, Albert Gore was elected by popular vote (possibly by Electoral College votes as well ) He never began his term in office.
2020 Biden ??

There is so much misinformation and subterfuge going around about the President Biden’s physical health and mental state, that it looks like the curse may continue!

Recently, when reflecting on the Deva of the Chartes labyrinth (I wrote about last month,) I started thinking about the myriad of devas that are both within and without all of us. Any form, on any plane, has a deva which is described as the container or body of that form. Nature of the Soul says the kingdom of devas is a parallel evolution of substance or intelligence with consciousness – both kingdoms evolve together and are interdependent. Behind all form (devic) on any plane there are four frequencies: earth, water, air, fire and water – or esoteric light, sound, color and vibration.

Standing in the center of the devic body of the labyrinth recently, I gazed out further to the Deva of Forest Lawn Cemetery, then to the deva of Los Angeles and then to the deva of California and realized it is like the stackable Russian Dolls and how each one affects and conditions the others from microcosm to macrocosm. Any form, organic or inorganic. that can be named from a ritual to a country to a head of cabbage has a deva and consciousness. The etheric energies often seen around large devas are frequently described as different colors of flowing clothing. Recently, a physic who came to the labyrinth with me exclaimed,” This deva has such beautiful flowing robes!”

In Chinese teachings, The tao (order of the universe – a form of prime matter that is infinitely changeable) has a certain kind of order called Li that is neither symmetrical nor geometrical. We recognize it as a patterning based on the order of “flow.” It is the ever present flow that is always moving through nature and creating random ordered shapes and events that seem beyond definition. It is the devas of form.

Li, can mean, “how patterns in nature form random shapes, yet seem ordered in a way that we can never define.” When we look up at the sky, we don’t think, “ Oh, the clouds are so messy today,” or “The forest is so tangled and cluttered this year!“ We look at nature and think it’s perfect and realize every cloud, cloud system, tree and forest has an organizing principal – the deva.

Alan Watts described Li as, “the asymmetrical, non-repetitive and unregimented order which we find in the patterns of moving water, the forms of rocks and trees, of frost crystals on windows or the scattered pebbles on the beach.” Hundreds of years ago, Chu Hsi said, “it moves in the world in continuous cycles without a single moment of cessation. None of the myriad things and activities be they large, small, fine or coarse would be possible without the ever flowing presence of Li in them. So, my mind – (my heart) also receives it. Li never ceases to stay in my mind for a moment.” From this, it can be seen that Li is a cosmic ordering and organizing principle that embodies all patterns of existence. It is never fixed – it is dynamic patterns, patterns within patterns, that exist in both time and

With all of the swirling chaos around us, it is important to take a moment to be present and to observe how everything in the universe is connected and flowing! Where it stagnates, problems develop.

And remember, your home is a deva! This is why it is good to have periodic space clearings to etherically cleanse and honor the deva that provides you with daily protection from the outside world. This is especially important after the past couple of years where we spent so much time in our homes being bombarded with fear and misinformation. This astral energy is embedded into your walls and furnishings and needs to be cleared away and reprogrammed. Let me know if you would like to schedule a professional clearing. Among other tools, I use special lasers that are programmed to remove negative, stagnant energy and imprint clear fresh patterns..

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June 2022 – Month of the Fire Horse Bing Wu – 丙午

June will burst forth with the energy of a horse galloping forward at full speed, since the element of the month is fire and the horse is a fire animal! Double fire. It is said this qi combination has the ability to traverse both dark and light and is frequently symbolized as an eclipse.

Since this sign has the reputation of being solitary, self sufficient, and placing his (its a yang sign) needs at the center everything, there may be a tendency for selfishness to arise at the expense of the collective well being, especially in these uncertain times. The fire horse can also be bold and rebellious toward anyone/anything that has to do with rules and regulations. For the Fire Horse, there is little enjoyment to be found in a slow-paced life. Since the Summer Solstice is the day of ultimate yang, the double fire horse is perfectly placed!

It is a time when the world is experiencing the fullest expression of of the sun and celebrating the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. On the Summer Solstice, magical rituals and ceremonies are still performed in sun temples {located on the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees) around the world to maintain the balance and harmony of nature.

For cultures worldwide, gold was the earthly symbol of the sun. It was seen as the royal metal because it was incorruptible and sacred to the solar deities. Gold symbolizes the heart and the union of heaven and earth in perfect love on all planes. Some traditions of this union, like the wedding ring, have survived. The golden ring (sun-circle) is still placed on the ring finger which is named Apollo, after the sun god!

Traditionally, most weddings took place in June (still do,) so the fruit of the union would be born in the spring – ideally!

In Kabbalistic and other hermetic teachings, the Sephiroth Tiphareth (the heart chakra) is always a golden or yellow color, not green, to indicate the deep resonance between the heart and the sun. Today, You usually find the heart colored green in most chakra charts and teachings online because they believe the heart is related to Venus. Green which is the planetary color related to copper (Venus’s metal) is the color of Netzach which rules the throat center (Taurus,)The majority of gold in the human body is located in the heart! Lily Kolisko in her great pioneering scientific work on the relationship of metals to the planets, found that gold chloride when activated by the sun on her filter paper usually crystallized in rich pictures as golden yellow, peach blossom to violet. In Feng shui, “peach blossom” is known as “the color of pure love.” Goethe like the Chinese, in his color theory, found peach blossom (same colors as Kolisko) to be the colors of the soul.

Midsummer occurs the week after the summer solstice. The celebration predates Christianity, and has existed under different
names and traditions around the world. The sun, on the solstice (meaning standing still,) is seen to be moving again. It is the peak point of the rising tide of the solar in- breath for those in the northern hemisphere – and of the out-breath for those south of the equator. June 24th is known throughout Europe as Midsummer’s Day and bonfires are lit to drive out evil forces and to renew the reproductive powers for the year. For the pagans and gypsies, it is a time to bathe “sky clad” while honoring the Sun.

The Freemasons celebrate this day as the “Festival of John the Baptist” who is seen as a bright and shining light. it is believed to be his birthday and is the first day of their New Year. June 24th was chosen to mirror the birth of Jesus, December 25th, three days after the winter solstice, when St John, the Evangelist, was born.

Freemasonry historically sees both St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist as its patron saints, reveres their memory, and points to their exemplary lives in its ritualistic work, According to pagan folklore, evil spirits would appear on midsummer’s day. To ward off these evil spirits, people would wear protective garlands of herbs and flowers.

In ancient China up to today, midsummer celebrations honor the Earth, femininity, and yin. Interestingly, with the most intense yang energy of the solstice lessening and turning southward, the coming influence of the yin energies are now celebrated. This energy will gain inpower and influence until it reaches its height on the winter solstice. Honoring the balance between these two forces is extremely important in the Chinese culture. It is believed that if these cycles become out of sync, an imbalance will occur and bring catastrophes.

It’s going to be a “hot” event memorable month in this year of the Black Water Tiger.


Year of the Triple Tiger

We are transiting to the new Solar Year of the Black Water Tiger which begins February, 4, 2022 at 4:15 am (in the Chinese time zone.) The first day of the Chinese astrological/Feng Shui year is different from the popular Chinese New Year Day, which is calculated from the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year Day is on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 this year.

It is the first lunar day of the first lunar month. The two dates cause much confusion because they are from two different calendars, the lunar calendar and the solar calendar and then there is also the solar – lunar!

The solar calendar is used to calculate dates in Feng Shui because it is the bigger picture. It indicates when to plant crops, when to build homes etc. and is called the first day of spring.

Interestingly, this year’s Bazi chart (the four pillars astrology chart showing year, month, day and hour of birth) for February, 4, 2022 at 4:15 am (Beijing) is a Triple Tiger! This rarely happens. Here is the chart – notice all animals and elements are Yang indicating its going to be an active, vigorous, impulsive, aggressive year! And, remember the official animal symbol of Beijing is the Tiger. Guess what day the Olympics open in Beijing – February 4th – the First day of the Triple Tiger Year. We know this can not be a coincidence!

The year of the Black Water Tiger is really getting a lot of press both online and in print. Even the big retail stores are promoting lines featuring tigers and tiger prints. The last two years which were ruled by the the white metal rat and the white metal ox were not exactly the images people wanted to wear or feature in their home. Thankfully, The black water tiger energy will be forcing people everywhere out of their two year pandemic stupor.

The tiger is in the wood group according to the five element theory. He is yang wood which is out pictured by tall trees, large wooden structures or landmarks. Besides wood, the tiger this year has a little yang :ire hidden within which will bring some much needed warmth, happiness and positive energy into the world. In 2018, the Year of the Dog, :ire “entered the grave.” Since then. we have been suffering from a lack of any :ire energy. The ruling elements have been water which brings fear and metal which is a cold, harsh energy. We will have to wait until 2025, the year of the Snake for :ire to finally come out into open.

2022 is a yang water year, but at least the :ire is beginning to grow again. Yang water is like the ocean. It is an aggressive force, so there is still the tendency for conflict, tension and possible terrorist attacks. The Chinese calendar is based on a 60 year cycle, so I like to look back at was happening 60 years ago during the Kennedy administration. 1962 is remembered as the year of the Cuban Missile crisis, which almost triggered a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States.

The Cold War that had been going on since the 50’s continued to worsen when the Russians placed Ballistic Missiles on Cuban land just 90 miles away from the coast of Florida and JFK called their bluff by threatening war unless they were removed.. Luckily, the crisis was averted and Khrushchev removed the missiles. One can barely believe we are in a similar state of tension today with Russia. Recently, Putin has been discussing with Cuba and Venezuela the possibility of putting missiles into their countries. Its like nothing has been learned since the last Black Water Tiger year!

In 1962, Folk music was evolving into protest music thanks to young artists like Bob Dylan and the birth of Surfing music by the Beach Boys grew in popularity. Meanwhile in England, the Beatles recorded the single “Love Me Do” and the Rollin Stones played their first gig. The new hit on TV for that year was “The Beverly Hillbillies” and the :irst of the James Bond movies “Dr No” was an instant success. Some of the other movies released included “Spartacus” and “El Cid”. Also, Andy Warhol premiered his Campbell’s soup Cans exhibit in Los Angeles on 9th July, 1962.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger is the King of beasts, and Black Tigers, in particular, are known for bringing in creativity, growth, movement and travelling. They are also known for taking risks, so this year we will see many protests and riots like happened in 1962. The one thing we have to be aware of is that Tiger years can be unpredictable and full of disruptions. It definitely will be a year to remember!

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