November 2021 – Yin Earth Pig Ji Hai ⼰ 亥 and I Ching for 2021

November 2021

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November is always ruled by a pig, but with different elements sitting on top of her. This month it is yin earth (soil) sitting on top of the (yin water) pig. In my notes from some Chinese astrology class I took years ago, I noted, there is an expression among Chinese farmers that goes, “we only dig in our Ancestors.” Meaning the family has been there so long the soil is made of their dead relatives—this is Earth Pig Qì. This month may bring forward memories and values so ancient they can’t be named. This is a month to remember what we need to save. The value of animals lies in their capacity to transform, and Pigs are the “great transformers,” able to digest anything! This capacity will be at the heart of the upcoming month.

I Ching for 2021

Each year, month and day has a ruling i Ching hexagram. I think it is a great time to review the hexagram for the year 2021 again to see howamazingly accurate it has been!

For 2021, “the Year of the White Metal Ox, “the annual I Ching reading is Hexagram 36 with kun (soil top trigram) sitting on top of li (fire – bottom diagram. It is usually named “The Dimming Light “or “Clouded Perception.”

According to James DeKorne’s Gnostic Book of Changes, it is also seen as the symbol of Clear Intelligence Wounded, Injury, Wounding of the Bright, Brightness Hiding, The Darkened Light, Concealment of Illumination, Injury of Illumination, Light Obliterated, Intelligence Unappreciated, Censorship, Hiding One’s Light, The Dark Night of the Soul, and Ignorance. It seems like a perfect description of 2021 in so many ways!

I also just discovered that each city in China has a ruling animal. Beijing has the Tiger (next year, 2022 will be a Black Tiger year.) Guess who is the ruling animal of Wuhan – yes, the Ox! Everything seems to be right on target.

There is a new video on “The Science behind Planets going Retrograde!”

Astrologer Elliot Tanzer is back to discuss what really happens when Mercury and all the other planets go retrograde. In this lively interview, he explains that Mercury isn’t the only planet that retrogrades. In fact, all of them do. And when this happens, it isn’t the end of the world as you know it. In fact, retrogrades can be used for good – it depends on what is in retrograde in your astrology chart! Here is the link to watch this informative video –

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And lastly, I am doing a new video for the members on the tongue! I have been researching it since I discovered that like the ear and the iris of the eye, the organs are represented. In Chinese medicine they know that yourtongue is always working for you and represents your energy in 5 Elements. Relative to its size, it is the strongest muscle in your body and if you take a close look at it on a regular basis, you can discover a lot about your energy and health!





The Four Chinese Celestial Animals

I recently did an interview with Michael Benner on his Ageless Wisdom podcast. It was entitled “Feng Shui and Taoism” During the interview, we discussed how the four Celestial Chinese Animals – The Azure dragon, The Red Phoenix, the White Tiger and the Black Tortoise – can be used as energetic metaphors to position oneself and ones home in space. The same animals are also used in Martial Art training. I think now, as we are gradually exiting our pandemic restrictions, is a great time to consciously review this simple teaching on how to best position oneself in the universe.

The Four Chinese Celestial Animals
The four animals are also known as “the Four Guardians,” and each one has a specific magnetic direction, a color, a season and an element. They can also be used to position oneself or home irregardless of the magnetic direction. When utilizing this format, the left side is ruled by the dragon, the right side by the tiger, the front side by the phoenix and the back side by the tortoise.

For homes and businesses (this also applies to apartments and condos) the azure blue or green dragon is located on the left side as you look out from the front of your home. A building is looked at as an entity that breathes and functions as your second, protective skin. The front of a building is where the structure breathes in the qi and is usually where the front door is
located, but many apartments and condos now have their main entrance on a side or in the back. The left yang male dragon side is considered
auspicious expanding energy and rules wealth and prosperity. The landforms on his side should be higher than the right tiger side. A building on the left side building can also energetically function as a virtual mountain or hill. It is not good when looking out at the street in front of you ( virtual river) running down hill on the left side. It is said your wealth is being drained away.

The Tiger side which rules the right side of a building is a yin earthly animal. It is the female side of the building and rules health and relationships. It is seen as condensing energy and is ruled by metal. On this side, the topological features, both natural and manmade, should be lower. A street seen running downhill on the tiger side of the property may affect ones health and relationships.

The Tiger side which rules the right side of a building is a yin earthly animal. It is the female side of the building and rules health and relationships. It is seen as condensing energy and is ruled by metal. On this side, the topological features, both natural and manmade, should be lower. A street seen running downhill on the tiger side of the property may affect ones health and relationships.

The land in front of a building should be as open as possible so that the home or business can breathe freely. The front, or facing, is represented by the red phoenix. It represents perpetual inspiration, is associated with the Fire element, and has rising energy. It brings fame, success, and new opportunities for your home. Make sure there are no obstructions here.

The land in front of a building should be as open as possible so that the home or business can breathe freely. The front, or facing, is represented by the red phoenix. It represents perpetual inspiration, is associated with the Fire element, and has rising energy. It brings fame, success, and new opportunities for your home. Make sure there are no obstructions here.

The land in front of a building should be as open as possible so that the home or business can breathe freely. The front, or facing, is represented by the red phoenix. It represents perpetual inspiration, is associated with the Fire element, and has rising energy. It brings fame, success, and new opportunities for your home. Make sure there are no obstructions here.

As an example, when you are dining in a restaurant your four guardian animals should configure what is known as “power seating.” Your back should have a wall behind it and you should have open space on your left and right side for the dragon and tiger. Your red phoenix should have room to fly. If you are seated at a “twofer, ” against a wall on your left side, you have lost your dragon power, and if the chair has a weak back, you have no turtle protecting you.

Once you start thinking about these concepts, they make sense! you can see why it is taught in martial art classes.

The link to the interview is :

Love and Light,



April 2021 – Month of the Blue Water Dragon

April 2021 ushers in the Blue Water Dragon. After all of the metal we have been experiencing, the water element this month should create more free movement. Water is the only element that can bypass obstacles, and find its way around whatever is blocking it. The downside of the combination of this water with the earth dragon, however, is that encourages us to just go with the flow and follow the crowd. These energies appeal to the emotions and discourage deep thinking. I think it is very important at this point in time to consciously reflect on what is real and what is programing us.

Since this is a dragon month, I decided to look up the inner elemental sound (Lap Yang – Nei Jing) of Kamala Harris since she is a Wood Dragon – known as “the dragon in a whirlpool”

Kamala Harris – “Weak Fire.”
The cryptic translation says that she is a good teacher for younger children but too fragile to be a University Professor – Not a good leader. Her fire can easily be snuffed out. She is personally very vulnerable, but will try to help when needed.

Here again is Joe Biden’s inner sound.

Joe Biden- “Willow Tree” – A follower.
Follows the wind – follows people with power and money. A good right hand man, second in command, Will take orders and handle anything. He is dependable. Can be a hangers on and doesn’t have his own ideas. Metal can cut down his energies.

Interesting energies for the President and Vice President of the United States!

I was recently reflecting on the unique pioneering research done by German Anthroposophical scientist Lilly Kolisko (colleague of Rudolf Steiner) and how her research like that so many other incredible scientists who don’t fit the current mainstream narrative, are just pushed aside and forgotten. I have written about her work before and have an article detailing her methods on my website if you want to know more about her work and see samples of the pictures formed on the filter paper:

Through thousands of daily experiments which lasted for decades, she was able to definitively demonstrate that the movements of the planets have a direct influence upon the earth and all living beings — in particular the metals to which the planets were assigned in ancient times: Gold-Sun, Silver-Moon, Mercury-Mercury, Copper-Venus, Iron-Mars, Tin-Jupiter, Lead-Saturn. She found each planet and its geometric alignments with other planets and stars left a characteristic colorful pattern on the filter paper she had placed in test tubes of a metallic solution – here on earth!

In her seminal book, “The Working of the Stars in Earthly Substances,” she wrote, “We are but a starry body within ourselves… we resonate through the rhythms of the cosmos because the rhythm of the cosmos constantly permeates our being.” Lily Kolisko

She writes: “In the case of the pictures of silver we find that the wealth of forms is so great that it is impossible to present one picture only of silver. In the case of gold, the colours are so rich that many pictures must be observed before we can realize the nature and character of the metal. The colours that make their appearance vary between pure yellow and dark violet.” These colours appeared on the filter paper even in a dark chamber, proving that light had no direct influence upon their manifestation. The pictures and colors were the most vibrant in spring and then diminished to almost nothing in December and November.

Lily did many yearly experiments with the colorful patterns formed by solstices, equinoxes, and Traditional festivals. She wrote that, “it is necessary to make all the experiments with all the various substances and their combinations, every day and every night, for many years without interruption. The Work has to be done by the same person at Easter and Christmas, at Midsummer and Michaelmas, day and night. One must dedicate oneself completely to this task. It is also obvious that these experiments can only be carried out in an attitude of devotion and reverence towards the great cosmic law.”

Since we are in the week of Easter, I wanted to present her amazing discovery abou the true date of Easter from her 1943 experiments. Since the cosmic energy is fluid, Easter is called “a movable feast” as its date changes yearly. The chosen date is the first Sunday after the Full Moon which occurs after the Spring Equinox. Many want to break with this tradition and make it a fixed date to adapt it to our present day needs, but Lily verified the need to honor the traditional time.

She wrote, “The year 1943 presented us with a very interesting problem. The Astronomer Royal and the Church held different opinions concerning the date of Easter Sunday. According to the Astronomer Royal, the first Sunday after Full Moon after the Spring Equinox fell on March 28th. That means Easter should have been early in 1943.

The Church Tradition ruled that the Full Moon which had to be considered as the Easter Moon fell a month later and therefore Easter Sunday was fixed by the Church authorities to be on April 25th, 1943. Only one of these could be right. But who could decide whether it was the Astronomer Royal or the Church authorities? It seemed a good opportunity to test our method. Were the metallic substances able to decide when Easter Sunday was celebrated in Nature, in the whole Cosmos?”

Every day she repeated her experiments. She showed that one can obtain a picture of life-force activity with solutions of minerals representing key planetary forces displaying colors & forms which reveal the invisible etheric forces working on earth. On Sunday March 28th, 1943, an extraordinary image with vivid golden, pink, mauve colors appeared. On the Church authorities’ preferred date of April 25th the pattern produced was no different than any other day. Lili Kolisko had discovered through her experiments the true cosmic reality! This day continues a long pagan tradition of celebrating the emergence of life from the darkness of winter on the first Sunday after the Full Moon which occurs after the Spring Equinox. Tomorrow, Easter is just one week after March’s full Moon (Sunday, March 28), which is the first full Moon to occur after the spring equinox (March 20, 2021) Just as it should be!

Wishing you a wonderful radiant day tomorrow!!

Love and Light, Carol


Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year of the Yin White Metal Ox begins February 12, 2021 and ends January 31, 2022. It ushers in a new day, a new year, a new 12 year cycle, and a new 60 year cycle.After all of the chaos, confusion, lies, distortions, propaganda, and corrupted wisdom we have been bombarded with in the Year of the White Metal Rat, the quieter, grounded energy of the Ox will be a welcome relief. The Ox is also seen as stubborn, conservative, and reliable, but this mild temperament can, at times, unexpectedly go berserk. The Ox is categorized as yin earth energy, and belongs to the end of the winter season (cold barren earth.) I think that the Ox is considered a yin earth symbol because oxen are neutered bulls. When a neutered bull is
young, it is called a steer, but after three years or so, it becomes an ox. Bulls are neutered because it makes them more docile, focused and easier to control since they aren’t being distracted by those beautiful cows!

The Earthen Ox, contains inner earth, water, and metal, but no fire. Last year, the White Metal Rat also lacked inner fire. Fire brings joy, happiness, intuition, and spontaneity and we know those qualities were lacking in 2020. The yin metal element of the year (heavenly branch) sits on top of the Earthen Ox (earthly branch.) In the flow of the five elements, earth produces metal, giving energy to the Ox. This can produce a harmonious relationship, but we have to look more deeply at the qualities of yin metal to see what other energetic combination may be produced.

Yin metal is often represented by jewelry, but it can also symbolize a small metal weapon, like a dagger or a sharp needle. I found the symbolism of daggers and needles particularly interesting as 2021 will be remembered as the year of the needle! Also, as I wrote about in last year’s New Year newsletter, the Chinese calendar repeats every 60 years with smaller repeatable 20 year cycles. The 20 year election cycles that end in a 0\ like 2020, all carry the Curse of Tempscah The curse stems from an 1840 dispute between U.S. President William Harrison and Shawnee Indian leader, Tecumseh. Some believe the curse is the reason that Harrison, and every following president who was elected in a year ending in zero, were assassinated, died in office or were railroaded from serving in office..The white yin metal dagger is seen by the Chinese as as the symbol of assassinations, coup d’etats, and terrorist attacks.

Looking back 60 years to 1961, which was the last White Metal Ox year, Kennedy was inaugurated. I found some interesting relationships between him and Biden. Kennedy was the youngest president ever elected and Biden is the oldest. Kennedy’s campaign was rocked by politicians who did not want a Irish Roman Catholic as President. but he prevailed and became our first Catholic President – Biden just became the second. Not only will we have a Catholic President again, but a third of his cabinet are Catholics (first time in history) and 6 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices are too! Kennedy broke the religious taboo and opened the political door for a wider diversity of candidates. Biden likewise broke the gender taboo by choosing a female Vice President.

Worldwide, 1961 was very chaotic. We entered into serious global tensions with the USSR (Cold War) that are still echoing today with Russia being blamed for so many bogus events. We also endured the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin Wall was built. These critical events brought us to the brink of nuclear war and caused many Americans to build bomb shelters. In addition to all of this, the Vietnam War was initiated in December by sending 18,000 military advisors to South Vietnam. It is interesting to note that in 1961, when all of this chaos was happening, the world’s population was half of what it is today. It has doubled in 60 years to almost 8 billion!

Space was big topic in 1961 just like it is today with our new Space Force, which is now the 6th branch of the US Armed Service (Wow the Pentagon will become a Hexagon!} There are many objectives for this program like putting astronauts on the face of both the Moon and Mars, mining valuable metals and minerals from asteroids and, of course, providing security against hostile enemies.

While doing research for this news letter, I was amazed at how many powerful leaders were born in Oxen years. Here are a few – Hitler, Obama, Napoleon, Saddam Hussein, Hirohito, Sukarno, Madeline Albright, Margaret Thacher, Malcom X, Menachem Begin, and even Pablo Escobar!

These diverse leaders show that the strong, focused oxen energy can be used in a positive way, or for negative, destructive purposes.

The metal element which is so prevalent this year and last represents the breathing organs, the nose, lungs and skin, Without fire to balance the metal, it becomes unbalanced and unhealthy This imbalance of elements, perfectly out pictures our current health situation with Covid.

Generally, this year favors the Rat, Rooster, and Snake. The Sheep which is in opposition to the Ox and the Tiger, Horse and Dog must remain vigilant throughout the year and take nothing for granted.

Overall, this year should be more grounded, less frenetic, and more focused on reality. The Ox is a logical even tempered animal unless he/she loses patience and then we may witness the inner raging bull. This scenario could play out if people start rebelling against rigid Covid restrictions, internet suppression or feeling their political, cultural beliefs are not being honored.

Now is the time for your Annual Feng Shui update, so your home or business will be aligned with the fresh new energies of 2021! We can do them in person, through Zoom or through email and the phone – Whatever is best for you.

Also, an Invisible Architecture membership provides the Auspicious and Inauspicious Dates each month, An in depth look at the monthly Feng Shui, and videos on various topics for a very low fee. We would love to have you join us!

Wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year! Carol


December 2020 – Month of the Brown Earth Rat

December 2020 promises to be a memorable month! It is a double rat month (yikes!) since the year is ruled by Geng Zi, the white metal rat and the month is ruled by the Yang Brown Earth Rat. The Chinese Zodiac has a 12 year cycle, that starts with the Rat. The second animal in the cycle is the Ox, so 2021 will be ruled by the White Yin Metal Ox . I will be doing an extensive write up next month on the White Metal Ox year, which begins February 12, 2021.

The rat itself is inherently a water animal, so the dual rat sign this month brings the most water energy of the year. All this water makes for a very energetically unstable month. and combined with the extraordinary planetary alignments creates much chaos and uncertainty. It will be a month where we all need to really stay focused and not allow ourselves to be swept into the swirling social unrest and deception.

Auspicious Dates for December 2018

One can barely believe that the total solar eclipse (December 14) is on the day the US election is certified, and the Winer Solstice is on the same day as the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

Reflecting on the total solar eclipse, I remembered the brilliant pioneering research of Lily Kolisko, a German scientist. She performed thousands of experiments with metallic salts in test tubes to visibly demonstrate the effects planets and their cosmic alignments have on Earthly substances. The ancient alchemists knew the “seven sacred heavenly bodies” (pictured
above) were each ruled by a specific metal that linked heaven to earth – the sun (gold), Moon (silver), Mercury (mercury), Venus (copper). Mars (iron). Jupiter (tin) and Saturn (lead.). We have forgotten most of this wisdom because current science has isolated itself from the impact of the constant cosmic forces streaming in from the heavens.

Kolisko was a long time follower of Rudolph Steiner. In one life changing lecture she attended, Steiner said,” So long as Substances are in a solid state, they are subject to the forces of the Earth, but as soon as they enter the liquid state, the planetary forces come into play.” This means, that solid gold, or gold salt is subject only to earthly forces, but if it is dissolved in a liquid solution, it is subject not only to the forces of earth, but also to the planetary forces of the Sun. This gave her the information she needed to do her thousands of experiments with metallic salts. She found that during certain planetary alignments, such as a conjunction, an eclipse or some other significant relationship with another planet, the usual behavior and color of the corresponding metals are altered.

Doing experiments during several total solar eclipses by mixing gold chloride (sun) and silver nitrate (moon,) she found that the gold chloride totally lost its energy and collapsed on the filter paper, while the silver gained in power. After the eclipse had passed, the gold chloride eventually regained its power to rise on the filter paper and return to the normal appearance. But, it took seven days for the gold to return to its natural beautiful glowing color that ranged from yellow to violet, with some disfiguring spots (from the silver) lasting almost to the end. Each eclipse was slightly different, but the overall affect was the same.

She also found the eclipse was experienced on every spot on Earth, whether you could see it or not. In a book published on these experiments, she wrote: ” It means that we must look upon the sun not only as a heavenly body streaming down light and warmth to the earth from one particular spot, but surrounding, enveloping the whole globe with its sphere. When something spectacular happens, such as a total eclipse, certainly we see it happen at a definite place, observing the moon covering the sun, but the whole sun sphere is affected, and the whole earth participates in it.”

Kolisko’s discoveries give us insight into the power of a Total Solar Eclipse. Ancient and even many modern cultures warn against looking at the sun during an eclipse. They feel it is harmful to the heart (the heart sonyains the most gold of all the organs) and advise staying indoors and not eating during the event. This eclipse is definitely a heart centered event with gold (related to our heart) being eclipsed (taken offline for a period of time) and then being reborn. It seems like a time for silence and renewal even though it is the day the US electoral college finalizes the presidential choice! Remember the effects of the eclipse last for seven days. To read a more in depth article on Kolisko’s scientific process go to: working-of-the-stars-in-earthly-substance/

December also brings one of the most anticipated astrological events of the decade, known as the “Great Conjunction.” As Jupiter and Saturn move out of the earthly sign of Capricorn, they join together in airy Aquarius at almost zero degrees. They will be close enough to form the first visible double planet since the Middle Ages! In 1623, they were equally close, but not visible from Earth. Kolisko would have loved to monitor this event.

The two planets together have always been seen as “markers of time “ that bring epochal social change. They are the two largest planets in our solar system, so when they conjunct and energetically merge their vibrations, they can’t be ignored. If we go back 800 years to when they were also so closely entwined, we find the Crusades in full swing, the Catholic Church wiping out over a million Cathars, the Inquisition, Genghis Khan invading China, India and moving West, the Knights Templar, and modern banking being introduced (especially in Venice,) It was really a period of instability and chaos, to put it mildly! And then, the 1300’s ushered in the Renaissance If we look at today, we are in worldwide chaos like the Middle Ages, with various factions vying for control. We are in wars in 7-8 countries, have a global pandemic, and the banksters are doing very nicely for themselves. We are basically controlled by corporations and delivered fake news from msm and daily. The powers that be are promising us a “Great Reset!” Hopefully Saturn and Jupiter are priming us for a new Renaissance. just like the 1300’s!

Wishing you a wonderful, safe and sane Holiday Season.

Love and Light, Carol


November 2020 – Fire Pig – Ding Hai

November Feng Shui

We are entering another fire month tomorrow, but it is ruled by yin fire – a flickering candle. This elemental fire energy combined with the yin water  energy of the Pig creates a more subdued and introspective month. It will  be so different from the aggressive, unstable Fire Dog energies we have just  experienced. It will be time to focus within and become consciously aware  of what really inspires you. To become aware of what is true and not let  yourself be led into self deception. Between the contentious election, 

pandemic restrictions, msm propaganda, fake news and money concerns,  people are just tired of all the confusion and just.want to get on with their  lives  

It is interesting to consider that Coronavirus started in the Wood Pig month  (Dec. 1. 2019) of the Muddy Pig Year, and we are still besieged by it in this  Fire Pig month – one year later!! Also, that the virus started (reportedly) in  the city of Wuhan, China. “Wu” means weapons, fighting and “han” means  man and many are claiming the virus is a bioterrorism weapon!  

The winter season, ruled by the water element, is officially here. Water, the  fifth element, is seen as the low point of the matter, or the dying stage of  matter. Water is the most yin element of the five elements. Its motion is  downward and inward, and its energy is stillness and conserving. It  represents uncertainty, danger, darkness and coldness. The monthly Pig is  a water animal and the yearly Rat is also a water animal making the water  energies very strong this month and next. Next month, we get a double rat  month and year, as well as a total Solar Eclipse, the first Grand Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, an air sign since 1226 and much more. It’s  good we’re getting a month to recoup!  

Chinese astrology repeats itself every 60 years. The 60 year cycle (12 animals  x 5 elements) always begins in the year of the White Metal Rat, also known  as the “Rat on the Crossbeam,”and ends in the year of the Brown Muddy  Pig, also called the Monastic Pig. We are in the first year of a 60 year cycle.  

I have written before that if we go 60 years back in time, we are in the  contentious presidential election battle between JFK and Nixon. It sounds  so errily similar to what we are experiencing today, although Nixon chose  not to contest the voting irregularities, even though Eisenhower thought he  should dispute the suspected fraud. He was only 47 and wanted to run  again and not have popular opinion against him. This election is so  different as both candidates are in their seventies and it is their last go  round. 

Wikipedia gives a short summary of the 1960 election below.  

When voters went to cast their ballots on November 7, the contest was  close. In the electoral college, Kennedy captured 303 votes (34 more than  was required to win), while Nixon won 219. The 14 unpledged electors in  Alabama and Mississippi and 1 pledged elector in Oklahoma cast their votes  for Sen. Harry F. Byrd, a Democrat from Virginia. Kennedy eked out a  narrow victory in the popular vote, defeating Nixon by just under 117,000  votes. Overall, Kennedy won 49.7 percent to Nixon’s 49.5  percent. Kennedy thus became the third person elected president in the  20th century without winning a majority of the popular vote. The popular  vote was the closest since 1884, when Democrat Grover Cleveland  defeated Republican James G. Blaine by only about 24,000 votes. 

Citing voting irregularities in Illinois and Texas, many observers questioned  whether Kennedy had legally won those states, and some prominent  Republicans—including Eisenhower—even urged Nixon to contest the  results. He chose not to, however, declaring:  

 “ I could think of no worse example for nations abroad, who for the first  time were trying to put free electoral procedures into effect, than that of the  United States wrangling over the results of our presidential election, and  even suggesting that the presidency itself could be stolen by thievery at the  ballot box.” 

Nixon’s supporters and critics alike, both then and later, praised him for  the dignity and unselfishness with which he handled defeat and the  suspicion that vote fraud had cost him the presidency. 

This certainly puts “Tricky Dick” in a different light! There is so much  deceit and subterfuge in politics that we need to have distance from the  events to discover what really happened. 


October 2020 – Bing Xu-Fire Dog

JOE BIDEN – born on November 20, 1942 at 8:30 A.M. – yang water horse

DONALD TRUMP – born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 A.M. – yang fire dog

This ninth month is a yang fire dog just like Donald Trump and election day falls on a yang metal dog day! This makes for alot of yang earth (dog) energy in the upcoming US election. The dog also contains some fire, so October and early November are filled withfire energy. The fire dog energy can be very positive and exuberant, but below the surface there lies combative, angry, defiant, anxious energies. The fire dog also likes to escape into the world of fantasy. So, the energies for both Trump and the month should be very interesting, especially with his current medical condition. We have both the fantasies of halloween and the election to look forward to this month.

Joe Biden is a yang water horse. He has alot of water in the rest of his chart too. The Water energy of the Rat year tends to slow him down and dampen his usual enthusiasm. Water horses can be very emotional, also, especially this year, since his horse energy is in direct clash with that of the Metal Rat.

October is always ruled by dog energy. These Dog months tend to be unstable because we are leaving autumn and entering into the winter season. During this month, the seasonal fire element begins to die as we move into the colder, wet season of winter, so the dog month is known in Chinese astrology as “the grave of fire.” On top of this, October, is frequently called “Black October,” because the stock market usually goes through bouts of instability as the investors feel the uncertainties of the month. It is definitely a month to stay conscious and remember what is important.

Back in January, in the yearly Metal Rat newsletter, I wrote that this election year has the “Curse of Temescah.” Since we are only a few weeks away from the election, I thought it would be interesting to revisit the “curse!” Here is what I wrote –

“Knowing that 2020 is one of the election years under Tecumseh’s Curse, I suddenly realized that the 20 year curse always has Geng as the ruling element! Geng, yang metal, is represented by the sword, ax, gun, armor, weapon or money. It is the ruling element for Gregorian years ending in 0.

Tecumseh’s Curse, stems from an 1840 dispute between U.S. President William Henry Harrison and Shawnee Indian leader, Tecumseh. Some believe the curse is the reason that Harrison, and every following president who was elected in a year ending in zero, died or was prevented from serving in office. Harrison went on to be elected U.S. President in 1840, but never finished his term. He died in office of pneumonia several months after being elected.

This pattern of dying in office, or other disruptions, has continued for 20 years:

  • In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected. He was assassinated in 1865.
  • In 1880, James Garfield was elected. He was assassinated in 1881.
  • In 1900, William Mc Kinley was elected. He was assassinated in 1901.
  • In 1920, Warren Harding was elected. He died in office in 1923.
  • In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected. He died in office in 1945.
  • In 1960, John Kennedy was elected. He was assassinated in 1963.
  • In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected. He was wounded by a would-be assassin’s bullet. Many think Nancy’s astrology worked!
  • In 2000, Albert Gore was elected by popular vote (possibly by Electoral College votes as well ) He never began his term in office.
  • 2020????

There is so much misinformation and subterfuge going about the President’s health, the election, the debates, and Covid, that it is really difficult to predict who wins!

Its a great time to do some space clearings since we have been inside for solong! The energy needs to renewed for the upcoming holiday season.

The next videos I am going to be doing for the membership are on how to determine your personal I ching energy and that of your home. We would love for you to join us!

Love and Light, Carol


September 2020 – The month of the green Wood Rooster

The month of the green Wood Rooster begins September 8 and ends October 7th, 2020. The Rooster is the yin wood compliment to the yang wood monkey. What was started last month (yang wood monkey) usually will find expression this month. I chose this picture above because the rooster this month isn’t the usual “cocky” rooster and is quite weak because he is in clash with the Rat year. One apt Chinese symbol for the Green Wood Rooster is a cut flower in a vase.

With these monthly energies, during our current Covid situation, we need to avoid the urge to be righteous, defensive and inflexible. We need to cultivate clear vision about what is really fake news and then use the rooster’s inner gift of strategic thinking and insight!

The I Ching hexagram for the month is #33 – “Retreat.” It perfectly out pictures the qualities of the Green Wood Rooster energies in a White Metal Rat year. the following explanation from the Divination Foundation I Ching site offers really good advice for dealing with this month‘s energies – “All worthy goals meet some resistance. When negative forces predominate, a well-timed retreat can be a good move for keeping your energy up and allowing you to persevere.

Periods of withdrawal or retreat call for cool headedness, so keep your wits about you. Attend to details while allowing for enough time to contemplate the big picture—and be creative in your solutions. Remember: not all progress follows a straight line. Maintaining a sense of self-confidence is essential, as small setbacks can easily become defeats if we’re mired in self-doubt or self-pity. A confident retreat can produce success.

Waves of progress are short lived. Strive to attune yourself to the up-and-down cycles of life. If you want something, allow it to come to you. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can “fix” any situation whenever you feel like it. Some things are bigger than you. Hold your pride in check, and you will be better prepared to discover creative openings when they arise.”

On September 22nd this year, we will experience the the Autumn Equinox. An Equinox is an astronomical event that happens twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nortowards the Sun. During Equinoxes, the tilt of the Earth (with respect to the Sun) is 0° and because of its duration the day and the night are almost equal. The sun rises and sets perfectly due east and due west.

It’s an event that happens on the imaginary dome of Earth’s sky. It marks that special moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator going from south to north.

The celestial equator is a great circle dividing the imaginary celestial sphere into its northern and southern hemispheres. The celestial equator wraps the sky directly above Earth’s equator. At the Fall equinox, the sun crosses the celestial equator to enter the sky’s southern hemisphere.

All these components are imaginary, yet what happens at every equinox is very real – as real as the sun’s passage across the sky each day and as real as the change of the seasons.

No matter where you are on Earth (except for the North and South Poles), you have a due east and due west point on your horizon. That point marks the intersection of your horizon with the celestial equator, the imaginary great circle above the true equator of the Earth.

After the autumn equinox (northern hemisphere), the light begins to decrease everyday until it is reborn again at the winter solstice. it is interesting to note that the autumn equinox always takes place in the month of Libra which means balance.

Many Ancient temples and sacred monuments were built in a true East and West alignment. You entered the from the west and faced the altar in the East. One such holy site with this alignment is the famous Rossyln Chapel in Scotland. It was founded on the autumn equinox in 1446 and was dedicated to St. Matthew. Most of us are aware of the many esoteric conspiracies around Rosslyn Chapel’s relationship to the Knight’s Templar, the Masons, and the Holy Grail through the “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. ” The site is also thought to have been originally ab ancient Druid Holy site.

During my endless research into Invisible Architecture (for that future book!), I keep discovering such an amazing relationship between worship, acoustics and architecture. Rossyln Chapel is a perfected example of this – it has often been refereed to a “book carved in stone.”

The chapel stands on fourteen pillars, which form an arcade of twelve pointed arches on three sides of the nave. The three pillars at the east end of the chapel are named, from north to south: the Master Pillar, the Journeyman Pillar and, most famously, the Apprentice Pillar, showing the churches Masonic relationship. The pillars are covered with 213 intricately carved cubes, which protrude from them. A father and son team , Thomas and Stuart Mitchell realized that the designs on the cubes resembled the geometric patterns seen in Cymatics.

Cymatics, discovered by Hans Jenny, is essentially the study of how sound waves and frequencies influence matter. Jenny found patterns are formed by placing powder or sand on a flat surface and vibrating the surface at various frequencies. Different notes produce various shapes including flowers, diamonds and hexagons, called Chaldni patterns.

By matching these Chladni patterns with musical notes corresponding to the same frequencies, the father-and-son team of Thomas and Stuart Mitchell produced a tune which Stuart calls the Rosslyn Motet. “It is what we could call ‘frozen music’, a little like cryogenics. The music has been frozen in time by symbolism. It was only a matter of time before the symbolism began to ‘thaw out’ and begin to make sense to scientific and musical perception,” said T. Mitchell.

Using skills he learned as an RAF code-breaker during the Korean War and his lifetime knowledge of classical music, he finally realized they depicted the vibrations of musical notes. He said: “It was a Eureka moment to end all Eureka moments. Many angels were carrying musical instruments and some were even grouped as if they were a choir. But one angel gave me the biggest problem. He was carrying something and at first I thought it was musical instrument which had been lost in the mists of time. It was only when I realized that he was carrying a musical stave, the blueprint for all musical composition, that I knew I was looking at a secretly coded piece of music.”

Stuart Mitchell said the tunes could have been hidden because knowledge of harmonics may have been seen as dangerous, even heretical, by 15th Century church authorities. Interestingly the Devil’s Chord, diabolus in musica, makes an appearance in the music. “In the ceiling is this jump of an augmented fourth, in fact it opens up with an augmented fourth,” says Mitchell. “The Catholic Church had banned this interval (seven semitones) from medieval music as it was believed to be disturbing and therefore diabolical. Perhaps St Clair (founder of the chapel) was indeed challenging the authority of the church. The music itself, according to Mitchell is a mix of Celtic melodies and secular worship crossed with a kind of Christian worship, but not Catholic. What we have here is a recorded piece of music, it is almost like a compact disc from the 15th Century.” The Rosslyn Motet is avail on CD.

I was going to go into the magic of organs and how they are an integral part of a church’s architecture making them the only instrument where you sit inside of the instrument, but we will save that next time!

Here is a link, where you can take a virtual tour of the inside of Rosslyn Chapel with music. It is wonderful and I think if you view and listen to it on the 22nd, you will be in sync with the Autumn Equinox frequencies.

The members section now has September’s Auspicious dates, September’s Feng shui energies, and 3 new Vivaxis videos and downloads with a fourth one coming this week. The next videos will deal with how to determine your own personal hexagram and the hexagram of your home. We would love for you to join us!

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August 2020 – The month of the Great Wood Monkey Jia Shen

We have just entered the seventh month (Aug 7 – Sept.7) of the Chinese year, known as the month of the “Hungry Ghosts” and is seen as the lowest , yin point of the year. During this time, the gates of the lower realms are opened and the hungry ghosts are free to roam the earth in search of food, entertainment and mischief. This seems to be an accurate portrayal of the current state of our Covid world! The Hungry Ghost Festival comes at a time of year when the moon is full near the end of summer. In many ways, this festival is reminiscent of Halloween or the “Night of the Dead” in Western countries.

Cultures from Europe to China have traditional days of the dead or ghost days that are thousands of years old that were part of the tribal folk religions before the advent of Christianity in Europe and Buddhism in Asia. In Britain, Halloween originated from the traditional holiday of Celts who believed that the last day of October was “the day of the dead” or “the ghost day” when ghosts crossed over the boundary between the living and the dead. Cultures throughout Asia from India to Cambodia to Japan share similar beliefs about the August, and these traditions seem to date from before Buddha.

Celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival is all about looking after hungry, discontented, wandering souls. These are ghosts without families to care for them or people who died because of unfortunate events like pandemics, war, murder or suicide. Families do everything they can to placate these unhappy spirits with gifts of food, money and other supplies. Though primarily intended to prevent these ghosts from causing trouble in their own lives, the customs of Ghost Month do raise a certain mindfulness about making space in our world for those who have fallen out of society. This year the actual festival day falls on September 2, 2020.

Even though the outer energy of the month is very yang – hot and dry – it is believed that the dark yin inner forces overpower this yang energy. The resulting imbalance of excess yin chi attracts ghosts and wandering spirits who thrive in such an atmosphere.

Reflecting on this phenomena, I was reminded of the importance of having a balanced yin/yang relationship in our environment. I remembered the research I did several years ago on on Phillip Callahan, the world renown ornithologist and entomologist. His work focused on soil, stones, water etc. and their magnetic quality. Paramagnetic stone is yang – slightly attracted to magnetic energy and diamagnetic stone is yin – slightly repulsed by magnetic energy. I think it’s a perfect time to revisit this valuable information.

During World War Two, while stationed in Ireland as a radio engineer, Callahan became intrigued with the 13 round towers he found in the countryside. He noticed that around the towers, the plants, grass and trees were extremely healthy and that the farmers even brought their sheep to graze around the towers. Through experimentation, he discovered the towers were paramagnetic antennaes placed in diamagnetic or low paramagnetic areas to increase the fertility of the soil. The atmosphere, rocks, stone, and soil (inorganic) tend to be paramagnetic, while plants, water and most organic forms including humans tend to be diamagnetic. The two forces work hand in hand.

Callahan found that the ancients built their round towers, pyramids, stupas, cathedrals etc. with highly paramagnetic stones like granite. He discovered that both the shape of the structure and the paramagnetic qualities of the stone worked together to imbue plants, animals and humans, the entire environment, with health and well being. He postulated that paramagnetic soils facilitated the flow of electromagnetic forces from the atmosphere to plants.

However, he began noticing that where there was low paramagnetism in the the soil, agriculture was more difficult, and there was more political strife and warfare in the region. He became fascinated by this phenomena and decided to fly to many global areas of strife (war zones like Yugoslavia) to measure the paramagnetic quality of the soil. Every “hot spot” he tested had low paramagnetic qualities as well as low readings of the Schumann magnetic resonant waves (they go hand in hand.) To test that his hypothesis was correct and it wasn’t just the mismanagement of the land or the mindless placement of human structures causing the effect, he decided to visit some headhunter tribes in the Amazon!!

In the river delta, where the soil was deep and extremely paramagnetic, he found gentle, friendly natives living, but when he traveled upstream to where there was almost no soil, just thin dirt over networks of roots, he measured very low paramagnetic energies. The natives here were extremely hostile headhunters!

These findings show how important good, healthy paramagnetic soil is to our well-being. The current use of tons of pesticides, insecticides, weed killers, and EMF towers are resulting in the destruction of our environment. Without strong paramagnetic minerals in our soil, we become ungrounded and our cultures tend to fall apart. We see this happening globally and need to change our current environmental mindset for our survival. I think during our current Covid condition, many of us are are realizing how important our health, and the health of the planet is for our survival!


July 2020 – The Month of the Blue Water Sheep

归为 July 7 – August 7

Yesterday, we entered into the Blue Water Sheep month. The contentious, clashing energies of the Water Horse are starting to wane, During Blue Water Sheep months, our emotions usually become more reflective and introspective. The sheep, being one of the most yin signs, is seen as the most creative, gentle and intuitive of all the animals. They do not like to create waves, but to quietly go along with the flow. This is a month to truly reflect on what is important.

First Sleep and Second Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep during this pandemic has been difficult for many of my friends and clients. In “normal” times, forty nine percent of Americans report difficulty in sleeping. Anxiety and stress over waking up during the night and not being able to go back to sleep, often leads to taking prescription sleeping pills etc., The pills then lead to their own problems and it is a downward spiral.

After implementing all of the Feng Shui principles such as placing the bed in a good location, having their head pointing in the right direction, taking the mirrors out of the bedroom, removing all electronics, having adequate darkness and the right colors, air, and basically balancing the qi in the bedroom, I found there were still clients who could not sleep through the night.

So, through research on this problem, I was amazed to rediscover the sleeping patterns of our ancestors. They didn’t sleep in one eight – hour chunk. That is a modern invention – a modern myth! They used to sleep in two shorter periods over a longer range.

The existence of our sleeping twice per night was first uncovered by Roger Ekirch, a professor of history at Virginia Tech. He wrote about the history of sleep in a very engaging book called “At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past.” In it, are hundreds of references scattered throughout literature, court documents, and personal papers that show the practice was common knowledge.

Ekirch found this sleeping pattern died out a around the time of the Industrial Revolution when everyone and everything became more regimented. Our ancestors practiced what is known as “first sleep” and “second sleep.” Thistwo–piece sleeping period lasted approximately twelve hours. They would go to sleep for approximately four hours and then wake up for three – four hours hours and then go back to sleep for another three to four hours. In the in between twilight hours, people would read, write, pray (religious manuals had special prayers for the mid-sleep hours,) talk, have sex or get up and go visit neighbors. The first four hours produced the deepest sleep. It was a period of unusual calmness- unlike the anxiety we experience today upon waking up at 3 three in the morning and thinking we need to get back to sleep for our physical and mental well-being!!

Two sleeps per night may have been the method of antiquity, but tendencies towards it still linger in our DNA! It may be the answer to a lot of our current health problems.