Before I met Carol, I was not much of a believer in the power of paying attention to Feng Shui in my environment. The first time I worked with Carol, I had just joined a new law firm. Without knowing any better, I moved into one of the offices across the hall, but just never really felt settled-in or comfortable. I asked Carol to provide a consultation regarding whether I was in the best office for me in the firm. Turns out the office I had been using was full of really negative energy, i.e. depression, death, divorce, etc. Well, I packed up and moved right away!! The office Carol suggested would be best for me was full of power, strength, and money. Much better, if you ask me! Almost immediately after switching offices, I began to excel at the new firm. In fact, I took over managing the firm within just a few short months. I was so impressed with Carol and her suggestions relating to our firm, that every time I have switched offices or made career moves, Carol is the first person I call. My law practice has been growing ever since.

Thank you, Carol!”

Alisyn, of Bakersfield, California

I have known Carol for over 10 years. My first encounter with Carol was when she visited our office space for a feng shui consultation. As we walked through our space, Carol stopped at a particular office. She asked who occupied this office. I told her it was an associate’s office and she asked for the person’s birth date. I told her and Carol immediately replied, “No, that’s not it.” I checked with the office manager and corrected the date. Given the new date, Carol said “Yes, that’s it. I see litigation and a relationship ending in the near future.” Within a few months, we were in litigation with that associate for misconduct and his employment was terminated. Needless to say, I have been a big fan of Carol’s ever since.
We are in the commercial real estate business and we always call Carol in for a consultation before we purchase any buildings. I have Carol come to my office and home annually for an update. Her suggestions always make sense, and have immeasurably improved my work and home environments.

Nathaniel Williams
Santa Monica, CA
Metro Properties, LLC

We have had the great fortune of having Carol Assa as our home Feng Shui consultant for at least 13 years. Her calculations are accurate and concise. Furthermore, her personal intuition and insight always prove to enhance the breadth of her work. In 13 years of working with Carol there has been only one time we neglected consult with her…what a mistake! The home we had at the time was near some giant power lines (you know, the kind you can hear buzzing all the time). While living in that particular home we struggled continuously with illness and money problems. The turning point was when our son and I contracted meningitis. I recovered fully after a few weeks but our son nearly died, he spent several critical months in the hospital. After finally consulting with Carol on the house, we decided to move into another home that would enhance the health of our family. With Carol’s advice, we chose a home where the energy compliments each of us. Thanks to Carol this home has completely changed our lives for the better. Our son is healthy now, he is achieving straight A’s in high school, wrestling on the varsity wrestling team and his epilepsy (resulting from his brain infection) is resolved without medication. Our money issues have remedied and we are doing better financially than we could have ever imagined. We count on Carol Assa’s expertise, when it comes Feng Shui. Even our friends notice the good vibe in our house. Friends often comment that they feel better after coming to hang out in our house for a bit. We are so excited about how smooth things are going, we have already had Carol do our Feng Shui for 2013 and things just keep getting better!”


I am a demolition contractor by trade. After the remodel of the house, my wife contacted Ms. Assa to help improve our business. She stated that the newly remodeled bedroom was in the money sector of the house. The bedroom had to become the Office. My wife was not happy – until my business success doubled!”

Baxter Construction

When I say “Feng Shui saved me,” people think I am being too melodramatic.

Carol came to me from a referral of a close friend, to help in the selection of my first home. The first time- I resisted what she said and was it was somewhat of a spectacle. We toured the house together before going into escrow.

I loved the home, but she pulled me aside and told me the bedrooms were “sickly – really sickly”.
I fussed and stormed away. After pressing the realtor, he disclosed that one of the owners had died in the master bedroom and spouse in the other. Needless to say-I did not buy that home. At the second home we viewed, she told me that the home had severe financial hardship.

Still I resisted. Only to find out the property was a foreclosure and that the homeowners association was in bankruptcy. At the third property she told me I would be healthy and happy, plus my income would triple me the truth and not just what I wanted to hear. I follow her advice – it’s called- Trust.

I purchased. Yes healthy, wealthy and after Carol’s advice- Wise! She had to courage to tell.”

Pamella D’Pella

Carol has done feng shui consults for my acupuncture office as well as my home. She has enthusiasm for her work, and offers many interesting
perspectives for her readings. I was impressed with the thorough mapping of the spaces on her initial reading, and the way she ties in the information about each individual in the space as part of the readings.

In our home, I noticed a marked improvement and sense of ease in our living room after making some color changes she recommended. Prior to that, I realized I had not been drawn to that room and was not comfortable there.

We consulted Carol when we moved into our office as well, and followed her suggestions for setting up our space. My acupuncture practice has continued to grow and thrive, and we continue to have yearly readings from Carol and diligently follow her recommendations. I appreciate her explanations and practical suggestions that make carrying out the changes for improved energy in my spaces easier.

I don’t always understand the details of the readings, but Carol generously takes the time explain as much as possible and gives ideas for improvements and does not linger on things that cannot be changed due to structures. She is down to earth and has a lovely energy.

Thank you Carol!”

Julee Haar Chui, L.Ac.
Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

The energy embodied within this stone, is said to absorb, and eliminate anything that is a health hazard, this includes protection of one’s energy field, if subject to negativity in an environment. I’ve experienced great success with this, by placing medium sized Shungite pyramids in strategic locations inside my home, and on my desk at work. I also, have a small Shungite tile attached to the back of my cell phone, and another medium sized pyramid, next to my laptop, and router, for EMF protection. My Shungite pendulum, is by far my favorite, for accuracy. In my experience, Shungite is really a miracle stone!

Renae Carmicino
Certified Colorpuncturist


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Shungite Testimonials


The Shungite I received from M. Assa has proved to be very beneficial both to myself and those I have gifted with it. As a working musician I use it on the
bandstand before and during a performance to calm, center and energize myself (with amazing results) Students I have given it to say it helps them both focus and settle down when studying for and taking stressful exams. If i am wound up after a show I hold it in my hands to cool me down so I can get a good night sleep. It works great!

David Roos St Paul MN

Out of nowhere my eyelid started swelling up rapidly and blinking became really painful. I held the shungite to it for a few minutes intermittently over the course of an hour the swelling went down, the pain subsided, within 2 hours my eyelid was normal again! I carry my Shungite with me at all times!

Kathe Carter

I have a skin condition that leads to itchy welts. Very unpleasant, and sometimes even painful. I put the Shungite on an itchy spot and the itchiness stops within a few minutes. So much better than pharmaceutical anti-itch creams!

Thank you!

Elke Heitmeyer
organic –

I’ve been wearing a bracelet made of shungite for several months. I am an artist, dowser, and gem enthusiast. But most of all a skeptic about assertions of gemstone’s vibrations unless I experience them myself. I purchased these certified shungite beads from Carol Assa. From the first night these stones have been worn, I have had deep, clear dreams from my past. These are not nightmares, but clearly constructed dreams of memories long ago forgotten. I have made these bracelets with shungite, green agate for cooling, and malachite for protection. Also, as an experiment, I have gifted these bracelets to five other light workers (acupuncture, chiropractor, light workers and energy healer). These five individuals have had similar experiences and profound manifestations since wearing the bracelets.

Cathie DuChene

When I wear my Om Couture shungite bracelet, designed with certified shungite beads from Invisible Architecture, to sleep, I get really vivid dreams that I can remember. I seem to also wake up in the morning after a good nights sleep with amazing positive thoughts going on. Really great ones!

Diana Penchoff
Acupuncture Doctor

The first time I used the Egyptian rods for meditation, with the shungite one in my left hand and the soapstone one in my right hand, was an amazing experience.. I laid down to listen to a meditative CD and fell asleep for about an hour. When I woke up, I was feeling extremely alert and clear and noticed the two cylinders were really hot! They stayed this way for over a half hour. I have repeated this process several times and always have had the same clear, refreshing results.

JerrieLea Homen
Shiatsu therapist

Oh! Shungite! Oh! Carol Assa! The woman’s knowledge of this material and its benefits are vast! Oh, shungite! I first read the book about Shungite mentioned on Carol’s website plus appreciated the Russian authority on shungite youtube videos. I was convinced! The first piece I bought was a pendant to wear around my neck plus a few loose pieces that I pop into my left/right pockets. Besides feeling more grounded even my ‘sensitive’ friend commented that I wasn’t quite so ungrounded! I begin my day with a glass of shungite water. There’s a small pyramid near both of my computers and a little larger, taller pyramid in the center of my living room. I have a disk that I have under the pillow on my bed, a pendulum and a few pieces stuck on the back of my cellphone. These modern times we live in with an overabundance of manmade electromagnetic radiation seem to greatly require the utilization of this available mineral. Thank you Carol for being a well-informed resource of wisdom and I’m most great-full for your tested quality products.

Lyn Bradford

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