January 2024 Year of the Green Wood Dragon – 甲⾠

Posted by: Carol Assa On January 13, 2024

Locations of the 4 Annual Feng Shui Afflictions for 2024 Water Placement for the New 20 Year Fire Cycle We are fast approaching the New Lunar Year of the Yang Wood Green Dragon  which begins February 10th, 2024. The first day of the Chinese astrological/Feng Shui year, however, is different from this popular Chinese New …

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New Science Of Heaven

Posted by: carol On February 3, 2023

“Answers so many questions, scientific and esoteric, about the true nature of our reality… A seminal work… Will revolutionise how we frame reality and the thinking of everyone on this planet. Kudos to Professor Temple for striking the first match to light the fire.” – NEW DAWN The story of the science of plasma and …

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Happy New Year – 2023 Year of the Black Water Rabbit

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On January 9, 2023

Happy New Year! We are fast approaching the New Lunar Year of the Black Water Rabbit, which begins January 22, 2023 and ends February 9th, 2024. The frst day of the Chinese astrological/Feng Shui year, however, is different from the popular Chinese New Year Day, which is calculated from the Chinese lunar calendar. It is …

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September 2022 Yin Earth Rooster Ji You ⼰⾣

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On September 9, 2022

Unlike the elusive monkey who ruled last month, the September Earth Rooster likes to be the center of attention and doesn’t hesitate to say what is her mind. He is characterized by charm, flamboyance, punctuality, principled opinions, and dogmatic beliefs. Those who understand and support him are generously rewarded. Roosters have a strong evolutionary pattern …

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Month of the Green Wood Dragon Jia Chen 甲⾠ The Guardian April 2022 and the Geography of Time

Posted by: carol On April 5, 2022

This year, April is ruled by the Yang Green Wood Dragon. The Green Wood Dragon represents tall, ancient, stable, and noble trees growing on a mountain top. This allows him to clearly see how we should navigate the current situation on earth for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, he also embodies energies that are a …

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The Black Water Tiger will soon be here! Animal Luck for 2022

Posted by: carol On January 10, 2022

The Chinese Lunar New Year is February 1st this year and the Solar New Year (first day of spring) is February 4th. The months of both January and February are going to be intense this year as they have exactly the same ruling animal as the year. Since the new year doesn’t begin until February, …

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October 2021 – Brown Mountain Dog Wu Xu 戊戌 and Facial Piercings

Posted by: carol On October 5, 2021

Yang Earth is the Dog’s native element, so this is a double yang earth month (symbolized by the mountain.) For the Dog, yang earth represents territory, protection, stability, unselfish service, and loyalty. These energies are extremely different from the intensity of the last two months which were ruled by the destructive combination of fire and …

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Month of the Red Fire Rooster Ding You 定有 and The Topographical Map of your Face!

Posted by: carol On September 3, 2021

This month is a yin fire rooster. That means it is ruled by the clashing energies of yin fire (ding) melting yin metal (rooster). It is a more conservative yin period compared to last month which was ruled by yang fire and yang metal, but the conflict of the elements is still there. Ding fire …

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39th Parallel, Mason Dixon line and Cleopatra’s Obelisks

Posted by: carol On July 5, 2021

Since it is the Fourth of July weekend, I decided to revisit a newsletter I wrote four years ago about further research I had done on the “Amazing 39th Parallel.” I think the info is really relevant today considering Washington DC is celebrating its 245th birthday without its traditional parade and concert (one will be …

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June 2021 – Month of the Yang Wood Horse

Posted by: carol On June 14, 2021

Jia (wood) is seated on Wu (Horse) this month. Jia is yang wood and the the Green Wood Horse is yang fire and together they create a bonfire! After all of the metal and water energies we have experienced the last few months, June is bursting forth with the fiery energy of a horse galloping …

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