May 2023 – Month of the Yin Fire Snake Ding Si 丁⺒

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On May 8, 2023

The Month of the Fire Snake arrives on Friday, May 5, along with a full moon and a lunar eclipse, and Wesak, (Buddah’s birthday.) The ruling element of the month is Ding (yin free) and is out pictured as a candle burning under the brightness of the noon day sun. Te snake is also a …

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April 2023 Month of the Fire Dragon – Bing Chen 丙⾠ – Dragons, Flow and Choke Points

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On April 2, 2023

The month of April is always ruled by the dragon and this year it is the Fire Dragon. He (yang) represents good luck, strength, health and is unique because he is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. The dragon is a composite of deer antlers, a camel head, ghostly …

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March 2023 Month of the Yin Wood Rabbit Yi Mao – ⼄卯 Tarot and Yearly Numerology

Posted by: carol On March 7, 2023

March is always the Rabbit month and it begins on the third solar term (Chinese month) entitled “the awakening of the insects.” The Green Wood Rabbit this month joins the yearly “Black Water Rabbit,” creating double Rabbit energy. To the ancient Chinese people, rabbits were animals of the “Yin” nature, meaning they were more feminine …

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December 2022 Ren Zi – 壬⼦ Black Water Rat – Fire, Water and Cycles

Posted by: carol On December 8, 2022

December 2022 is ruled by the yang black water rat. The Yang elemental water is seated is on top of the rat who is composed of both yin and yang water. On top of this, it is a yang water Tiger year. So much water! Yang water is powerful water like the oceans. Water rules …

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November 2022: Month of the Silver Metal Pig

Posted by: carol On November 10, 2022

Everything seems so on edge this month. From the economy, to politics, to wars, there is chaos and pent-up anger in the air. Even the cosmos is broadcasting these energies to us! Tomorrow, November 8th is election day in the US tomorrow and it is being overshadowed by a total lunar eclipse and full moon. …

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October 2022: Geng Xu – 庚戌 Gold Metal Dog and Your Daily Magical Hour!

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On October 6, 2022

October is always ruled by dog energy. These Dog months tend to be unstable because we are leaving autumn and entering into the winter season. During this month, the seasonal fire element begins to die as we move into the colder, wet season of winter, so the dog month is known in Chinese astrology as …

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August 2022: Month of the Earth Monkey Wu Shen 戊申

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On August 2, 2022

This month is ruled by Wu (yang earth) seated on top of the metal Shen (Monkey.) This is a very friendly, agreeable, innovative, and strategic sign. The problem is that all of these great strong, solid energies are in direct opposition to the Yearly Triple Water Tiger. The Monkey and Tiger are in major conflict …

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July 2022: Month of the Fire Sheep – Ding Wei 丁未)

Posted by: carol On July 8, 2022

July is ruled by the sheep every year, and in 2022 it is ruled by the fire sheep which enters our lives on July 7th. The sheep/goat which is the eighth sign symbolizes purity, gentleness, kindness, intelligence, creativity, dependability, and calmness. After the extreme energy and chaos of the double fire horse this month, the …

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June 2022 – Month of the Fire Horse Bing Wu – 丙午

Posted by: carol On June 3, 2022

June will burst forth with the energy of a horse galloping forward at full speed, since the element of the month is fire and the horse is a fire animal! Double fire. It is said this qi combination has the ability to traverse both dark and light and is frequently symbolized as an eclipse. Since …

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May 2022 – Month of the Green Wood Snake and Order and Harmony

Posted by: carol On May 6, 2022

The wise Green Wood Snake cycles is known for reveling behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and clandestine activities. As each new revelation brings more confusion and uncertainty into our lives, it is important to remember that cosmic and earthly cycles play a basic fundamental role in our lives, They are involved not only in our daily …

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