Auspicious Dates November 2019

Posted by: carol On November 9, 2019

Yi Hai (Yin Wood Pig) begins November 8th, 2019 and ends December 6, 2019. Since 2019 is the “Brown Earth Pig Year,” there will be double yin pig energy this month! yikes!! It is interesting to consider why a pig and rooster are considered yin animals, while the monkey and dragon are considered yang. Yin …

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Auspicious Days October 2019

Posted by: carol On October 8, 2019

Jia Xu (甲 戌,) yang wood dog, begins October 8th, and last until Nov. 6th, 2019. The image of yang wood is that of a lone tree growing out of a hard rocky surface or in a dry barren desert. The roots are often partially exposed and vulnerable. This type of dog energy means time …

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Posted by: carol On September 6, 2019

Gui You – Water Rooster September 8 – October 7, 2019 is ruled by Gui You, the yin water rooster. Of all the elements, yin water is the most gentle and soft. It is represented in nature by rain, clouds, mist and any kind of small amounts of water. With all of the Fires burning …

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Auspicious Dates August 2019

Posted by: carol On August 12, 2019

Ren Shen, 壬 申, Yang Water Monkey, begins August 7 and lasts until September 7, 2019. This is the seventh month of the Chinese calendar and is known as the month of the “Hungry Ghosts!” I can’t believe I started the Auspicious dates last August! What I wrote last year seems to be even more …

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Auspicious Days in July, 2019

Posted by: carol On July 3, 2019

Xin Wei (辛 未), Yin Metal Sheep, begins July 7th and lasts until August 8th, 2019. The white sheep, which is one of the most yin signs in Chinese astrology, is seen as the most creative, intuitive and gentle of all the animals. The sheep’s qi when combined with the yearly pig energy tends to …

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Midsummer Night – The Sun and Gold

Posted by: carol On July 3, 2019

Midsummer is the period of time celebrated after the summer solstice. The celebration predates Christianity, and has existed under different names and traditions around the world. The sun, on the solstice (meaning standing still,) is seen to be moving again. It is the peak point of the rising tide of the solar in- breath for …

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Auspicious Dates for June 2019

Posted by: carol On June 12, 2019

Geng Wu 庚午 Yang Metal Horse June 6th – July 6th, 2019 This month the elements are in opposition. Geng is yang metal and the horse is yang fire. Raw geng metal is of no use until it is forged in fire and bent or hammered into a useful tool or weapon such as an …

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Auspicious Dates May 2019

Posted by: carol On May 9, 2019

Ji Si ( Yellow Earth Snake,) begins May 6, 2019, and lasts until June 6, 2019. The Snake month opposes the Pig year, so the whole month may be challenging. However, there are still auspicious days and non auspicious days (relatively speaking of course!!) As the Yellow Earth Snake brings behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and …

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Posted by: carol On April 3, 2019

戊 辰 Wu Chen – Yellow Mountain Dragon “Seeking a Harmonious Life With Feng Shui!” In a recent interview with The New York Times, I spoke about the importance of both yearly and 60 year cycles for the world, the home and business. The yin muddy pig (2019) is the end of the 12 …

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Auspicious Dates for March 2019

Posted by: carol On March 9, 2019

兔 Ding Mao (Fire Rabbit) March 6th – April 4th, 2019 Ding Mao (Yin Fire Rabbit) month begins March 6, 2019, and lasts until April 4, 2019. I was going to use one of those cute, peaceful Chinese rabbit paintings, but decided this frenetic painting, by Hans Holman, symbolizes the energies of the March 2019 …

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