August 2022: Month of the Earth Monkey Wu Shen 戊申

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On August 2, 2022

This month is ruled by Wu (yang earth) seated on top of the metal Shen (Monkey.) This is a very friendly, agreeable, innovative, and strategic sign. The problem is that all of these great strong, solid energies are in direct opposition to the Yearly Triple Water Tiger. The Monkey and Tiger are in major conflict …

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July 2022: Month of the Fire Sheep – Ding Wei 丁未)

Posted by: carol On July 8, 2022

July is ruled by the sheep every year, and in 2022 it is ruled by the fire sheep which enters our lives on July 7th. The sheep/goat which is the eighth sign symbolizes purity, gentleness, kindness, intelligence, creativity, dependability, and calmness. After the extreme energy and chaos of the double fire horse this month, the …

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June 2022 – Month of the Fire Horse Bing Wu – 丙午

Posted by: carol On June 3, 2022

June will burst forth with the energy of a horse galloping forward at full speed, since the element of the month is fire and the horse is a fire animal! Double fire. It is said this qi combination has the ability to traverse both dark and light and is frequently symbolized as an eclipse. Since …

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May 2022 – Month of the Green Wood Snake and Order and Harmony

Posted by: carol On May 6, 2022

The wise Green Wood Snake cycles is known for reveling behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and clandestine activities. As each new revelation brings more confusion and uncertainty into our lives, it is important to remember that cosmic and earthly cycles play a basic fundamental role in our lives, They are involved not only in our daily …

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Feng Shui and the Importance of Staying Grounded This Year

Posted by: carol On March 6, 2022

The year of the “Triple Tiger” is predicted to be aggressive, impatient, and rebellious, especially in this current tiger month and in the Monkey month of August (the monkey is in opposition to the tiger.) February 24th was both a monkey day and money month, so was in total clash with the triple tiger energies …

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Year of the Triple Tiger

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On February 6, 2022

We are transiting to the new Solar Year of the Black Water Tiger which begins February, 4, 2022 at 4:15 am (in the Chinese time zone.) The first day of the Chinese astrological/Feng Shui year is different from the popular Chinese New Year Day, which is calculated from the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year …

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December 2021 – Winter Solstice. The Pine Cone, the Pineal Gland and Ruth Drown

Posted by: carol On December 7, 2021

December 7 to January 7, 2022, is ruled by the White Metal Rat. The rat is seen as a very special animal because it is half yin and half yang. He is designated as such because he has four fingers (yin) in front and five toes (yang) behind. Each animal rules two hours each day.The …

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November 2021 – Yin Earth Pig Ji Hai ⼰ 亥 and I Ching for 2021

Posted by: carol On November 12, 2021

New Shungite products for the holidays new video on what Mercury Retrograde really means! November is always ruled by a pig, but with different elements sitting on top of her. This month it is yin earth (soil) sitting on top of the (yin water) pig. In my notes from some Chinese astrology class I took …

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October 2021 – Brown Mountain Dog Wu Xu 戊戌 and Facial Piercings

Posted by: carol On October 5, 2021

Yang Earth is the Dog’s native element, so this is a double yang earth month (symbolized by the mountain.) For the Dog, yang earth represents territory, protection, stability, unselfish service, and loyalty. These energies are extremely different from the intensity of the last two months which were ruled by the destructive combination of fire and …

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Month of the Red Fire Rooster Ding You 定有 and The Topographical Map of your Face!

Posted by: carol On September 3, 2021

This month is a yin fire rooster. That means it is ruled by the clashing energies of yin fire (ding) melting yin metal (rooster). It is a more conservative yin period compared to last month which was ruled by yang fire and yang metal, but the conflict of the elements is still there. Ding fire …

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