Residential Feng Shui Consultations

My residential Feng shui consultations in Southern California consist of two visits. The majority of Feng Shui consultants make only one visit to your home or business and give you on the spot advice and remedies. I have found that making two visits allows for greater familiarity and insight into the energetic landscape, home and you. It allows me to develop a connection and become a conduit within the consultation.

The first visit is to gather pertinent information, such as the magnetic direction of the structure, the year it was built, the birthdays of the inhabitants, the existence of any water features, the lay of the land, vegetation, the neighborhood, roads, driveways, alleys, electro magnetic disturbances (I use a Trifield meter to measure these and microwaves) and much more. I then prepare an extensive report and on the second visit sit down and go through the report with the clients giving assessments and recommendations on how to enhance and correct the home and property to bring it into an harmonious balance. Feng shui adjustments tend to raise the vibrational field of the whole structure to create architectural harmony. Price is per square foot.

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Small Business Feng Shui Consultations

Consultations for small businesses follow the same procedure as that of the residential. The focus is different, however, in that the primary recommendations are first geared more toward generating wealth and productivity for the company. The happiness, health and well being of the staff and management are then taken into consideration so I also focus on possible causes of indoor air pollution, fluorescent lights, electromagnetic fields and many other current health hazards. Each business is unique and what is appropriate advice for a law firm is different from that of a health clinic, boutique, manufacturer, mortgage broker or restaurant. Price is per square foot.

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Design Phase Projects

Building a new home, office, or doing an addition or expansion etc.?

It is important to get the advice and assistance of a Classical Feng Shui expert at the beginning of a project to receive the most value A structure built facing the wrong direction in a certain time cycle or in an inauspicious environment may bring many negative consequences. An addition or expansion in the wrong place or time may change the beneficial energy of the whole space. Doorways and windows need to be placed in the most auspicious points of the energetic structure to drawn in the beneficial qi and walls need to be in place to block negative or harmful energies flowing from the exterior. For new structures, my consultation will provide a simple set of guidelines that optimize the characteristics of your new dwelling by placing the structure on the land on the most propitious spot and in the best magnetic direction.

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House or Business Hunting (pre-buy assessment)

Clients want to make their move to a new home or business as beneficial as possible for their future. Therefore, pre-buy assessments can help you make a wise choice. The assessment can be done locally or by phone to give you quick advice about the property before you decide to sign a lease, make an offer, or go into escrow. While these evaluations are best done on-site, you can get an inexpensive long distance mini consultation by taking a compass reading from the front of the building (standing with your back to the building) and faxing the floor plan and the year the building was built. For on site evaluations, there is an hourly fee.

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Large Commercial Projects

Feng Shui can be used for commercial property, cooperate offices, and land development to create a powerful energetic alignment that supports and enhances the whole project. It is best employed from the very beginning of the project so it supports and enhances each step of the process from working with the architect to the actual construction, and then to the interior design. Price quoted per project.

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Long Distance Consultations

If clients provides floor plans with major furnishings, trees, structures, roads, water, mountains etc. drawn on the plan as well as compass readings, photographs of the interior and surroundings, the year the structure was built and the birthdays of the occupants, a thorough and accurate reading is possible. A comprehensive and clear report is mailed to the client and is followed by a phone consultation. I have had many happy and satisfied long distance clients, who have experienced definite, positive energy shifts in their environment.

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Annual Updates

Annual updates are very important to fine-tune your initial Feng shui evaluation. Since energy is not static, every year, annual energies arrive to interact with the existing energetic pattern of the structure. These energies, which predict future trends of the house and the inhabitants, can be addressed and remedied to further enhance the positive vibrational pattern of your home or business. Clients return year after year for advise on how to keep their homes and businesses at their optimal energetic level.

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