Signature Frequencies of Fabrics


Physicists have found all matter (organic or inorganic) vibrates at a particular rate that distinguishes it from all other matter. That rate of vibration emits a  corresponding frequency, called the “signature frequency.” Everything in existence has it’s own unique signature frequency. The slower the vibratory  rate, the more dense and solid a form becomes. In Feng Shui, although we use different terminology, we are very aware of these vibrations.

When looking at the building materials used in the construction of a structure, we can assess through radionics whether they are energetically beneficial or destructive for the individual who lives within the walls. Since the home is  looked at as the second protective skin for each person, the quality of the materials used is very important.

The fabrics used in the interior decoration of the home are also important. Dr. Heidi Crawford-Yellen, a doctor, whom I have been corresponding with, has  done some amazing research over the last few years working with Bob Graham of College Station, Texas. He invented a radionic machine called the “Ag- Environ,” She also works with Phil Callahan, the famous entomologist (I have an article about him on my website under the air category.) Together they are studying the signature frequencies of various fabrics and how they influence the health of humans.

Dr. Crawford-Yellen discovered that linen which is made from the flax plant is an extraordinary fabric. She and her team of researchers found that one falls asleep faster, sleeps deeper and wakes up in a better mood after sleeping on linen sheets. Japanese researchers found that bedridden patients do not develop any bedsores when linen sheets are used!

Linen also imparts extremely high beneficial energy when used as a tablecloth and napkins, and enhances the quality of the food being served. It is resistant  to fungus and bacteria and is an excellent filter against chemical exposure, noise and dust. It does not cause allergic reactions and is effective in dealing with inflammatory conditions, reducing fever and providing healthy air exchange. It also helps to decrease some skin diseases from common rashes  to chronic eczema. In the past, it was used for bandages because of all of these healing qualities.

Wearing linen enhances one’s Light vibration. Linen does not accumulate static electricity and possesses high air and heat permeability (those wearing linen show a skin temperature 3-4 degrees below that of those wearing cotton.) The silica present in linen protects against rotting and rejects dirt – this is one of the reasons the mummies in Egypt were wrapped in the finest
linen cloth. Many cultures on the past wore linen garments under their robes and this is where we get the word “lingerie.” The spiritual benefits of wearing linen are well known in most religions, is worn by the clergy and referenced in the Bible. Linen is also an important part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. These amazing properties of linen were well known to most cultures in the past, particularly in Europe and Central Asia, where there was an abundance of flax.

Here are a few of the signature frequencies Dr. Heidi Crawford Yellen recorded.

Flax-linen – 5000 units of energy
Polyester – zero
Nylon – zero
Cotton – 40 units Organic cotton – 100 units
Bio-engineered cotton – zero
Silk – 15 units
Cotton- flax linen blend – 40 units
Rayon – zero

She also discovered that the signature frequency of the color black used in any textile fabric is zero. This is the color of the dye we use on fabrics – not the color of skin, hair, feathers etc. It blocks all outward radiation, whereas white allows energy to flow, if it’s on the right fabric.

Time to look in those hope chests for some real white flax linen!



The Pine Cone, the Pineal Gland and Ruth Drown


PAINTING BY CHARLES BURCHFIELD (my favorite American Painter!)

During the cycle of the winter solstice, there is an ancient tradition that many cultures around the world still practice. That is the veneration of the evergreen tree, which symbolizes longevity, peace, wisdom and harmony. It also holds another gift, the pine cone.

The Pine cone has long been a symbol of enlightenment and offers a beautiful example of sacred geometry. At its base, you’ll notice that its scales form a perfect Fibonacci spiral in either direction. Esoterically, the pinecone is the symbol of the “pineal” gland which is located deep within the center of our brain, in the third ventricle. It is a very tiny gland (the size of a grain of rice) and is shaped like a pine cone.

The pineal gland controls the internal clocks that are affected by the movement or journey of the sun. As the daylight hours shorten, it releases the chemical melatonin, to regulate sleep and wake patterns, mood, growth development, and tissue function. It is continually monitoring the balance of light and darkness within out systems. The intimate relationship between the winter solstice, pinecone symbolism and the pineal are real! (more…)