The History Composition and Benefits of Shungite

How to use Different Shungite Products



Shungite Products



The pyramid is the most popular item. It is used to reflect or neutralize the effects of geopathic radiation and electromagnetic waves and is most effective when placed near the source of the EM or geomantic radiation.

Action radius 13 feet – size 2.4×2.4 inches – weight 210 grams.


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Small Shungite Pyramid

For the holidays, I am offering a smaller pyramid. The pyramid continues to be my most popular shungite product. Because of its shape the pyramid creates a torsion field around it both neutralizing and reflecting harmful radiation. Having a pyramid in a space creates a noticeable peaceful, relaxing setting. It is the perfect holiday gift!

Action radius 6 feet – size 1.9×1.9 inches – weight 110 grams.


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Elite Natural Crystal Shungite Pendants

Theses beautiful Elite Shungite stone pendants, are made of genuine shungite. that contains up to 98% of carbon. Each nugget contains up to 98% of carbon. It has deep black color with shiny silvery surface. The shape of the stone is irregular – there are NO identical forms – making each pendant unique! I get compliments every time I wear one! Wearing natural shungite stone jewelry on a daily basis will help shield you from electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers, and numerous other gadgets This pendant comes in two sizes, small and large.

Small Pendant: 7-9 grams
Large Pendant: 9-11 grams

Small: $25.00

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Large: $30

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Triangular Pendant

This pendant comes as a triangle pointing up (male) or pointing down (female) on black waxed string.

Triangle is 1.5 inches.


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Pendant (solid circle)

This pendant comes with a black waxed string. It provides the perfect base to add your favorite finding!

The diameter is 1.57 inches.


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shungite face massager

Gua Facial Massager

This new beauty product is a facial massage tool that enhances beauty rituals by promoting the lifting and smoothing of the skin, leaving the face lifted and radiant after use.
It is made from natural shungite stone and comes in a black velvet bag with instructions on how to use it. This is the perfect unusual gift for those who have everything!

Some of its benefits are:
Prevents wrinkles;
Drains lymphatic fluids;
Carries oxygenated blood to the skin and tissues;
Reduces facial tension;
Sculpts facial muscles; and
Brightens the complexion.

Size 3.14 x 2.36 x 0.2 inches – weight 70 grams.


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shungite pendulum

Shungite Pendulum

A perfectly shaped shungite pendulum on a fine metallic chain with bead.


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Tumbled Rocks

Baubiology researchers in Germany found that a rock carried carried near you expanded your energy field by about two feet. I have found (and others also) it also reduces inflammation or itching when placed for a few minutes on the source of irradiation. Others have found it helps to enhance ones sleep and dream-state. They are used widely in water bottles etc. to get rid of bacteria, pharmaceuticals etc.

Each rock is between 1.5 – 2.5 inches.


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One shungite and one soapstone – also called the “Cylinders of the Pharaoh”.

The Harmonizers are 4 inches long.

The geobiologists say the “that the concept of the harmonizers comes from ancient Egypt. The pharaohs are often represented holding a cylinder in each hand while
surrounded by two divinities symbolizing “ba” and “ka” energy polarities. For the ancient Egyptians they were the two constituent elements of human nature, the two sources of essential vital energy. The ka cylinder held in the right hand symbolizes the flow of solar energy.

The ba cylinder held in the left hand represents the flow of lunar energy. The cylinder of the moon acts as a catalyzer, reinforcing the activity of the
solar cylinder. The catalyzing cylinder (yin or lunar) is made of shunghite and the other stone is chosen for its solar qualities.

Harmonizers work on the principle of a “difference in potential” between the two stones. A current of subtle energy runs through the body of the person holding the cylinders. The type of energizing and re-balancing effect of this energetic flow is related to the specific qualities of the differnt stones selected. The two I have are shungite and stearite.

Stearite is about 67% silica and 33% magnesium – interesting shungite is carbon! Stearite vibrates with the upper part of the energetic body while shungite stimulates the lower part of the body.”


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Raw Shungite (washed)

1/2 – 3/4 cup of raw shungite.


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The sphere is best used by moving, squeezing and rotating it in the hand. They help to regulate the level of energy in the body, to strengthen the muscles, and to stimulate the acupressure points on the hand.

Action radius 5 feet – size 1.9 inches – weight 80 grams.


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Pendant (circle in circle)

It comes on a black waxed string. It is an attractive and unique accessory to help to protect you from the destructive effects of EM radiation.

The diameter is 1.97 inches and the diameter of the hole is .98 inches.


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Pendant of Natural Stone

This product is a naturally occurring polished stone hung on a black waxed string.

Approximate size (varies with stone) 1.5 inches.


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Shungite Phone Plate (rectangular – 1×1/2 inches)

Scientific research and experiments have shown that placing Shungite close to your cell phone, and other electronic sources, significantly weakens the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body. It absorbs and neutralizes the harmful effects of EMFS, which affect energetic balance and your health. Place this shungite plate on the back of your cell phone or case (it already has adhesive on it).


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Shungite Testimonials


The Shungite I received from M. Assa has proved to be very beneficial both to myself and those I have gifted with it. As a working musician I use it on the
bandstand before and during a performance to calm, center and energize myself (with amazing results) Students I have given it to say it helps them both focus and settle down when studying for and taking stressful exams. If i am wound up after a show I hold it in my hands to cool me down so I can get a good night sleep. It works great!

David Roos St Paul MN

Out of nowhere my eyelid started swelling up rapidly and blinking became really painful. I held the shungite to it for a few minutes intermittently over the course of an hour the swelling went down, the pain subsided, within 2 hours my eyelid was normal again! I carry my Shungite with me at all times!

Kathe Carter

I have a skin condition that leads to itchy welts. Very unpleasant, and sometimes even painful. I put the Shungite on an itchy spot and the itchiness stops within a few minutes. So much better than pharmaceutical anti-itch creams!

Thank you!

Elke Heitmeyer
organic –

I’ve been wearing a bracelet made of shungite for several months. I am an artist, dowser, and gem enthusiast. But most of all a skeptic about assertions of gemstone’s vibrations unless I experience them myself. I purchased these certified shungite beads from Carol Assa. From the first night these stones have been worn, I have had deep, clear dreams from my past. These are not nightmares, but clearly constructed dreams of memories long ago forgotten. I have made these bracelets with shungite, green agate for cooling, and malachite for protection. Also, as an experiment, I have gifted these bracelets to five other light workers (acupuncture, chiropractor, light workers and energy healer). These five individuals have had similar experiences and profound manifestations since wearing the bracelets.

Cathie DuChene

When I wear my Om Couture shungite bracelet, designed with certified shungite beads from Invisible Architecture, to sleep, I get really vivid dreams that I can remember. I seem to also wake up in the morning after a good nights sleep with amazing positive thoughts going on. Really great ones!

Diana Penchoff
Acupuncture Doctor

The first time I used the Egyptian rods for meditation, with the shungite one in my left hand and the soapstone one in my right hand, was an amazing experience.. I laid down to listen to a meditative CD and fell asleep for about an hour. When I woke up, I was feeling extremely alert and clear and noticed the two cylinders were really hot! They stayed this way for over a half hour. I have repeated this process several times and always have had the same clear, refreshing results.

JerrieLea Homen
Shiatsu therapist

Oh! Shungite! Oh! Carol Assa! The woman’s knowledge of this material and its benefits are vast! Oh, shungite! I first read the book about Shungite mentioned on Carol’s website plus appreciated the Russian authority on shungite youtube videos. I was convinced! The first piece I bought was a pendant to wear around my neck plus a few loose pieces that I pop into my left/right pockets. Besides feeling more grounded even my ‘sensitive’ friend commented that I wasn’t quite so ungrounded! I begin my day with a glass of shungite water. There’s a small pyramid near both of my computers and a little larger, taller pyramid in the center of my living room. I have a disk that I have under the pillow on my bed, a pendulum and a few pieces stuck on the back of my cellphone. These modern times we live in with an overabundance of manmade electromagnetic radiation seem to greatly require the utilization of this available mineral. Thank you Carol for being a well-informed resource of wisdom and I’m most great-full for your tested quality products.

Lyn Bradford