39th Parallel

39th Parallel

For years, I have been interested in the powerful magnetic energies of the 39th parallel. Our national capitol, Washington D.C., was deliberately constructed on this line of latitude by our Founding Fathers who even had to clear a swamp to execute their vision. The 39th is esoterically viewed as the central nerve circuit of our planet and interestingly more cases of MS are found near it than anywhere else. Sacred places that depended on this high frequency energy, like the Oracle of delphi in Greece, were positioned directly on it.

Recently, However, I had a huge awakening when I discovered that Beijing is also on the 39th! No master has ever commented on this in all of the Feng Shui classes I have taken, books read, etc

The placement of Beijing (Peking) and its center, The Forbidden Palace, was purposely chosen in the 15th century by Feng Shui Masters, who were aware of this powerful energy. This means that the Freemasons were also privy to the same geomantic knowledge that was secretly passed down through the ages.

This ancient view of the world embodied the concept of an invisible architecture underlying and maintaining all of creation. They knew there is a dynamic interplay between heaven and earth energies at every spot on Earth.

Governmental sites were purposely chosen, magnetically aligned and built to both import and export energy and information to control the power between the government and the people.

Thomas Jefferson was very instrumental in laying out the whole geomantic blueprint for the United States Capitol. He personally financed the Lewis and Clark expedition to survey and implement the Mason Dixon line on the 39th parallel! It was like putting an energetic stamp across America that separated the south from the north. The Mason Dixon line did not end at the Pacific Ocean, but extended out into it to later divide North and South Korea! It’s interesting to see how the dynamics of this “invisible line” are playing out today in both China, America and Korea. (more…)