39 th parallel, Mason Dion Line, and Cleopatra’s Obelisks

The Obelisk

Since it is the Fourth of July weekend, I decided to revisit a newsletter I wrote four years ago about further research I had done on the “Amazing 39th Parallel.” I think the info is really relevant today considering Washington DC is celebrating its 245th birthday without its traditional parade and concert (one  will be televised,) while Beijing is jubilantly celebrating the 100th anniversary  of the Chinese Communist Party with a huge celebrations and a parade this week. They both are on the 39th parallel! “In esoteric circles, I had heard that it was the most powerful line of force on the Earth and was also referred to as the central nerve circuit of our planet. After a vast amount of research and dowsing, I realized this had to be true because of all the important cities and structures worldwide that were placed on or near it. Even Tesla tried to get as near to the line as possible to do his Colorado experiments!

I knew that Washington DC had purposely been constructed on the 39th parallel (they even had to drain a swamp to be on it,) but also found out that Thomas Jefferson personally financed the Lewis and Clark expedition to survey and extend the existing Mason Dixon Line. Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, both Master British astrologers and surveyors, created the line originally on the 39th parallel to separate the southern slave states from the north. Is it coincidental that the same line of latitude that separates the North from the South in America also was chosen to separate the North from the South in Korea?

Starting in Washington DC, the line crosses the Serpent Mound in Ohio (native Americans knew), the pyramid ruins in Southern Illinois, the future home of the CIA, our emergency government in Denver and the Bohemian Grove. It, however, does not end at the Pacific Ocean, but extends out to the border of North and South Korea and on to the Forbidden Palace in the center of Beijing and then on to Mount Arat and the Oracle of Delphi.

Initiates who knew the particular magnetic energy of each invisible line of latitude consciously chose all of these locations. So, when the two presidents of North and South Korea shook hands and pledged to end decades of conflict and sign a peace treaty, ( 2018) they were doing so on a magnetic line of energy that connects and affects both Washington DC, Beijing and all points in between. We have sunk so far into matter and the chaos of our current physical world, we cannot see that many world events are being influenced by higher, unknown, mysterious energetic forces.

Recently, while listening to an X episode on Dark Journalist, I found out more information about Jeremiah Dixon. His great nephew, John Dixon, who lived in London, was a Freemason and a British engineer. He was responsible for the almost impossible task of shipping a pair of gigantic obelisks, nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needles, from Egypt – one to London and one to Central Park in New York. There is another matching pair located in Paris and Alexandria. The Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose 111 commissioned the two pairs for the Temple  of Heliopolis on the banks of the Nile in 1450 BC. Each obelisk is 71 feet tall and weighs 244 tons.

There is a really engrossing book on the Cleopatra Needles – “Cleopatra’s Needles: The Lost Obelisks of Egypt.” It is a fascinating account of an iconic Egyptian monument, the obelisk, and how its most famous examples have  come to reside in three of the world’s capitals. The story of securing and shipping the obelisks is filled with adventure and intrigue! I am still researching for the hidden reason why the three most massive, valuable and impressive obelisks from Egypt were shipped to New York, London, and Paris, and looking  at the latitude they were placed on. Knowing that it was a Masonic endeavor means there is more to it all than meets the eye! New York recently spent $500.000 to clean and repair the Needle in Central Park.

Another interesting fact about the Dixon’s deep involvement in America’s history is that Jean Dixon, the world famous physic who consulted with  President Nixon over 70 times on major world decisions, married into the  Dixon bloodline in Washington DC at age 19! It is also documented that FDR  and Reagan consulted with her several times. Jean Dixon even predicted that  Donald Trump would become president one day and gave the prediction  written on a signed letter to Nixon. Nixon gave it to Trump who now proudly  displays it in the Oval office!! Hmmmmm…

The Dixons definitely played, and maybe still do, a major roll in the esoteric history of America and the world.


The Topographical Map of your Face!


While studying a topographical map for a Feng Shui consultation, I remembered all of the Chinese face reading study I did years ago, The face was looked upon as a topographical map – a living landscape of mountains, valleys and rivers. The terrain of your face provided a map of your personality, your past experiences and future potential. The shape, size and location of your features, coloration, scars, blemishes, shadows all combined to reveal your inner nature and they are constantly changing.

The ancient Chinese incorporated all of their vast wisdom into five categories called the “Five Arts.” These “Five Arts’ are an integrated classification system that encompasses everything from mountain (knowledge and virtue),  meditation, divination, medicine to physiognomy which is translated as the “science of observation,” the “science of forms,” or “the science of reading patterns.” Feng Shui, Face Reading and Palmistry are the three branches of wisdom within the Art of Physiognomy. If we look at the landscape of the face, we find there are “Five Mountains.” They are the hard yang features that are composed of bone. These mountains create the structure and the foundation of the face and represent one’s personality and character. Each mountain is ruled by one of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, or metal), and has a specific direction and location on the facial terrain.

The forehead, ruled by fire, is located to the south; the nose, ruled by earth, is  in the center; the chin, ruled by water, is located to the north; the left cheek,  ruled by wood, is located to the east; and the right cheek, ruled by metal, is  located to the west. It is important that the five mountains are strong and high and that they balance and support each other. If they are low or out of balance, it may affect your luck.

The yin energies, which are represented by the soft tissue and features, exude fluids and are called the “Four Rivers.” They are the eyes, the ears, the mouth and the nostrils. These rivers represent the qi energy, the universal breath of life and each river has two forms, one positive and one negative. The positive  qi of the eyes is expressed as Light and the negative is expelled as tears.  Sound is the positive form for the ears and wax t the negative form. Breath is  the positive qi of the nostrils while mucous is the negative aspect. The mouth  can both take in and expel both positive and negative qi as kind words words versus critical ones and good food versus bad food!

People with large rivers and low mountains are usually very emotional, expressive and creative. They tend to have an easier life, with less struggle  than those with prominent mountains and smaller rivers. Most of the time,  those with strong features tend to be more independent than those with larger, softer water features.

The mountains represent the cosmic “Yang qi” of the cosmic father and the rivers the cosmic “Yin qi” of the cosmic mother. They are united at conception.
This union produces your unique combination of mountains and rivers. Ideally, there should be harmony between the facial mountains and rivers, but most faces tend to be less than the ideal. The shape of our features are not static  and are always changing like the topography of the Earth. We may witness a flood here, a small brush fire there, or a major tsunami across the whole face!!



Geography of Time

Geography of Time

I recently read a fascinating book called “The Geography of Time.” We’re so used to equating geographical locations with space that we overlook the possibility that time is also geographical.

In Classical Feng Shui, both space (the magnetic direction a structure faces) and time (the year the building was built) are used to determine the energetic blueprint of a structure. Both space-time and time-space, the visible and invisible aspects are brought together to determine the energetic dynamics of a structure, city or country. Each is considered a living organism with its own personality.

In this book by Robert Levine, he explores the ways different cultures perceive time and how that perception correlates to a variety of different facets of the society. He discovered that cultures perceive time either through events or through clocks. Those cultures that went by event time tended to have a slower tempo of life and lived near or below the equator to the South. They also lived more in present time that cultures to the north.

Levine’s researchers measured the signature tempo of 31 different sized cities in 20 different countries They timed how long it took people to walk 60 feet and how long it took postal clerks to sell a stamp and make change. They also recorded clock accuracy in each of the cities. They then took their research and compared the numbers to a wide variety of statistical measurements to learn what effect the tempo of a place has on the lives of the people who live there. This was a ten-year study and the results were fascinating!

The 10 countries with the overall fasted pace of life were Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Japan. Italy. England, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong. The 10 countries with the slowest pace of life were Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, El Salvador, Syria, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, China, and Kenya. The United States came in right the middle between the two categories. Eight of the ten fastest countries were from Western Europe with Japan and Hong Kong being the only intruders! The amazing thing is that if he went back to measure a city, he would get the same tempo.

Cities of one country also differed greatly. Even though most of the people spoke the same language, there were significant differences in the pace of life. To study the United States, Levine divided it into four areas – Northeast, Midwest, South and West.
In each of these areas, he chose three large metropolitan cities., three medium size cities and three smaller cities. The United States was measured differently and more extensively that the other countries.

In the United States, he measured the pace of walking, the time it took clerks to give change, the number of people wearing wristwatches, and the talking speed. Utilizing these measurements, he found the five cities with the fastest pace of life to be Boston, Buffalo, New York City, Salt Lake City and Columbus, Ohio. The five slowest cities were Los Angeles, Sacramento, Shreveport, LA, San Jose and Memphis.

The Northeast was the speediest. They generally walked faster, gave change faster and wore more wristwatches. California cities had the slowest pace of all which was due mostly to slow walkers and bank tellers. Los Angeles’s score was based on the overall pace of life. They did, however, come in 13th in the number of people wearing wristwatches – definitely a fashion statement!

The book also measured other parameters of life in the United States. Two, I found really interesting, measured people’s charitable contributions (through United Way) and their willingness to help a stranger in need. What is amazing is that the 11 California cities (who measured the slowest in the pace of life measurements) were the “least” generous and helpful to others.

This book really highlights how much we are affected by the invisible energies that shape our life experiences. Every location on Earth has an unique geography of time – a tempo that is reflected in those who live there and it can actually be measured! Where you lived does make a difference in your life. Think about when you have moved to a different location. The ancient Feng Shui Masters knew what they were talking about!”


39th Parallel

39th Parallel

For years, I have been interested in the powerful magnetic energies of the 39th parallel. Our national capitol, Washington D.C., was deliberately constructed on this line of latitude by our Founding Fathers who even had to clear a swamp to execute their vision. The 39th is esoterically viewed as the central nerve circuit of our planet and interestingly more cases of MS are found near it than anywhere else. Sacred places that depended on this high frequency energy, like the Oracle of delphi in Greece, were positioned directly on it.

Recently, However, I had a huge awakening when I discovered that Beijing is also on the 39th! No master has ever commented on this in all of the Feng Shui classes I have taken, books read, etc

The placement of Beijing (Peking) and its center, The Forbidden Palace, was purposely chosen in the 15th century by Feng Shui Masters, who were aware of this powerful energy. This means that the Freemasons were also privy to the same geomantic knowledge that was secretly passed down through the ages.

This ancient view of the world embodied the concept of an invisible architecture underlying and maintaining all of creation. They knew there is a dynamic interplay between heaven and earth energies at every spot on Earth.

Governmental sites were purposely chosen, magnetically aligned and built to both import and export energy and information to control the power between the government and the people.

Thomas Jefferson was very instrumental in laying out the whole geomantic blueprint for the United States Capitol. He personally financed the Lewis and Clark expedition to survey and implement the Mason Dixon line on the 39th parallel! It was like putting an energetic stamp across America that separated the south from the north. The Mason Dixon line did not end at the Pacific Ocean, but extended out into it to later divide North and South Korea! It’s interesting to see how the dynamics of this “invisible line” are playing out today in both China, America and Korea. (more…)