I am excited to be a presenter for The annual West Coast Dowser’s Virtual Online Convention. It is a FREE Event that lasts from Friday, July 3rd until Tuesday, July 7th. 2020. It will be broadcast 24/7 and will be packed with amazing unusual, diverse, and useful information!! There will be over 60 speakers and many different events. Each talk will be about 40 minutes and will then be followed by 20 minutes for viewers to ask the presenter questions.

For more information and to register go to: info@westcoastdowsers.org or call/text Susan Spuler at 978-496-8599.

I will be speaking Sunday, July 5th, at 1:00 pm on the French Radiestheists of the early 20th century and of their “rediscovery” of knowledge our ancestors utilized thousands of years ago. They were well aware that all things, organic, inorganic, shapes, materials, etc. emit subtle wave forms, or frequencies. They discovered they could utilize the human subtle body along with certain dowsing tools, shapes and colors to accurately perceive the invisible vibrational world that is all around us! The dowsing techniques and tools they used were more technical than the current popular mental dowsing (asking questions) practices and had far deeper insights and accuracy into the qualities of energy. They dedicated years to researching and recording the different invisible rays and frequencies, seeking scientific explanations which they labeled “Vibratory Physics.”

I will be presenting some of the fascinating “rediscoveries” of the hidden subtle vibrations that the Egyptians utilized in their creation of ankhs, pyramids, statues, and in the their mummification practices. The Chinese, Eastern Islanders Mayans and many more cultures were very aware and utilized these invisible waves.

If you need a pendulum for this conference, I have a new shipment of shungite pendulums in stock!!

I hope you can join me and many of the other presenters.

Radiesthesia is based on the concept that all things, living, inert, shapes, materials, etc. emit some type of wave form, or frequencies. Humans can develop their sensory with their mental capacities to learn, by using intention, how to enter into resonance with the different waves or rays in order to detect, measure, and manage these forces or energies. It is believed that the Egyptians used Radiesthesia to build their pyramids. n the 1940s, two French colleagues, de Belizal, a physician, and Chaumery, an engineer, rediscovered the lost knowledge while visiting the Pyramids in Egypt. They dedicated years researching the different invisible rays and frequencies, seeking scientific explanations. One of their findings was a specific ray emitting energy of a negative electric green frequency which the Egyptians used to mummify and protect the tombs from intrudersScientists such as Louis Turenne (an Engineer and Professor of Radio Wave technology) began to use these techniques to explore the invisible vibrational world. Turenne knew that we are surrounded by invisible waves that we would never know existed if we didn’t have an instrument to detect them. We have radio waves all around us, and even passing through us, but without an antenna, there is no way of tuning in. I am that antenna!

Physical Radiesthesia is much more technical than Mental Dowsing and has far deeper insights into qualities of energy and their effects than does Mental Dowsing. And this is why I’m now enrolled in a course to teach me all about it. Basically, Vibrational Radiesthesia can: Directly detect the invisible vibrations coming from any person, place, or thing. Differentiate various vibrations from each other to know the exact quality and functions of each separate vibration. Test the vibrations within any part of a living body and how any substance or vibration is affecting the energy of a living being, at any scale (from DNA and cells to organs, chakras, meridians, the entire body, or any level of the energy field in or around the body.) Tell the exact quality of energy and distinguish highly toxic vibrations from beneficial ones.


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