The year of the “Triple Tiger” is predicted to be aggressive, impatient, and rebellious, especially in this current tiger month and in the Monkey month of August (the monkey is in opposition to the tiger.) February 24th was both a monkey day and money month, so was in total clash with the triple tiger energies and it is the day Putin began his attack on Ukraine!

Saturday, March 5th, is the first day of the Black Water Rabbit, where tensions seem to lessen – or just go inward. The month has a more cautious, intolerant quality and is known to lack the determination to change its options when situations change. Luckily, however, the Black
Water Rabbit learns fast, has a good imagination and is very creative.

Also, the Rabbit is very compatible with the Tiger as they are both inherently wood energy. All of these “black water” energies, both year and months, keeps reminding me of the infamous “Black Water” paramilitary group. They must be in the mix somewhere in the Ukraine under their new name, Academi!

This is is a diagram of the Bagua which is used as the energy template for Feng Shui. The Lo Shu picture of the turtle coming out of the sea above, carries the same information. Both have the number 5 at the center. The annual chart for 2022, is the natural chart, which has 5 at the center like the “Magic Square of Saturn.” The 5, being in the center, however, has no direction or charge like all of the other numbers do. This why the 5 is so troublesome and called the “evil yellow number five star”. It is from another another dimension and does not support humans.

The Chinese use this Bagua template every year to determine the incoming energies (numbers change annually.). It is directionally placed on every form, animate or inanimate. – country, city, house, apartment or business to foretell the future. This means the “evil yellow #5” star is occupying the center of every form worldwide!

The 5 qi, coming into the center, can’t be remedied because the center of any form is only a transcendent point where qi enters and then spreads out to the periphery. This means the 5 energies will underlay all of the other flying stars and create a state of ungroundedness for 2022. It is important whencontemplating what this means, that we realize the template is not only in two dimensions, but also in three like the Rubic’s Cube below – and more!

This all means that with the constant swirling of doom, gloom, misinformation, and fear that is trying to engulf us, it is important to stay balanced, clear, and grounded. One of the easiest and currently most popular ways to get grounded is simply to walk around outside barefoot – old wisdom back again for another turn of the spiral!! Grass, dirt, sand, and concrete are all conductive surfaces from which the body can draw in grounding energies from the Earth. It’s a great way to get rid of jet lag, stress, inflammation, pain and to get centered.

Our current choice of rubber, plastic and synthetic soled shoes, however, keeps us insulated from these forces. So, even though we are walking or running outdoors, we are moving around unaware that we are totally disconnected from the vital healing energies of the Earth. Our ancestors
knew how important it was to be in direct contact with the Earth, and consequently they either went barefoot, wore moccasins, sandals or shoes
with leather soles.

Inside of our homes and businesses, wood, vinyl, rubber, glass and plastic surfaces are insulators, so to be grounded one has to go either to a tiled space which sits directly on a concrete slab, a stone area or down into the basement to be grounded!! Our current 60 watt energy is an alternating current and is not like the direct current we absorb directly from the Earth.

Consequently, we are being bombarded by this artificial alternating energy within our homes and businesses. not to mention the 5G nightmare.
Outside, asphalt is also an insulator. Think of all the school grounds covered in asphalt and the kids running around in sneakers (and masks!)

It is interesting to go into Churches, Synagogues, and other sacred sites around the world and see so many people visiting and worshipping in shoes that are keeping them ungrounded. It highlights the difference between being a pilgrim or a tourist – being connected to the sacred energies of the spot or merely observing them. Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and most Buddhists takes off their shoes when entering their sacred buildings.

They say it is because their shoes are unclean and they are entering a sacred location, but I think they have lost the knowledge about how important it is to be barefoot and grounded to a sacred geomatic spot. Just something to think about in this Triple Tiger year with ungrounded energy pouring into our homes.

Remember shungite is great at helping us stay grounded – just carry a stone in your pocket, purse or wear a pendant. And find a labyrinth – it is perfect to ground and center yourself!

Happy Spring Equinox,


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