This 3rd month (April 4th to May 5th), in this White Metal Rat year, is ruled by the Golden Metal Dragon or the Golden Shen Lung. There are three great spiritual dragons in Chinese cosmology and Shen-Lung is the Rain God who controls rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Dragons stand for the yang or the positively charged masculine forces and their sound is that of thunder. It is interesting that Traditional Chinese Doctors believe viruses are “pathogens carried by the wind” into weakened bodies (plant, animal, or human) and that Shen Lung, who controls the wind, rules this month.

The Chinese character for thunder is a dragon pictured under a raincloud. This golden rain dragon is associated with fertility and is known for creating sudden changes. Believing deeply in the fertilizing power of rain and sudden weather changes in the spring months, the Chinese held elaborate rituals to to avoid offending him, for if he grew angry or feltneglected, the result was bad weather, drought, floods, thunderstorms or illness. To placate him, they created clay dragon images and carried them around the region while reciting special incantations. It was a form of sympathetic magic. They believed “like attracts like.”

Although the spiritual Geng Metal Dragon energies can represent purity and precision, they can also be inflexible, unbending and combative with little regard for the feelings of others. This ruthlessness can result in a rapid rise to the power of authority, which is being demonstrated worldwide right now. Often it falls to the Metal Dragon to state the difficult truth that no one else will raise. This month, we must stay cognizant of the predicament we are in, and strive to maintain balance amid all of the contradictory chatter and fear surrounding us.

Since most of us are spending so much time at home this month, it is the perfect time to clear the clutter and debris in your home and it costs nothing! Clutter is trapped energy that effects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It can make one feel confused, unorganized, and anxious. Also, The stagnant energy that stacks up around the clutter can cause fatigue and lethargy. It blocks the smooth flow of energy throughout the house and by extension throughout your body. When your home is finally free of clutter, remember there is still all that “virtual clutter” on your computer!

In Feng Shui, your home is considered your second skin. The Chinese believed it is a living organism that surrounds and protects you. Like other organisms, it is one large open system composed of many subsystems. There are the digestive, neurological, respiration subsystems and more. The plumbing represents the digestive system, so we need to repair leaky faucets and unplug clogged drains. All of the electrical appliances, computers, phones and other gadgets represent the neurological system. We need to place our routers, TV’s etc at least three feet away from us and always check what is on the other side of the wall. Our bedrooms should be kept as electricity free as possible. We breathe in fresh air through the front door (our mouth) and eliminate waste through the back door (metaphorically speaking!) o they both must be kept in good repair. The stove is the heart. This is why the direction the stove faces in relationship to the direction the front door faces is so important. Once you start looking, you will be able to detect many more subsystems.

Instead of worrying about the Covid virus, or the “Ghost Germs” as Rudolph Steiner characterized viruses, we can utilize this time as a gift to ourselves to get our surroundings in order, do self improvement and so much more!! As I was writing this, I realized how much clutter is like the definition of sympathetic magic from above – “Like attract like!” Someone wrote and said that the Curse of Tecumseh I wrote about in the Yearly White Metal Rat newsletter seems right on target! white-metal-rat/

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