2018 - Year of the Brown Mountain Dog

February 15th, 2018 ushers in the Year of the Male Brown Mountain Dog. This year is not ruled by a dachshund, poodle, or terrier, but by a strong, stubborn, powerful, straight-forward, tough, conservative, no nonsense Dog, who is resistant to change. The underlying elemental energies are yang earth (mountain) over the yang earth (mountain) energies of the Dog. Picture a huge fixed mountain sitting on top of another fixed mountain. These energies are extremely different from last year’s crowing and strutting Rooster.

For the last few years, the fire element has been prominent in the world. First, we had yang fire (solar), then, last year we had the yin candle fire (lunar), and this year we have the fire entering “the grave.” We will not have the exuberance of fire energies again until 2025! Starting next year, we are entering a period ruled by water and metal.

In the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Dragon and Dog are said to be the rulers of the gates to “Heaven and Hell. The Dog is related to the underground; death, spiritual, occult and conspiratorial matters. It is interesting that in Greek mythology, Cerberus the dog, guards the gate to Hades and in Egyptian mythology, Anubis the dog, guards the gate to the Duat. Garm is the name of the Norse Dog who guards the underworld gate. The dog seems to be the chosen animal to guard the gate to Hell. President Trump is a Fire Dog – something to think about!

With all of the yang earth energy present (and a little fire and metal within) this year, we can expect to have landslides, avalanches, volcanoes, and earthquakes. These can occur on not only the physical level, but on the astral, mental and spiritual planes as well. Expect to see many revelations come to Light from the underworld of religion, politics, economics, fake news and conspiracies! Dog years are known for rebellions and revolutions when hidden agendas are revealed that go against the fixed ideologies of the dog.

Dog years are great for excavation, archeology, insurance, real estate, inventions, innovations, academic research and new technologies. They are also good for the wood energies of fashion, media and paper (wood energy dominates all of this year’s earth energy.) One big problem with Male Earth Dog years is that it is easy to gain weight!

I am making this a two-part newsletter and will follow next week with the “Killing Days” for 2018 that many of you have requested. Below are the main problematic directions for the year.


Tai Sui – Grand Duke Jupiter in Northwest – 292.5- 307.5 degrees

The Grand Duke Jupiter resides in the Northwest this year. Do not dig, cut, hammer or renovate in this sector, as it can bring bad luck, loss, illness or misfortune. Try to avoid having your office, meeting or conference room in this sector. Do not sit facing this direction, as the Grand Duke does not like to be confronted! Make sure you sit with your back to the northwest. He will then support you.

It is particularly recommended for people born in Dog, Dragon, Goat, Ox and Rooster years to carry a rabbit amulet for protection.

Wu Wang – Five Yellow in the North – 142.5- 217.5 degrees

The North is the worst sector of a building this year as the 5 “Yellow Evil Star” resides here. It can bring bad luck to the family, especially to the middle-aged sons. Keep this area as quiet as possible and place metal here to cut the negative energy. Postpone any renovation projects in this sector until next year. This year, the “Three Killings” energies also reside here, so the area is particularly afflicted.

Sui Po – Year Breaker in the Southeast 112.5- 127.5 degrees

Sui Po is also known as the “Wrath of the Grand Duke” as it opposes him. Do not renovate, dig or activate this area with noise or harsh light. Disrupting this sector could lead to serious consequences.

San Sha – Three Killings in the North – 142.5- 217.5 degrees

Do not disturb the Three Killings by doing renovations or soil digging. You will run the risk of attracting serious financial losses, damaged reputation and possible health complications. Do not sit with your back facing the North direction. It is better to face the North, especially if it’s one of your four personal favorable directions. That means do not face the south this year. It is mainly the Pig, Rat and Ox-born people who will feel the effects of the San Sha more.

PART 2 of 2018 – Year of the Brown Mountain Dog

If your front door faces the north in 2018, you should take care not to slam it. Settle and avoid the influence of the Three Killings by opening and shutting the door calmly or install a soft close hinge. The traditional cure is to place a six metal rod wind chime, six Chinese I-Ching coins, and a salt water cure to help avoid any problems initiated when the Three Killings visits the north along with the Annual Five Yellow Star.

The Year of the Brown Mountain Dog begins on February 15th in the West and February 16th in the East. It is important to remember that the Rooster year doesn’t just stop and the Dog Year begins. There is gradual change over between the two and we are in that transition period now. This year, the signs of the ox and sheep create with the dog what is called a penalty or a bullying/punishment energy. As most dog owners know, the dog symbolizes persistence, and insistence.

The Chinese calendar repeats every 60 years, so 1958 was also a Brown Mountain Dog Year. An experiment was begun on bullying with approximately 8,000 children who were born in 1958. The children were first interviewed when they were seven and then they were interviewed yearly until they turned 50. It was found approximately 25% were bullied, The experimenters found the experience of bullying had adversely affected most of this group in their careers and relationships.

Knowing how these bullying energies come to the fore during male earth dog years, we all need to strive this year to become more conscious and empathetic in our interactions with family members, friends, classmates and coworkers.

A good example of the 60 year astrological cycle is last year’s Yin Fire Rooster energies that were heavily focused on sex and romance. 1957 (60 years prior) was the height of the baby boomers. The birthrates started to decline the next year (1958) and that trend lasted for 11 years. Last year’s Red Rooster saw many women coming forward to denounce and publicize unwelcomed sexual advances. Another 60 year cycle that I always find amazing is that Pearl Harbor happened in 1941 and The World Trade Center in 2001(hmmmm) but that is another discussion!

2018 will be a year for all of us to rise above pettiness and entrenched points of view to remember what is really important. Energies continually shift and the sixties occurred not long after 1958!!

Master Yang’s Avoidance Days – Killing Days 2018 (back in the politically incorrect days these dates were known as the Killing Days!)

These 13 days are not suitable to get married, buried. move, open a new business or do anything important. These dates are based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

February 28
March 27
April 24
May 21
June 18
July 14
August 11
September 8
October 6
November 2
November 30
December 27
February 4


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