January 2022

The Chinese Lunar New Year is February 1st this year and the Solar New Year (first day of spring) is February 4th. The months of both January and February are going to be intense this year as they have exactly the same ruling animal as the year. Since the new year doesn’t begin until February, the Xin Metal Ox is still in charge until February and then the Black Water Tiger aggressively moves in to claim his reign for the rest of 2022. So this means that the month of January 2022 will have double Xin White Metal Ox energy ruling and the month of February will have double Black Water Tiger energy.

The Ox is a yin animal (castrated) and the tiger is a yang animal. After two years of pandemic rules, confusions, fear etc. under the rat and ox, there is going to be an abrupt awakening, a feeling of reality, wanting to move on with our lives. The Year of the Tiger promises to be “A Year of Action and Change!”

It looks like the next two months are going to be intense and may be life changing! Also, we need to remember that the Ox is the ruling animal of Wuhan (2021) and the Tiger is the ruling animal of Beijing (2022.) It looks like China is getting ready to roar!

Since the Chinese year 2022 is synonymous with unforeseen changes and surprising developments, I thought it would be good to look at the general luck of the 12 Chinese animals. There are many considerations to take into account when reading one’s Chinese astrology, since the system (Bazi – Four Pillars) takes four animals into consideration – the animals that rules your birth hour, day, month and year!

The animal sign which is seen as most unfavorable is the Monkey who is in direct clash against the Tiger. Such clashes usually bring about movement, turbulence and change. Those born I’m the year of the monkey are advised against traveling NE as that is the home of the Tiger and Grand Duke this year. The other animal seen unfavorably this year is the tiger which is also in conflict with the Grand Duke of Jupiter. The snake also needs to pay close attention to decisions made this year. Since my birth year is ruled by the Monkey, and my birth month by the tiger. I really need to pay attention!

The most favored animals for the year are the horse, rooster, goat, and ox.The balance have a mixed year of luck.

The interview the week is on the Incredible Chiropractor, Radionics and Photography Pioneer, Ruth Drown. Harold Sexson joins me to share both his amazing collection of Ruth Drown machines and books and his admiration for her original research, groundbreaking treatments and photography. As Harold says, “She is such a treasure and no one has duplicated to date what she did!!”

Harold Sexson is a Certified Biofeedback Therapist, Aroma Therapist, retired nengineer and has been a Dowser since 1984. He also offers Quantum Biofeedback which includes the use of the computer fields, oils, affirmative statements and Biofeedback to uplift emotional states to a more positive life setting, bringing people into balance. He owns Natures Oils, LLC which offers energized natural essential oils and blends; Email him at naturesoils@hotmail.com, Website: www.naturesoils.net


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