“2021 – A Time to Heal”
October 6 – October 13, 2021

For years I have been interested in the powerful magnetic energy of the 39th parallel. Our capitol in Washington, our emergency government in Denver, the Mason Dixon Line, the division of North and South Korea, and even Beijing were deliberately placed on it for planetary control. It is esoterically viewed as the central nerve circuit of our planet. From the ancient pyramids in Illinois to Serpent Mound, to the Oracle of Delphi, our ancestors were well aware of its power and knew how to harness it.

Please join me for an exciting dowsing talk on the hundreds of sites both secular and sacred located worldwide on the the 39th parallel. This ancient view of the world embodied the concept of an “invisible architecture” underlying and maintaining all of creation. They knew there is a dynamic interplay between heaven and earth energies at every spot on Earth.

Please Join us – It is always a festive, informative event!


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