Frances Nixon, a Canadian researcher in magnetic phenomena, made many astounding, scientific discoveries during her years of research. Most of her discoveries were regularly shared, tested, and validated by William Tiller and other leading physicists and scientists at Stanford University, yet these revolutionary findings still have received little public recognition.

To carry out her research, she founded the Vivaxis Energies Research International Society (VERIS) in the 1970’s that thrived with many chapters in Canada, California and Australia until its dissolution in 2001. During that thirty-year period, thousands of students came to study with her. Many people with debilitating illnesses, who had been abandoned by orthodox medicine, came to her classes and were completely cured by reconnecting to their Vivaxis.

Her most profound discovery was that all life has a unique, magnetic two-way energy flow to the geophysical spot on earth where it is born. At this spot, a spherical wave field of revolving magnetic energy is permanently created at birth, even after the originating source is removed. (This means one stays connected to this energy sphere for life, no matter where one moves on Earth). She named this energetic sphere “Vivaxis.” Viva is Latin for life and axis is a central line about which a body rotates.1

The radiation energies of the Earth form a massive network of energy waves traveling in both horizontal and vertical directions. When a fetus is subjected to these energy waves or currents, it pulls the horizontal and vertical energies into a common axis or point. The fetus then becomes magnetized to that exact geophysical point and a permanent magnetic pattern or alignment is introduced into the atomic structure of the bones as they solidify. It is thought that the baby’s vivaxis is generally created about the time of the mother’s first labor pains and is approximately the size of the fetus just prior to birth. This same dynamic is replayed throughout all creation.2

Your Vivaxis can be regarded as your own personal generator, located permanently in the energy field into which you are born. Through the common origins and the atomic character of the radiations introduced into your skeletal system at the time of your birth, your central nervous system is also tuned into the same wavelength as your magnetically charged Vivaxis.3

It is a two way energetic duplicate of yourself, recording all the changes that take place in your systems: physically, emotionally and mentally. It is like an energy exchange and balancing agent receiving and collecting energies pulsating from the elements deep within the earth as well as cosmic influences. It is believed that a disturbed Vivaxis connection can make an individual ill, but restored and vibrant, the connection can keep a person healthy. Nixon’s discovery of this phenomenon is revolutionary and explains many mysteries such as bird migration because the same dynamics apply to all creation.4

Nixon found locating and linking into one’s two-way vivaxis wave train to be easy and rewarding. Before ‘channeling’ (her term for getting in alignment with your Vivaxis) it is best to neutralize your energies. When doing any neutralizing exercise, it is important to be away from other people because the energy disorder that you are giving off is detrimental to anyone around you. It is also important to do the exercise in a quiet neutral location away from any electrical equipment, preferably outdoors.

She found the “accordion exercise” to be one of the best neutralizing techniques. To do this exercise, place the palms of your hands facing towards each other. Then, align the whorls of the fingers of each hand and slowly and with extreme pressure, press your fingers together – in and out like an accordion making sure that the palms do not touch. Since one’s Vivaxis energies must ground unobstructed through the feet, do this exercise barefoot and make sure the bottom of any garment is not touching your feet. Your heels, ankles and big toe joints should be pressed tightly together to form a closed circuit.5

Before you begin the Vivaxis alignment technique, it is important to note whether the location where you now reside is above or below (in elevation) your place of birth. It is easy to determine this – simply type the name of the place where you now reside into a computer search engine and ask for the altitude. It will give you the altitude in feet above sea level. Then, do the same for your place of birth. You will then know whether your current location is above or below your Vivaxis.

There are two bands of energy within your aura; the outer double insulating belt around the rim of your aura and the inner band, which is right next to our physical body. These two bands are connected by the two- way wave link to your Vivaxis.

The inner and outer bands of your aura reflect the relationship of where you now reside and where your Vivaxis is located (place of birth.) If you are located above your Vivaxis, the outer auric band is magnetic, and the inner band is gravitational. If your current location is below your Vivaxis, the gravitational band is on the rim of your aura and the inner band is magnetic. It is in the area between these two bands that you do the directional dowsing with your dowsing rod to determine the direction of your Vivaxis.6

There is a continual two-way flow of energy between our Vivaxis and us. The energies flow towards us from our Vivaxis into our left hand and foot and back outward to our Vivaxis via our right hand and foot. The energies flowing towards us from our Vivaxis flow in a vertical direction up or down in altitude until reaching our present level of elevation and then they flow in a horizontal direction until reaching our receiving foot and hand. If you are standing above the altitude of your Vivaxis, you will receive these magnetic energies through your left forefinger. If you are standing below your Vivaxis, you will receive the energies through your left ring finger. The energies flow back from your right hand. The discovery of these horizontal and vertical energy flows by Nixon helped to prove the human body is electromagnetic in nature.

By doing the channeling exercises, you can bring the energies of your body into phase through the two way energy currents which run side by side between you and your Vivaxis. Your strengthened alignment corrects any abnormalities of nerves or muscles in your body. It can also annihilate foreign energies, including those of viruses and bacteria. 7

Important checklist before Channeling

  1. Remove all headgear, jewelry, tight clothing, shoes, glasses, and contact lenses.
  2. Select an environment that is free from magnetic and electrical disturbances.
    Use a compass to help to determine the approximate direction of your birthplace.
  3. Do this exercise alone without any spectators.
    If using dowsing rods* they need to be held very level in a definite horizontal and vertical position with the whorls of your thumbs pressed against the sleeves of the rods.
  4. Your forefinger must be positioned below the knuckle of the thumb on the rods to avoid wave interference.
    Make sure the ground is absolutely level.
    Your legs should be about 12 inches apart with your clothing not touching anything.
  5. Hold your head and spine “ramrod straight.” Your arms should be slightly away from your body. Your head should be facing forward towards your Vivaxis.
    When turning to locate your wave channel, the body should turn as a unit. Do not twist or turn from the waist.
  6. Avoid locating your channel when planes fly over-head.
    Always keep your mind relaxed when finding your channel. Concentration of the mind diverts the circuit to the brain and the responses to the fingers change.
  7. Do not try to locate your channel for at least 20 minutes after eating as the energies are then directed to the stomach and consequently are weaker in the fingers.
  8. About 90% of the time, your channel can be located in a definite direction with the rods crossing. However, during the remaining 10%, energies and radiations come from all directions. The dowsing rods then attract one another and cross in every direction you face. Watch for this situation. It is temporary and seldom lasts for more than a few minutes. After locating your channel, turn out of it and test once again to be sure the rods pull apart when you face another direction.
  9. Be sure you are not in the three day period of the full moon or new moon.
    * Dowsing rods are an aid to this process, however by being relaxed and quiet one may be able to physically feel a magnetic pull towards ones Vivaxis without the use of dowsing rods.

Now to find your Vivaxis

  1. Turn slowly until the tips of your dowsing rods cross. You know approximately the right direction from your compass.The rods will not cross by command of the brain if they are being held correctly. Only one will go in that direction. The other rod will always point toward your vivaxis.
  2. Your body may even feel a slight forward pull in the direction of your Vivaxis.
    Mark the position and lay your rods down.
  3. Facing your Vivaxis, ground your hands palm down firmly against the sides of your legs. Put your legs and feet tightly together.
  4. Hum a tune that you learned early in life, such as a nursery rhyme. Singing this tune causes a strong stimulation of your Vivaxis energies and you should be pulled toward your Vivaxis. This exercise helps to reinforce the exact direction of your Vivaxis. The reason for this is that the melody was firmly in place in your memory receptors at an age before any disturbances occurred to your Vivaxis.
  5. Now that you are sure of your Vivaxis direction, mark the opposite direction and the 90-degree side directions. You are now ready to begin to bring in the healing energies of your Vivaxis.9

Frances Nixon found the following Four and Four Method to be the best technique both to remove harmful foreign energies from our force field and at the same time to absorb healing energies into our field. She found that by doing this exercise we can enhance the absorption of minerals and vitamins from our foods.

Channeling the Energies — the Four and Four Method

  1. To begin channeling, make sure the directions are clearly marked and the ground is level.
  2. Keep your hands grounded against the sides of your legs with your feet about 12 inches apart.
  3. Hold your head level and turn straight to the front towards your Vivaxis.
    Shut your eyes in order to eliminate the influence of other waves and breathe deeply through your nose.
  4. Tilt the head slowly from pointing down to the chest up to a full extension of the neck backwards. This should take approximately eight seconds.
  5. Open your eyes and turn 90 degrees clockwise and face position 2 (see diagram.) Place your feet correctly. Again with eyes closed, breathe deeply and tilt the head down and up. Remain for 8 seconds. Do this for all eight directions.
  6. Turn to position 3. Since you are now standing with your back to your Vivaxis you may feel your body may pull backwards. Then, turn to position 4.
  7. Complete the full circle in the clockwise direction to position 5 (where you will be facing your Vivaxis again.)
  8. Now, turn in a counterclockwise direction to position 6, 7 and finally to position 8. Step out of your alignment.

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