The Hungry Ghosts, Vivaxis

and the Flagstaff Dowsing Conference

Gold Metal Monkey

The seventh solar month of the Chinese calendar is always ruled by the Monkey. It begins on August 8 this year, and marks the beginning of the Autumn season This cerebral yang metal sign usually represents the qualities  of agility, intelligence, courage, strength and chaotic individualism. The yang  metal element sitting on top of the monkey’s inherent yang metal this month,  however, creates a very strong, fixed, inflexible qi energy. This combination is  likened to a bar of solid gold, making this month perfectly aligned for the the current world wide gold rush of individuals, banks and countries.

August is also known as the month of the “Hungry Ghosts!” when the veils are thin. “Celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival is all about looking after hungry, discontented, wandering souls. These are ghosts without families to care for them or people who died because of unfortunate events like pandemics, war, murder or suicide. Families do everything they can to placate these unhappy spirits with gifts of food, money and other supplies. Though primarily intended to prevent these ghosts from causing trouble in their own lives, the customs of Ghost Month do raise a certain mindfulness about making space in our world  for those who have fallen out of society.

I’ll be speaking this year at the Flagstaff Dowsing Conference on one of my favorite Invisible Architecture topics, “Vivaxis.” Frances Nixon, a Canadian researcher in magnetic phenomena, made many astounding, scientific discoveries during her years of research. Most of her discoveries were  regularly shared, tested, and validated by the well known physicist, William Tiller and other leading physicists and scientists at Stanford University, yet these revolutionary findings still have received little public recognition.

To carry out her research, she founded the Vivaxis Energies Research International Society (VERIS) in the 1970’s that thrived with many chapters in Canada, California and Australia until its dissolution in 2001. During that thirty-year period, thousands of students came to study with her.  Many people with debilitating illnesses, who had been abandoned by orthodox medicine, came to her classes and were completely cured by reconnecting to their Vivaxis.

Her most profound discovery was that all life has a unique, magnetic two-way energy flow to the geophysical spot on earth where it is born.  At this spot, a spherical wave field of revolving magnetic energy is permanently created at birth, even after the originating source is removed.  (This means one stays connected to this energy sphere for life, no matter where one moves on Earth). She named this energetic sphere “Vivaxis.”  Viva is Latin for life and axis is a central line about which a body rotates.

The radiation energies of the Earth form a massive network of energy waves traveling in both horizontal and vertical directions. When a fetus is subjected to these energy waves or currents, it pulls the horizontal and vertical energies into a common axis or point. The fetus then becomes magnetized to that exact geophysical point and a permanent magnetic pattern or alignment is introduced into the atomic structure of the bones as they solidify. It is thought that the baby’s vivaxis is generally created about the time of the mother’s first labor pains and is approximately the size of the fetus just prior to birth. This same dynamic is replayed throughout all creation.

Your Vivaxis can be regarded as your own personal generator, located permanently in the energy field into which you are born. Through the common origins and the atomic character of the radiations introduced into your skeletal system at the time of your birth, your central nervous system is also tuned into the same wavelength as your magnetically charged Vivaxis.

It is a two way energetic duplicate of yourself, recording all the changes that take place in your systems: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is like an energy exchange and balancing agent receiving and collecting energies pulsating from the elements deep within the earth as well as cosmic influences. It is believed that a disturbed Vivaxis connection can make an individual ill, but restored and vibrant, the connection can keep a person healthy. Nixon’s discovery of this phenomenon is revolutionary and explains many mysteries such as bird migration because the same dynamics apply to all creation.

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Later his year, I win be speaking about Vivaxis  at the Flagstaff Dowsing  Conference.
October 4-10 at the Little America Hotel
Flagstaff,  Arizona

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I will be speaking Sunday Morning at 10:45 in Grand Ballroom C
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