We have a few more months of the strutting, crowing and chaos of the annual Yin Fire Rooster energies before the Brown Earth Dog arrives on February 16, 2018. Although the Rooster is the male of the species, it is considered a yin symbol. This is why you often see this year referred to as the “Year of the Chicken.” Combining the yearly yin fire qualities with the yin rooster energies means that women and yin qualities in people are more valued and appreciated this year. The lunar yin fire energy is also said to cast a shadow, like a candle burning. This means that the shadow side of many things will be revealed. We are witnessing the interplay of this yin energy mix daily with all of the sex scandals! I think the total solar eclipse in August opened a major doorway for the yin lunar qualities to completely darken the yang solar energies and allow the female energies to emerge into the light of day.

The flickering shadow is also exposing the dark side of our politics and economics with doublespeak everywhere. Nothing is stable and is in constant flux in both MSM and the so called conspiracy sites. This constant flow of fake news, disinformation and misinformation is keeping everyone off balance. One way we can try to counter this confusion is to make sure we are grounded to the actual Earth.


Recently, I started taking a Kundalini yoga class, and as I was unfolding my synthetic rubber yoga mat, the teacher made a comment that she didn’t like to do yoga on petroleum products. She said that either white cotton mats or sheepskin seemed a much healthier choice. I then had a major revelation! Millions of people around the world are doing their yoga on either real rubber or synthetic yoga mats! Natural rubber and PVC are both insulators! These mats do not allow one access to the Earth’s energies. The yoga teachers are telling their students to connect to the Earth, but it is an imaginary – not real experience.

A few years ago, I wrote a newsletter on grounding. I did a lot of research on how to get grounded and here I was not heeding my own advice! We each have to be totally conscious of how we are actually connecting to the Earth.

One of the easiest and currently most popular ways to get grounded is simply to walk around outside barefoot – old wisdom back again for another turn of the spiral!! Grass, dirt, sand, and concrete are all conductive surfaces from which the body can draw in grounding energies from the Earth. It’s a great way to get rid of jet lag, stress, inflammation and pain. One of the biggest causes of disease today is inflammation. Our ancestors knew that grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it thins your blood and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet.

Our current choice of rubber, plastic, cork and synthetic soled shoes, however, keeps us insulated from these forces. Even though we are walking or running outdoors, we are moving around unaware that we are totally disconnected from the vital healing energies of the Earth. In the past, people knew how important it was to be in direct contact with the Earth, so they either went barefoot, wore moccasins, sandals or shoes with leather soles.

Inside of our homes and businesses, wood, vinyl, rubber, glass and plastic surfaces are all insulators. Our current sixty-watt energy is an alternating current and is not like the direct current we absorb directly from our contact with the Earth. Consequently, within our homes and businesses, we are constantly being bombarded by this artificial alternating energy and the man-made EMF fields from our electronic devices.

Outside, asphalt is also an insulator. Think of all the school grounds covered in asphalt and the kids running around in sneakers. No wonder they are so hyper!

It is interesting to go into Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques and other sacred sites around the world and see so many people visiting and worshiping in shoes that are keeping them ungrounded. It highlights the difference between being a pilgrim or a tourist – being connected to the sacred energies of the spot or merely observing them. Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and most Buddhists take their shoes off when entering their sacred buildings. They say it is because their shoes are unclean and they are entering a sacred location, but I think they have lost the knowledge about how important it is to also be grounded to a sacred geomantic spot. The majority of humanity is now literally walking on air and programmable – something to think about!

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Wishing you a meaningful, grounded Thanksgiving!



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