In 2018, “Wu Wu,” the Yang Earth Horse, rules the month of June. I love that name! Wu Wu said aloud in English seems to sum up the current fake news we are all swimming and/or drowning in. The Heavenly Stem 天干 this month which is Yang Earth 戊 mirrors the Heavenly Stem 天干 of the yearly Brown Mountain Dog. This means there is a lot of stubborn, righteous, tough, conservative, energy in the air. It is interesting that both Donald Trump and Kim Jong- un have the dog as their year master. Trump is a fire – dog and Kim Jong-un is a water – dog. This means there will be a lot of dog energy at the historic Korean summit next week on June 12th. Hopefully, the monthly yang earth horse energies will help to curb any potential dogfights!!

During the summer solstice, which begins on June 21st this year, our physical sun is the furthest away from Earth for the year and the energies of our “invisible” sun and the “invisible” sun of Saturn are the closest to Earth! The ancients knew that our planet revolves in an elliptical pattern around the sun and every ellipse has two centers. Therefore, our visible sun forms one center, and the other center is called “the black, invisible sun.” Each planet in our solar system creates different elliptical patterns, so there are a multitude of black invisible suns. Jung was very captivated with the powerful energies emanating from these invisible suns and you can read about them in his famous “Red Book.”

The entire week of the summer solstice, is celebrated around the world as a time of clear vision. It is the peak point of the rising tide of the solar in-breath for those in the northern hemisphere – and of the out-breath for those south of the equator. June 24th is known throughout Europe as Midsummer’s Day and bonfires are lit to drive out evil forces and to renew the reproductive powers for the year. The Freemasons also celebrate this day as the “Festival of John the Baptist,” who is seen as a bright and shining light and it is the first day of their New Year. It was also the beginning of the New Year for the ancient Egyptians and Greeks because Sirius was directly overhead. June 26th is the “holy” day for alchemists because the spiritual energies of the invisible sun of our sun and the invisible sun of Saturn are at their maximum strength. This is definitely a week for worldwide “Fire Rituals” and new beginnings.

The Tropic of Cancer is intimately connected with the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is an imaginary line that weaves around the 23.5° line of latitude north of the equator and runs through Baja, Mexico, the Bahamas, Cuba, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India Southern China and Hawaii.


It is the northernmost point on Earth where the sun’s rays appear directly overhead at local noon on the summer solstice. The rays, on this magical day, strike the ground absolutely vertically and do not cast shadows for several minutes. The sun seems to “stand still” (Solstice) for three days, from June 21 – 23. The suns (both visible and invisible) then turn south to do the same magic above the Tropic of Capricorn, which is located at 23.5° south of the equator on Dec. 22 – 24 in the Southern hemisphere.

Our ancestors likened these two invisible lines of force waving back and forth over the 23.5° latitudes north and south of the equator to be like two strands of DNA spiralling in and out across the spine (equator.)

Starting on 23.5° latitude in Baja, the Jesuits, in 1724, built the first of a string of Missions that run up the Baja/California coastline all the way to San Francisco. The Jesuits were very savvy about Feng Shui, astrology and geomancy, having spent decades with the Chinese Emperor. It is like the first mission is anchoring the base chakra for an entity that slowly climbs up the coast (there will more about the underlying esoteric geomancy of the missions in a future newsletter!)

From Baja, the Tropic of Cancer weaves across hundreds of sun (or solar) temples as it winds around the Earth. It is interesting to realize that the word “temple” comes from the root “temp” which means time. This means sun temples were purposely built on powerful magnetic Earth locations and positioned to face exact magnetic directions to record important cosmic events.. In Mexico, one of the most famous sites is Teotihuacan. Like most sun temples, researchers have found advanced knowledge of the Earth and cosmos encoded in its dimensions.


Leaving Mexico, it flows across Havana, Cuba. No wonder America and Russia fought for so long to gain control of this powerful location! From here, it crosses many ruins in the Sahara Desert (which was a tropical desert only 6.000 years ago) and comes to Elephantine Island, which is located in the middle of the Nile. Here it marked the gateway to Africa – between Nubia and Egypt. Elephantine Island was once the location of a Sun Temple where mankind was created by the ram headed god, Khnum. The 23.5° line also crosses the stone circle at Nabta, which is the only megalithic circle in Egypt, and one of the first examples of an astronomical observatory in the world.

Moving further west, the Tropic of Cancer crosses through the center of Hijaz, the Sacred Land of Saudi Arabia where Mecca and Medina are located. It then flows in a straight line across more than 20 sun temples in India.

Although I have listed only a few of the hundreds of the sun temples, many which are currently in ruin, it is clear our ancestors were diligently tracking the annual path of the sun and conducting their lives to live with the flow and rhythm of seasons. Each of these temples was specially designed to receive the rays of the sun inside the sanctum sanctorum, on special days like the Summer Solstice. We have to marvel at their astrological knowledge, wisdom and architectural skills.

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