The Month of the Fire Snake arrives on Friday, May 5, along with a full moon and a lunar eclipse, and Wesak, (Buddah’s birthday.) The ruling element of the month is Ding (yin free) and is out pictured as a candle burning under the brightness of the noon day sun. Te snake is also a yin free animal and snake cycles are known for reveling behind-the- scenes talks, secret negotiations, clandestine activities, and a powerful desire to make things happen, whatever the cost. As each new revelation this month brings more confusion and uncertainty into our lives, it is important to remember that many cosmic and earthly cycles play a fundamental role in our lives, they are involved not only in our daily affairs, but in our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. From the motions of planets, to the ups and downs of the stock market, to personal biorhythms, to wars, to weather, to elections, to the seasons, we unwittingly out picture their many influences. Many traditions and cultures around the world are experiencing cycles ending and are about to enter new ones. In Feng Shui, we will soon leave period 8 and enter period 9, a fre cycle, in 2024. This cycle, which is the at the end of a 180 cycle lasts for 20 years until 2044, when we enter a new 180-year cycle.

This week, I did a fascinating interview with Richard Unger who wrote – LifePrints – Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints. He has found from decades of reading over 60,000 palms that to get an accurate hand analysis, the fngerprints are the most important area to discern your life purpose. Tis info is then further flushed out by the shape and type of hand, the lines in the palm and more; mounds, scars, warts and birthmarks etc. The fngerprints are formed in utero at about five months and never change, while the shape of the hand and the lines continually change throughout our life.

Richard has further merged his own direct experience with an exhaustive study of the medical literature on fngerprints to create a new specifc and accurate assessment tool that has been useful to business, therapists and individuals. To watch this lively informative video:

Below is a simple, fun way to begin to read your hands. Te shape of your hands corresponds to the four basic elements of nature: earth, fre, water and air. Tese four elements each reveal a basic personality type. (the Chinese have 5 hand types as they have fve elements.) Many of us have a mixture of hand shapes. In nearly all cases, the hand shape corresponds to the body’s shape. For example, short fngers = short body/ legs.


INTUITIVE or PRACTICAL qualities dominate when fngers are shorter than palms. When fngers are longer than palms, THINKING or FEELING qualities dominate.Te LARGER the hand, the more these people tend to enjoy getting into the SMALL details of things, and they get satisfaction from doing it themselves on their own rather than delegating. Te attention to detail can at times also make them notice problems more, so people with big hands may fnd themselves being more critical than small-handed folk who skim over such details. Small handed people are ofen quick decision makers, sometimes to the extent of being a little impulsive and taking risks without considering all the details completely. Because small handed people tend to be quick-thinking, they also tend to like a fast pace in life and thrive when things in life are busy.

By determining which of the shapes shown matches your own hands most closely, you may uncover some personal strengths and weaknesses you may or may not be consciously aware of!

The Earth Hand

Realistic, constant, loyal, unwavering, modest, traditional, critical, suspicious, interested, possessive, sensual, active, athletic; no patience for details except those related to work; sense of rhythm; pragmatic.honest conscientious, and down to earth. Tese people have a practical outlook on life and prefer material realities over intellectual pursuits or daydreams.

The Fire Hand

Extremely extraverted nature; decisive; enthusiastic and warm, energetic; full of initiative, constantly in search of new ideas; aspires to perfection; versatile, egocentric, individualistic, nonconformist, energetic, restless, charismatic, Tese people are natural-born leaders, risk takers, and adventurers.

The Water Hand

Idealistic, receptive, impressionable, gentle, inspired, imaginative, introverted, secretive, vulnerable, emotional, romantic; confused except when it comes to creativity; hypersensitive, solitary, more perceptive than rational; needs to be heard, imaginative, emotional, and sensitive. People with water hands are the dreamers.

The Air Hand

The square palm requires a stable emotional life. The long fingers seek out the abstract and all forms of intellectual expression. Curious, analytical, original; shrewd and caustic; extraverted temperament, loves to communicate; humanist; loves to organize, wants order in all things; mistrustful of emotion. People with air hands have a gif for observation, are quick-witted, love of detail, and like to think things through themselves.


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