March 5th – April 3rd, 2020

The month of March is always ruled by the rabbit or hare. It is an animal that epitomize gentleness, refinement, elegance and is rarely angry, hostile or aggressive. It is also are known for longevity, discretion and bringing good luck.

Since this month also brings the magical doorway of the Spring Equinox, I was reminded of the mysterious image of the three spinning hares. It is a fascinating circular motif or meme of creation appearing worldwide at sacred sites from the Middle and Far East to Africa to the churches of Europe.

The hares, which were considered androgynous or hermaphroditic until recently by most cultures, generally live alone. But there are certain times of the year when they congregate in mass (for unknown reasons.) One of these times is the Spring Equinox. It brings a certain energy and the hares go crazy – jumping and boxing! They become as mad as “a March Hare,” or the famous “Mad Hatter” in Alice in Wonderland.

They don’t build their homes in burrows like rabbits, but instead make little nests (like a bird nest) in the grass on the ground. Another oddity about the hares is they give birth to baby hares that are fully furred and have open eyes. The Mother builds a nest not only for herself, but one for each baby. From the day these babies are born, they are very self sufficient!

They are also closely associated with the moon, particularly the full moon. There are several reasons for this: they are nocturnal, feeding and traveling at night, and sleeping during the day. And while in the west we might talkabout the man in the moon, in many parts of the world, it’s a tradition to see a hare or a rabbit in the moon. Besides being associated with the light of the moon, in China and Japan, the hare is also the “greeter of the dawn,” ruling the “hour of the hare,” 5 am – 7 am. Then they go to sleep!

Because of the belief that the hares were androgynous or hermaphroditic, male one month and female the next, they were considered very mysterious. To our ancestors globally, the hare represented the union of opposites, and were thought to embody the actual creative powers of the universe. For example, in ancient Egypt, Osiris, the God of rebirth and immortality, was sacrificed to the Nile each year in the form of the Hare, to guarantee the annual flooding that Egypt depended upon. The Egyptian hieroglyph “Wn” stands for the “essence of life” and depicts a hare over flowing water. For The Algonquin, the Great Hare appeared on earth and laid the foundation of the world. He instructed people in the medicine dance and other forms of life; he fought the oceanic monsters; he reconstructed the earth after the deluge, and on his departure he left it as it is today.

The earliest known examples of the Three Hares motif (above) can be found in China. It can be seen on the ceilings of some of the temples in the Mogao Caves (also known as the Mogao Grottoes or the Cave of the Thousand Buddhas). There are at least 17 temples in this complex where the Three Hares motif is depicted on each ceiling.

To further investigate the insightful “Leaping Hare” book by George Ewart Evans click here.

The spinning hares are found spinning both clockwise (coming into creation) or counterclockwise (going out.) While each individual hare has two ears, the three hares together have a total of only three visible ears instead of six. These three ears are arranged to form a fire triangle, which when expanded into third dimension becomes a tetrahedron at each of the three ears. The tetrahedron, which is the first of the five Platonic geometric shapes, is a symbol of material creation. The spinning triangle transforms from “prima materia” into 3 tetrahedrons as it comes into manifestation in our three dimensional world. At least this some of what I think! Let me know your insights.

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