Jia (wood) is seated on Wu (Horse) this month. Jia is yang wood and the the Green Wood Horse is yang fire and together they create a bonfire! After all of the metal and water energies we have experienced the last few months, June is bursting forth with the fiery energy of a horse galloping forward at full speed. It may be challenging to keep our balance during those moments when all four legs are off the ground! The unbridled energy of the wood fire horse will definitely unearth hidden agendas and bring joy as the pandemic begins to fade. To add to this energy there was the Solar eclipse with the ring of fire around it a couple of days ago and the Summer Solstice which is the later this month. ( I have provided links to articles I have written about the dynamics of solar eclipses and solstices at the end of the newsletter.)

With all of the frenzied fire horse energy and planetary alignments ( and let’s not forget Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd,) I found myself reflecting on how loud, noisy and discordant our society has become. I think it is more evident now as the pandemic winds down and more and more people, cars, airplanes, helicopters, buses etc. are filling our streets and skies again. Noise pollution is everywhere with quiet places going extinct.

All of this chaotic noise affects all of nature. According the Nature magazine, birds are changing the tune of there chirping to be heard above the din of traffic and machinery. Male grasshoppers are changing their pitch so they can be heard by females. Frogs also have altered their calls. This change of tune and pitch is not just happening on land, but in the seas as well, as sea creatures rely mainly on sound to find food, detect predators and communicate with each other. Animals are needing to modify their behavior just to survive manmade noise and we are needing to adapt to this new normal, with our adrenal glands pumping stress hormones, our blood pressure and heart rate rising, and our digestion slowing down.

Our ongoing descent into deeper and deeper noisy materialism was for seen by many of our our ancestors. The Hindus formulated four large cosmic cycles to measure universal ages. They called these cycles yugas. They see us presently in the the lowest cycle called the Kali Yuga, or the iron age. It is described as an age of darkness in which spirituality is eclipsed by selfishness and dogmatic materialism and deception and hypocrisy in both religion and politics is the status quo. They see this cycle ending around 2025 and then moving into a transitional cycle.

Classical Feng Shui operates on a major 180 year cycle which is divided into three lesser cycles that are 60-years long each, and then these three cycles are divided into nine sub cycles of 20 years each. The reason why each minor period lasts 20 years is due to the movement of Saturn and Jupiter, in that they take 20 years to align with each other, and it is believed that each time Saturn and Jupiter align, major changes will occur. We will be entering the the bottom of the third cycle in 2024, meaning will be at the lowest point of the 180 year cycle. This twenty year cycle is ruled by fire which is associated with explosions, fires, the internet, Information technology, and Artificial intelligence(AI). Health-wise, it can represent the heart, eyes and blood so you may start seeing health trends related to these. It is also symbolic of middle-aged women and a matriarchy in general. Women will tend to occupy the senior posts in the government and banking sectors. Men will be more involved in sales and research work.

Our ancestors knew that we need harmonic sound, not noise, to survive. The ancient Chinese Emperors consciously employed music, which is patterned sound, to restore or maintain order in the empire. Like state power, music was centralized in the imperial court and was seen as the unifying force embodying all regions of the empire. By regulating and controlling the vibrations people were exposed to, the Emperor was able to maintain order. But when that delicate balance he wielded over the harmonious sound of his empire began to shift, he knew his reign was coming to an end. Interestingly, we have no concept of this!!

2024 will be ruled by a Dragon and will feature a complete solar eclipse which is being referred to as “The Great North American Solar Eclipse.” I think during this fire cycle we will be entering an alchemical transmutation, or initiation, and then emerging into a whole new cycle of noiseless wisdom to be baptized in the water cycle of 2044. That year will also see us entering into a new 180 year cycle.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about solar eclipses and their link to our heart energy.

“Ancient and many modern cultures warn against looking at the Sun. They felt it was harmful and advised staying indoors and not eating during the event. This eclipse is definitely a heart centered event with gold (related to our heart) being eclipsed (taken offline for a period of time) and then being reborn. It is a time for silence and renewal.”


And then, on June 20, We will experience our annual summer solstice.

In this article on Summer Solstices I wrote: “During the summer solstice, which usually begins on June 20th or 21st, our physical sun is the furthest away from Earth for the year and the energies of our “invisible” sun and the “invisible” sun of Saturn are the closest to Earth!

The ancients knew that our planet revolves in an elliptical pattern around the sun and eclipses have two centers. Therefore, our visible sun forms one center, and the other center is called “the black, invisible sun.” Each planet in our solar system creates different elliptical patterns, so there are a multitude of black invisible suns. Jung was very captivated with the powerful energies emanating from these invisible suns and you can read about them in his famous “Red Book.”

I am busy putting together exciting dialogues for my YouTube channel. They will be with different knowledgeable people on astrology, water, sound, dowsing, feng shui, sacred geometry and much more. All will be bringing forth exciting arcane material usually not covered in most interviews, but related to the concept of “invisible Architecture.” Stay tuned…

Wishing you a meaningful Summer Solstice,



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