December Feng Shui
December 2022 is ruled by the yang black water rat. The Yang elemental water is seated is on top of the rat who is composed of both yin and yang water. On top of this, it is a yang water Tiger year. So much water! Yang water is powerful water like the oceans. Water rules the emotions and this powerful fresh fluid energy, that has been lacking for the last few months, has the potential to wake people up and to enable them to feel more self-assured, dauntless, and independent from the constant programming going on around them. They may even feel they have the ability to flow through any and all obstacles with ease! This is a welcome energy, but it is powerful, illusive and we need to use it wisely!

Classical Feng Shui is the technique used to unveil these hidden properties. It is based on the continuous inter-dimensional observations made by Chinese sages in contemplation of the underlying unseen etheric mechanics of the universe. They found that qi (etheric energy) exists everywhere and is the basic foundation of life and substance. They also discovered qi follows spiral and vorticular pathways (like water and air), and if its flow is compromised or distorted, it affects not only the health of the planet, but all other life forms that exist on earth. Through their vast collection of data, the sages realized that there are verifiable, repeatable cycles of qi that affect both man and the structures he builds. These Feng Shui cycles are related to both time and space.

Next year, 2023, the Black Water Rabbit year is the transition year to 2024, where we will move out of period 8 cycle (yang earth) into a new twenty year Flying Stars Feng Shui cycle, ruled by the period 9 (fire) star. A Complete Cycle of the Flying Stars is 180 years and contains three 60-year Big Periods: the Upper, Middle, and Lower periods. Each of these periods contains three 20-year small periods. In 2024, we move into the 9th 20-year period which lasts from 2024 to 2043 and is the lowest point of the 180 year cycle.

The reason why each Feng Shui Period lasts 20 years is due to the movement of Saturn and Jupiter, in that they take 20 years to align with each other, and it is believed that when Saturn and Jupiter align, in a certain configuration, major changes will occur.

Every home and business on the Earth has its own unique Flying Star diagram of qi energy. The positions of of these Flying Stars within a
home or business move when the cycles change. Daily Flying Stars impact Feng Shui Luck only for a day, monthly Flying Stars impact Feng Shui Luck only for a month and yearly Flying Stars affect Feng Shui Luck for one year. But, the position of the 20 year Flying Star lasts for 20 years. That is why moving into a new 20 tear period will have such an affect on current star placement within the home or business, especially since we are moving from yang earth (8) to fire (9) energy.

Some of the things he number 9 fire star is related to are the eyes or heart, the mind, middle-aged women and matriarchy in general, explosions and fires in the destructive sense and it is will be the wealth star.

In the next newsletter, I will go more deeply into our upcoming cycle changes both new year and 20 year.


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