May 2024 Month of the Yin Earth Snake – Ji Si ⼰⼟

Posted by: Carol Assa On May 3, 2024

“Light from Stones” paramagnetism   The Month of the Brown Earth Snake arrives on Sunday, May 5th. The yin earth (soil) snake is the most conservative of all the five types of snakes and tends to be confident, focused, unhurried and collected. All snake cycles (yearly, monthly and daily) are known for reveling in behind-the-scenes …

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Stone Medicine in China

Posted by: M. Carol Assa On August 20, 2017

The knowledge of using stones and rocks as healing agents goes back thousands of years. In China, stones were held in high regard and were an integral part of their ancient medicinal practices. Stones were originally as important as herbs, but of course, when you purchase a stone it lasts a lifetime – there is …

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