March 2023 Month of the Yin Wood Rabbit Yi Mao – ⼄卯 Tarot and Yearly Numerology

March is always the Rabbit month and it begins on the third solar term (Chinese month) entitled “the awakening of the insects.” The Green Wood Rabbit this month joins the yearly “Black Water Rabbit,” creating double Rabbit energy. To the ancient Chinese people, rabbits were animals of the “Yin” nature, meaning they were more feminine and frequently associated them with the moon, and fertility. Many other cultures, worldwide, also viewed the rabbit in this manner and that is why we often see images of the rabbit in the moon.

The rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac and in the Chinese culture, is known to be the luckiest of all the twelve animals – remember those lucky rabbit feet! It symbolizes mercy, elegance, beauty and people who are born in the year of the rabbit are usually calm, peaceful, introspective, intuitive and spiritual. The Rabbit energy, however, can also bring a tendency for escapism, day dreaming and a reluctance to share what one is thinking.

Recently, while reflecting on the fact that 2023 is a 7 universal year (2+0+2+3,) the number of introspection, intuition, and divinity, I realized how similar those energies are to the Black Water Rabbit. Two different systems, but each complementing the other. One common way to depict the energies of the year (in the west) is with the two corresponding tarot cards, They are the Chariot (#7) and the Tower (#16) – the 1 and 6 added together. The cards I am using are from the Rider Waite deck.

2023 predicted to be a year of introspection, intuition, and spirituality. The chariot symbolizes staying centered and not retreating. The two black and white sphinxes, angle out from the chariot going in opposite directions, but the solid block of the grey chariot supporting and housing the prince stays centered. The armor he wears is decorated with crescent moons (Cancer sign), and other alchemical symbols, expressing spiritual transformation. The star crown on his head signals victory, success, and enlightenment if one stays positive and grounded. This applies to not just people, but countries, political parties etc. The Tower can be the consequence if one loses their focus, balance and determination. Although 7 is the number of wisdom, intelligence and spiritual growth, there is the shadow side that displays ignorance, an unwillingness to accept facts and religious fanaticism.

The lesson for 2023 is to remember its not a year of action, but inward growth. You are in charge of the chariot (your body) and other names for the card are the Centurion or Victory. This is just my brief overview of the year. There are many interpretations of these cards and their relationships, so its good to meditate on them and draw your own conclusions!

Each year has a universal theme (or energy) that we experience as a collective and each year cycle builds on the last. 2022, the year of the Black Water Tiger, was a universal 6, which is the number of harmony and love. The tarot cards were the Lovers (#6) and the Devil (#15.) The Lovers card represents love. relationships, balance, union, partnerships, decisions, and harmony.

However, as we look worldwide, it seems many were duped by the Devil. The devil embodies our human desires, especially those that are linked to the material world, rapped in bondage, addictions and depression, negative thinking, and/or betrayal. He is the card of delusion and the shadow side of the lovers. With large wings and a pentagram in the center of his horned head, this evil being is perched on a pedestal. The man, and a woman, standing naked in front of him have chains around their necks that link back to the him, signifying the control that he has over them. The chains, however, are loose and they can escape whenever they want. This encapsulates what many worldwide experienced last year with the pandemic, money, inflation, war etc. It is interesting to reflect on these two cards and how the energy affected you in 2022.

If we project ahead to 2024, it is a universal 8 year. Not only is it an 8 year, but its also a Green Wood Dragon year. The two Black Water years of the Tiger and Rabbit will have passed and in Chinese astrology, we will have their most favored animal – the dragon, which is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Likewise, the two tarot cards for the year are Strength (#8) and the Star (#17, ) both very high vibrational cards.

Strength represents courage, compassion, focus, persuasion, and influence while the Star indicates hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration and serenity. These two cards are great for moving forward, as the Star provides the impetus and Strength provides the necessary reserve and resolve. These pairs of cards need to be integrated into a “both and” interpretation, not an “either or. Together they create a perfect balance and harmony. Of course, there is a shadow side to these 2024 cards just like the others! But, let’s focus on their positive attributes for now!!

New Science Of Heaven

“Answers so many questions, scientific and esoteric, about the true nature of our reality… A seminal work… Will revolutionise how we frame reality and the thinking of everyone on this planet. Kudos to Professor Temple for striking the first match to light the fire.” – NEW DAWN

The story of the science of plasma and its revolutionary implications for the way we understand the universe and our place in it.

Histories of science in the 20th century have focused on relativity and quantum mechanics. But, quietly in the background, there has been a third area of exploration which has equally important implications for our understanding of the universe. It is unknown to the general public despite the fact that many Nobel prize winners, senior academics and major research centres around the world have been devoted to it – it is the study of plasma

Plasma is the fourth state of matter and the other three – gas, liquid and solids – emerge out of plasma. This book will reveal how over 99% of the universe is made of plasma and how there are two gigantic clouds of plasma, called the Kordylewski Clouds, hovering between the Earth and the Moon, only recently discovered by astronomers in Hungary. Other revelations not previously known outside narrow academic disciplines include the evidence that in certain circumstances plasma exhibits features that suggest they may be in some sense alive: clouds of plasma have evolved double helixes, banks of cells and crystals, filaments and junctions which could control the flow of electric currents, thus generating an intelligence similar to machine intelligence. We may, in fact, have been looking for signs of extra-terrestrial life in the wrong place.

Bestselling author Robert Temple has been following the study of plasma for decades and was personally acquainted with several of the senior scientists – including Nobel laureates – at its forefront, including Paul Dirac, David Bohm, Peter Mitchell and Chandra Wickramasinghe (who has co-written an academic paper with Temple).

Click here to read more…

December 2022 Ren Zi – 壬⼦ Black Water Rat – Fire, Water and Cycles

December Feng Shui

December 2022 is ruled by the yang black water rat. The Yang elemental water is seated is on top of the rat who is composed of both yin and yang water. On top of this, it is a yang water Tiger year. So much water! Yang water is powerful water like the oceans. Water rules the emotions and this powerful fresh fluid energy, that has been lacking for the last few months, has the potential to wake people up and to enable them to feel more self-assured, dauntless, and independent from the constant programming going on around them. They may even feel they have the ability to flow through any and all obstacles with ease! This is a welcome energy, but it is powerful, illusive and we need to use it wisely!

Classical Feng Shui is the technique used to unveil these hidden properties. It is based on the continuous inter-dimensional observations made by Chinese sages in contemplation of the underlying unseen etheric mechanics of the universe. They found that qi (etheric energy) exists everywhere and is the basic foundation of life and substance. They also discovered qi follows spiral and vorticular pathways (like water and air), and if its flow is compromised or distorted, it affects not only the health of the planet, but all other life forms that exist on earth. Through their vast collection of data, the sages realized that there are verifiable, repeatable cycles of qi that affect both man and the structures he builds. These Feng Shui cycles are related to both time and space.

Next year, 2023, the Black Water Rabbit year is the transition year to 2024, where we will move out of period 8 cycle (yang earth) into a new twenty year Flying Stars Feng Shui cycle, ruled by the period 9 (fire) star. A Complete Cycle of the Flying Stars is 180 years and contains three 60-year Big Periods: the Upper, Middle, and Lower periods. Each of these periods contains three 20-year small periods. In 2024, we move into the 9th 20-year period which lasts from 2024 to 2043 and is the lowest point of the 180 year cycle.

The reason why each Feng Shui Period lasts 20 years is due to the movement of Saturn and Jupiter, in that they take 20 years to align with each other, and it is believed that when Saturn and Jupiter align, in a certain configuration, major changes will occur.

Every home and business on the Earth has its own unique Flying Star diagram of qi energy. The positions of of these Flying Stars within a
home or business move when the cycles change. Daily Flying Stars impact Feng Shui Luck only for a day, monthly Flying Stars impact Feng Shui Luck only for a month and yearly Flying Stars affect Feng Shui Luck for one year. But, the position of the 20 year Flying Star lasts for 20 years. That is why moving into a new 20 tear period will have such an affect on current star placement within the home or business, especially since we are moving from yang earth (8) to fire (9) energy.

Some of the things he number 9 fire star is related to are the eyes or heart, the mind, middle-aged women and matriarchy in general, explosions and fires in the destructive sense and it is will be the wealth star.

In the next newsletter, I will go more deeply into our upcoming cycle changes both new year and 20 year.

November 2022: Month of the Silver Metal Pig

Month of the Silver Metal Pig

Everything seems so on edge this month. From the economy, to politics, to wars, there is chaos and pent-up anger in the air. Even the cosmos is broadcasting these energies to us! Tomorrow, November 8th is election day in the US tomorrow and it is being overshadowed by a total lunar eclipse and full moon. The full moon which usually reflects the solar rays as cool white, calming light, will be blood red. Blood moons, with their eerie copper color, bring an astrological and spiritual shift that can sometimes feel chaotic and disorienting. The Total Lunar Eclipse is a significant event because, the Earth, traveling between the Sun and Moon, disconnects and disrupts the normal monthly energetic flow. The ancients believed (through eons of observation) that this disruption can activate unexpected events and shift us out of our current cycle to new levels of consciousness. Tomorrow should be a memorable day!

The ancients knew that each planet, sun and moon were each ruled by a specific metal that linked heaven to earth – the sun (gold), Moon (silver), Mercury (mercury), Venus (copper). Mars (iron). Jupiter (tin) and Saturn (lead.). We have forgotten most of this wisdom because current science has isolated itself from the impact of the constant cosmic forces streaming in from the heavens. Luckily, we have the pioneering work of Lili Kolisko., who in her decades of qualitative scientific research on these relationships proved that a definite connection exists between specific earthly substances and heavenly bodies!

She discovered the moon and the moon sphere (the aura) were intimately interwoven with silver when it is brought into a liquid state, Through her study of silver, she found that if silver was melted and then allowed to solidify, a specific phenomenon was observed that did not occur when other metals were melted. The silver attracted oxygen out of the air when it was melted, but as it solidified, it expelled the oxygen. The molten metal began to move and splutter and developed a crater landscape – like erupted volcanoes. The solidified silver looked just like the surface of the moon!

When we think of the landscape described above, it is difficult to realize that the most remarkable quality of both the moon and silver is their affinity to light. This is the reason silver is used in photography and to make mirrors. Lily Kolisko said, “The silver acts in such a way that it represents what lives in Light, it produces picture of what acts in light. The silver behaves like the moon in the cosmos. The moon is continually reflecting the light that comes from the sun and all other planets. The moon is the great photographer of the universe! It continually brings us back pictures.”

Through further experiments, she was able to observe the effects of various phases of the moon on a silver salt solution. The process of these experiments involved placing cylinders of special filter paper into glass vessels that held measured amounts of silver salts dissolved in an acidic solution. The silver salts rose up the filter paper crystalizing into patterns that changed according to the lunar phases, seasons and planetary alignments. Through careful study she showed there is a definite rhythmical process taking place. She found each month had unique characteristics.

This is because the moon is reflecting the light of the sun in different zodiacal constellations. It is as if the silver is producing cosmic photographs. Each, day, month, and year has its own lunar signature. The silver pictures of the moon (above) are from July and August, 1927.

In Kolisko’s research, she demonstrated that everything (whether in the cosmos or on Earth) has a body and a “sphere of action ” that surrounds it. This sphere can only be accessed when solid matter is dissolved into a liquid state. As she said, “The spiritual, nonmaterial forces are not somewhere up in the clouds, They are everywhere, even here on Earth. This is the same wisdom the alchemists use in their transformation and perfection of matter. It reminds me of my favorite alchemical saying, “You must fix the volatile and volatize the fixed!

Looking at the Chinese birth year animal ( the sun sign in the western astrology) of some of the main political actors, I found that Karen Bass, who is running for LA mayor, Zelensky, and Xi are all snakes and in opposition to the monthly qi because the snake opposes the pig’s energy. Other interesting findings are Newsom is a sheep (favored this month,) and Putin is a dragon and can get along well with pig energy. President Biden being a horse is not very tolerant of the pig’s qi and has to work at compatibility.

Thankfully, the silver pig’s qi this month is known for its abundance of intelligence, peacekeeping abilities and great sense of humor. These are qualities we all need this month, especially in a Triple Black Water Tiger year!

Love and Light,

July 2022: Month of the Fire Sheep – Ding Wei 丁未)

month of fire sheep

July is ruled by the sheep every year, and in 2022 it is ruled by the fire sheep which enters our lives on July 7th. The sheep/goat which is the eighth sign symbolizes purity, gentleness, kindness, intelligence, creativity, dependability, and calmness. After the extreme energy and chaos of the double fire horse this month, the world is calling us to slow down and return to the center to harmonize our body, mind and spirit with the nurturing qualities of Yin Earth, the element of the Sheep.

Speaking of returning to center to harmonize our body, mind and spirit, it is the perfect segue into the main subject of this newsletter – labyrinths, devas and the brain. There are currently many studies being done by spiritual communities, universities, medical centers etc. on the many health benefits of walking a labyrinth and this has led to thousands of hospitals, health care facilities, spas, public parks, and houses of worship worldwide to install labyrinths in recent years. Researchers have found that walking a labyrinth is a right brain activity (creative, intuitive, imaginative), and can induce a contemplative or meditative state of mind, calm anxieties during periods of stress, deepen self-knowledge, enhance creativity, and lead to personal and spiritual growth.

A labyrinth is not a maze. It has a clear winding path from the entry point to the center and then that same path is used to return to the exit point. Many see it as a tool to create full concentration, focused meditation and contemplation.

Reflecting on all of these benefits, I decided to see if there was a labyrinth near me. To my surprise, I discovered a beautiful Chartes Labyrinth on top of a hill, surrounded by trees that are over a hundred years old at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale and It is only fifteen minutes from my house. It is free, accessible every day and there seldom are people near it in physical dense that is!

I started walking the labyrinth two or three times a week, repeating the “Great Invocation.” It is a world prayer that invokes divine energies of light and love and spiritual power for all humanity. Then, in one of my You Tube interviews with Cynthia Sue Larson on the Mandela Effect, she talked about how she would ask an important question when entering the labyrinth and found when she got to center, her question was answered. So, I decided to do this and am continually amazed at the unexpectedly
profound answers I receive!

The first startling answer was when I was at the entrance. I asked what I needed to know about the labyrinth and the answer was, “Welcome, I am the Deva of this Labyrinth.” Inherently I knew from my years of research and study that everything in creation, on all planes, has a deva (the body – container,) but I had never thought of the deva of the labyrinth ! So I entered into his/her being (they are androgynous I’m told) and through subsequent visits learned that all labyrinths actually exist in 3 dimensions in the form of s large cone with the center being the heart center in the head – the diamond cave as it is referred to in Chinese esoteric anatomy. I was told when I entered in to always be conscious of spiraling up to the center and then spiraling down on my walk out. This was validated when I shared this info with my fellow dowser friend, SueTrumpfeller, who I knew had built many labyrinths in her labyrinth classes at the beach. Sue said she and her students were always amazed when they built a labyrinth that the sea gulls would not fly through it, but instead circled around the perimeter. Then, as they were leaving the beach, the sea gulls flew in and sat around the edge. They knew an etheric temple had been built!

I learned how my brain circuitry and dna are entangled with that of the labyrinth and was instructed to bring a quartz crystal with me each time so it could be programmed with the continual wisdom. I also was told it is best to walk a labyrinth out in nature, so I am aligning as the common surface between heaven and earth and not being used as an agent for the agenda of the building I am walking in. When walking the labyrinth outdoors, you are a tuning an etheric temple dedicated to nature and bringing life back into a synthetic, harmonic whole.

Every visit is a new experience! Since I have pages and pages of wisdom from the Deva, I have decided to write a small book entitled, “Messages from the Deva of the Labyrinth.” I have taken several friends to walk the labyrinth and they are usually amazed by the answer they get to their question!

To learn more about labyrinths – please visit my You Tube channel – and hit subscribe and like –

Labyrinths with Sue Trumpfeller:

The Mandela Effect with Cynthia Sue Larson:

Try to find a labyrinth near you – either the Classical 7 circuit one or the Chartes 11 circuit one – both work and both offer different experiences!

Also, visit my store and get some new shungite to wear or carry to protect yourself from the rampant 5G energy being unleashed on us!

Love, Light and Power!

June 2022 – Month of the Fire Horse Bing Wu – 丙午

June will burst forth with the energy of a horse galloping forward at full speed, since the element of the month is fire and the horse is a fire animal! Double fire. It is said this qi combination has the ability to traverse both dark and light and is frequently symbolized as an eclipse.

Since this sign has the reputation of being solitary, self sufficient, and placing his (its a yang sign) needs at the center everything, there may be a tendency for selfishness to arise at the expense of the collective well being, especially in these uncertain times. The fire horse can also be bold and rebellious toward anyone/anything that has to do with rules and regulations. For the Fire Horse, there is little enjoyment to be found in a slow-paced life. Since the Summer Solstice is the day of ultimate yang, the double fire horse is perfectly placed!

It is a time when the world is experiencing the fullest expression of of the sun and celebrating the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. On the Summer Solstice, magical rituals and ceremonies are still performed in sun temples {located on the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees) around the world to maintain the balance and harmony of nature.

For cultures worldwide, gold was the earthly symbol of the sun. It was seen as the royal metal because it was incorruptible and sacred to the solar deities. Gold symbolizes the heart and the union of heaven and earth in perfect love on all planes. Some traditions of this union, like the wedding ring, have survived. The golden ring (sun-circle) is still placed on the ring finger which is named Apollo, after the sun god!

Traditionally, most weddings took place in June (still do,) so the fruit of the union would be born in the spring – ideally!

In Kabbalistic and other hermetic teachings, the Sephiroth Tiphareth (the heart chakra) is always a golden or yellow color, not green, to indicate the deep resonance between the heart and the sun. Today, You usually find the heart colored green in most chakra charts and teachings online because they believe the heart is related to Venus. Green which is the planetary color related to copper (Venus’s metal) is the color of Netzach which rules the throat center (Taurus,)The majority of gold in the human body is located in the heart! Lily Kolisko in her great pioneering scientific work on the relationship of metals to the planets, found that gold chloride when activated by the sun on her filter paper usually crystallized in rich pictures as golden yellow, peach blossom to violet. In Feng shui, “peach blossom” is known as “the color of pure love.” Goethe like the Chinese, in his color theory, found peach blossom (same colors as Kolisko) to be the colors of the soul.

Midsummer occurs the week after the summer solstice. The celebration predates Christianity, and has existed under different
names and traditions around the world. The sun, on the solstice (meaning standing still,) is seen to be moving again. It is the peak point of the rising tide of the solar in- breath for those in the northern hemisphere – and of the out-breath for those south of the equator. June 24th is known throughout Europe as Midsummer’s Day and bonfires are lit to drive out evil forces and to renew the reproductive powers for the year. For the pagans and gypsies, it is a time to bathe “sky clad” while honoring the Sun.

The Freemasons celebrate this day as the “Festival of John the Baptist” who is seen as a bright and shining light. it is believed to be his birthday and is the first day of their New Year. June 24th was chosen to mirror the birth of Jesus, December 25th, three days after the winter solstice, when St John, the Evangelist, was born.

Freemasonry historically sees both St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist as its patron saints, reveres their memory, and points to their exemplary lives in its ritualistic work, According to pagan folklore, evil spirits would appear on midsummer’s day. To ward off these evil spirits, people would wear protective garlands of herbs and flowers.

In ancient China up to today, midsummer celebrations honor the Earth, femininity, and yin. Interestingly, with the most intense yang energy of the solstice lessening and turning southward, the coming influence of the yin energies are now celebrated. This energy will gain inpower and influence until it reaches its height on the winter solstice. Honoring the balance between these two forces is extremely important in the Chinese culture. It is believed that if these cycles become out of sync, an imbalance will occur and bring catastrophes.

It’s going to be a “hot” event memorable month in this year of the Black Water Tiger.

May 2022 – Month of the Green Wood Snake and Order and Harmony

The wise Green Wood Snake cycles is known for reveling behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and clandestine activities. As each new revelation brings more confusion and uncertainty into our lives, it is important to remember that cosmic and earthly cycles play a basic fundamental role in our lives, They are involved not only in our daily affairs, but our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. From the motions of planets, to the ups and downs of the stock market, to personal biorhythms, to wars, to droughts, to the seasons, we unwittingly out picture their many influences. For many cultures and traditions, we are in or entering ending cycles. In Feng Shui, we will enter the lowest 20 year cycle of a bigger 180 year cycle in 2024.

With all of the uncertainty, disorder and chaos swirling around us during this current cycle, it is important to remember what is really important. Within each of our individual lives, we can consciously create order and harmony. Our living space is a great place to begin!

We all are aware by now of the importance of controlling noise, eliminating clutter, and bringing in fresh air and natural light into our living spaces, but there are other invisible energies that also affect our health and well-being.

In Feng Shui, we know that we are strongly influenced by all objects in our environment. I have found in my space clearing sessions that certain art and decorative objects can have a very weakening effect on people. I muscle test my clients (using kinesiology) while they are looking at a particular painting, statue, decorative object etc. to see whether it strengthens or weakens them. It is amazing how often a work of art that is prominently displayed right where they enter the house or on the wall opposite the bed where it is the first thing they see when they wake up, weakens them.

An interesting experiment, carried out by a fellow dowsing colleague, Bill Russell, showed that even the way we place our shoes on the floor when we take them off of our feet could strengthen or weaken us!

People muscle tested strong when they looked at a pair of shoes that were d harmony lined up together in a parallel fashion. When the shoes were pointing towards each other, however, or one shoe was facing forward and one shoe was facing backward, or they were just tumbled together, the person tested weak!! He found we have an energetic “tie” to our shoes, as they are symbols of our feet.

Here is the link to his insightful article:

It is important to look around when you are at your desk, dining table, or anywhere you sit frequently and see what is on the wall, on a table, or on the floor. Then, focus on it and muscle test or dowse to discover its effect on you. If you are unfamiliar with muscle testing, there are You Tube videos that demonstrate the technique (kinesiology).

There are many things in our environment, from our art to our shoes that need to be tested to ensure we are consciously creating order and harmony within our homes and offices. Just because you like or are attracted to some object, you paid a fortune for a piece of artwork or it was created by a famous artist doesn’t mean it is supportive of your health and well-being. It might not be in resonance with your personal energetic frequency. By making conscious changes to our environment, we can reduce much of the stress and anxiety in our lives.

Maybe its time to schedule a Professional Space Clearing!

Month of the Green Wood Dragon Jia Chen 甲⾠ The Guardian April 2022 and the Geography of Time

This year, April is ruled by the Yang Green Wood Dragon. The Green Wood Dragon represents tall, ancient, stable, and noble trees growing on a mountain top. This allows him to clearly see how we should navigate the current situation on earth for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, he also embodies energies that are a proud, strong, and stubborn and these are not favorable qualities for negotiation! Hopefully, those in power can rise above these personal traits and utilize the valuable, higher insights the dragon offers this month.

Over the last couple of pandemic years, I was struck by how time seemed to flow so differently. Just about everyone I talked to said that they found time passing very strangely because there was so much “sameness” in being stuck at home so much of the time. Some felt time had sped up and others that it had slowed down. I think people’s perception of time depended on where they lived.

All this talk about pandemic time, reminded me of a fascinating book I read a few years ago, “The Geography of Time,” by Robert Levine. I decided to revisit the amazing data he had assembled over 11 years of research, visiting 31 different cities in 10 different countries to record the flow of time.

We’re so used to equating geographical locations with space that we overlook the possibility that time is also geographical. In Classical Feng Shui, both space (the magnetic direction a structure faces) and time (the year the building was built) are used to determine the energetic blueprint of a structure. Both space-time and time-space, the visible and invisible aspects are brought together to determine the energetic dynamics of a structure, city or country. Each is considered a living organism with its own personality.

In his book, Robert Levine, explores the ways different cultures perceive time and how that perception correlates to a variety of different facets of the society. He discovered that cultures perceive time either through events or through clocks. Those cultures that went by event time tended to have a slower tempo of life and lived near or below the equator to the South. They also lived more in present time that cultures to the north.

Levine’s researchers measured the signature tempo of 31 different sized cities in 20 different countries They timed how long it took people to walk 60 feet and how long it took postal clerks to sell a stamp and make change. They also recorded clock accuracy in each of the cities. They then took their research and compared the numbers to a wide variety of statistical measurements to learn what effect the tempo of a place has on the lives of the people who live there. This was a eleven year study and the results were fascinating!

The 10 countries with the overall fasted pace of life were Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Japan. Italy. England, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong. The 10 countries with the slowest pace of life were Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, El Salvador, Syria, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, China, and Kenya. The United States came in right the middle
between the two categories. Eight of the ten fastest countries were from Western Europe with Japan and Hong Kong being the only intruders! The amazing thing is that if he went back to measure a city, he would get the same tempo.

Cities of one country also differed greatly. Even though most of the people spoke the same language, there were significant differences in the pace of life. To study the United States, Levine divided it into four areas – Northeast, Midwest, South and West. In each of these areas, he chose three large metropolitan cities., three medium size cities and three smaller cities. The United States was measured differently and more extensively that the other countries.

In the United States, he measured the pace of walking, the time it took clerks to give change, the number of people wearing wristwatches, and the talking speed. Utilizing these measurements, he found the five cities with the fastest pace of life to be Boston, Buffalo, New York City, Salt Lake City and Columbus, Ohio. The five slowest cities were Los Angeles, Sacramento, Shreveport, LA, San Jose and Memphis. Since the book was written in 1997, wristwatches were being worn to tell time – now they are worn just for fashion. With the worldwide use of cell phones, that part of the data will need to be updated!

The Northeast was the speediest. They generally walked faster, gave change faster and wore more wristwatches. California cities had the slowest pace of all which was due mostly to slow walkers and bank tellers. Los Angeles’s score was based on the overall pace of life. They did, however, come in 13th in the number of people wearing wristwatches – definitely a fashion statement, even 25 year ago.

The book also measured other parameters of life in the United States. Two, I found really interesting, measured people’s charitable contributions (through United Way) and their willingness to help a stranger in need. What is amazing is that the 11 California cities (who measured the slowest in the pace of life measurements) were the “least” generous and helpful to others.

This amazing research really highlights how much we are affected by the invisible energies that shape our life experiences. Every location on Earth has an unique geography of time – a tempo that is reflected in those who live there and it can actually be measured! Where you lived does make a difference in your life. During the pandemic, this flow was artificially interrupted and made most of us more aware of how connected we are to the flow of time. I think event time and clock time probably also got confused – muddled. The ancient Feng Shui Masters knew what they were talking about!”

Feng Shui and the Importance of Staying Grounded This Year

The year of the “Triple Tiger” is predicted to be aggressive, impatient, and rebellious, especially in this current tiger month and in the Monkey month of August (the monkey is in opposition to the tiger.) February 24th was both a monkey day and money month, so was in total clash with the triple tiger energies and it is the day Putin began his attack on Ukraine!

Saturday, March 5th, is the first day of the Black Water Rabbit, where tensions seem to lessen – or just go inward. The month has a more cautious, intolerant quality and is known to lack the determination to change its options when situations change. Luckily, however, the Black
Water Rabbit learns fast, has a good imagination and is very creative.

Also, the Rabbit is very compatible with the Tiger as they are both inherently wood energy. All of these “black water” energies, both year and months, keeps reminding me of the infamous “Black Water” paramilitary group. They must be in the mix somewhere in the Ukraine under their new name, Academi!

This is is a diagram of the Bagua which is used as the energy template for Feng Shui. The Lo Shu picture of the turtle coming out of the sea above, carries the same information. Both have the number 5 at the center. The annual chart for 2022, is the natural chart, which has 5 at the center like the “Magic Square of Saturn.” The 5, being in the center, however, has no direction or charge like all of the other numbers do. This why the 5 is so troublesome and called the “evil yellow number five star”. It is from another another dimension and does not support humans.

The Chinese use this Bagua template every year to determine the incoming energies (numbers change annually.). It is directionally placed on every form, animate or inanimate. – country, city, house, apartment or business to foretell the future. This means the “evil yellow #5” star is occupying the center of every form worldwide!

The 5 qi, coming into the center, can’t be remedied because the center of any form is only a transcendent point where qi enters and then spreads out to the periphery. This means the 5 energies will underlay all of the other flying stars and create a state of ungroundedness for 2022. It is important whencontemplating what this means, that we realize the template is not only in two dimensions, but also in three like the Rubic’s Cube below – and more!

This all means that with the constant swirling of doom, gloom, misinformation, and fear that is trying to engulf us, it is important to stay balanced, clear, and grounded. One of the easiest and currently most popular ways to get grounded is simply to walk around outside barefoot – old wisdom back again for another turn of the spiral!! Grass, dirt, sand, and concrete are all conductive surfaces from which the body can draw in grounding energies from the Earth. It’s a great way to get rid of jet lag, stress, inflammation, pain and to get centered.

Our current choice of rubber, plastic and synthetic soled shoes, however, keeps us insulated from these forces. So, even though we are walking or running outdoors, we are moving around unaware that we are totally disconnected from the vital healing energies of the Earth. Our ancestors
knew how important it was to be in direct contact with the Earth, and consequently they either went barefoot, wore moccasins, sandals or shoes
with leather soles.

Inside of our homes and businesses, wood, vinyl, rubber, glass and plastic surfaces are insulators, so to be grounded one has to go either to a tiled space which sits directly on a concrete slab, a stone area or down into the basement to be grounded!! Our current 60 watt energy is an alternating current and is not like the direct current we absorb directly from the Earth.

Consequently, we are being bombarded by this artificial alternating energy within our homes and businesses. not to mention the 5G nightmare.
Outside, asphalt is also an insulator. Think of all the school grounds covered in asphalt and the kids running around in sneakers (and masks!)

It is interesting to go into Churches, Synagogues, and other sacred sites around the world and see so many people visiting and worshipping in shoes that are keeping them ungrounded. It highlights the difference between being a pilgrim or a tourist – being connected to the sacred energies of the spot or merely observing them. Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and most Buddhists takes off their shoes when entering their sacred buildings.

They say it is because their shoes are unclean and they are entering a sacred location, but I think they have lost the knowledge about how important it is to be barefoot and grounded to a sacred geomatic spot. Just something to think about in this Triple Tiger year with ungrounded energy pouring into our homes.

Remember shungite is great at helping us stay grounded – just carry a stone in your pocket, purse or wear a pendant. And find a labyrinth – it is perfect to ground and center yourself!

Happy Spring Equinox,

The Black Water Tiger will soon be here! Animal Luck for 2022

January 2022

The Chinese Lunar New Year is February 1st this year and the Solar New Year (first day of spring) is February 4th. The months of both January and February are going to be intense this year as they have exactly the same ruling animal as the year. Since the new year doesn’t begin until February, the Xin Metal Ox is still in charge until February and then the Black Water Tiger aggressively moves in to claim his reign for the rest of 2022. So this means that the month of January 2022 will have double Xin White Metal Ox energy ruling and the month of February will have double Black Water Tiger energy.

The Ox is a yin animal (castrated) and the tiger is a yang animal. After two years of pandemic rules, confusions, fear etc. under the rat and ox, there is going to be an abrupt awakening, a feeling of reality, wanting to move on with our lives. The Year of the Tiger promises to be “A Year of Action and Change!”

It looks like the next two months are going to be intense and may be life changing! Also, we need to remember that the Ox is the ruling animal of Wuhan (2021) and the Tiger is the ruling animal of Beijing (2022.) It looks like China is getting ready to roar!

Since the Chinese year 2022 is synonymous with unforeseen changes and surprising developments, I thought it would be good to look at the general luck of the 12 Chinese animals. There are many considerations to take into account when reading one’s Chinese astrology, since the system (Bazi – Four Pillars) takes four animals into consideration – the animals that rules your birth hour, day, month and year!

The animal sign which is seen as most unfavorable is the Monkey who is in direct clash against the Tiger. Such clashes usually bring about movement, turbulence and change. Those born I’m the year of the monkey are advised against traveling NE as that is the home of the Tiger and Grand Duke this year. The other animal seen unfavorably this year is the tiger which is also in conflict with the Grand Duke of Jupiter. The snake also needs to pay close attention to decisions made this year. Since my birth year is ruled by the Monkey, and my birth month by the tiger. I really need to pay attention!

The most favored animals for the year are the horse, rooster, goat, and ox.The balance have a mixed year of luck.

The interview the week is on the Incredible Chiropractor, Radionics and Photography Pioneer, Ruth Drown. Harold Sexson joins me to share both his amazing collection of Ruth Drown machines and books and his admiration for her original research, groundbreaking treatments and photography. As Harold says, “She is such a treasure and no one has duplicated to date what she did!!”

Harold Sexson is a Certified Biofeedback Therapist, Aroma Therapist, retired nengineer and has been a Dowser since 1984. He also offers Quantum Biofeedback which includes the use of the computer fields, oils, affirmative statements and Biofeedback to uplift emotional states to a more positive life setting, bringing people into balance. He owns Natures Oils, LLC which offers energized natural essential oils and blends; Email him at, Website: