The Black Water Tiger will soon be here! Animal Luck for 2022

January 2022

The Chinese Lunar New Year is February 1st this year and the Solar New Year (first day of spring) is February 4th. The months of both January and February are going to be intense this year as they have exactly the same ruling animal as the year. Since the new year doesn’t begin until February, the Xin Metal Ox is still in charge until February and then the Black Water Tiger aggressively moves in to claim his reign for the rest of 2022. So this means that the month of January 2022 will have double Xin White Metal Ox energy ruling and the month of February will have double Black Water Tiger energy.

The Ox is a yin animal (castrated) and the tiger is a yang animal. After two years of pandemic rules, confusions, fear etc. under the rat and ox, there is going to be an abrupt awakening, a feeling of reality, wanting to move on with our lives. The Year of the Tiger promises to be “A Year of Action and Change!”

It looks like the next two months are going to be intense and may be life changing! Also, we need to remember that the Ox is the ruling animal of Wuhan (2021) and the Tiger is the ruling animal of Beijing (2022.) It looks like China is getting ready to roar!

Since the Chinese year 2022 is synonymous with unforeseen changes and surprising developments, I thought it would be good to look at the general luck of the 12 Chinese animals. There are many considerations to take into account when reading one’s Chinese astrology, since the system (Bazi – Four Pillars) takes four animals into consideration – the animals that rules your birth hour, day, month and year!

The animal sign which is seen as most unfavorable is the Monkey who is in direct clash against the Tiger. Such clashes usually bring about movement, turbulence and change. Those born I’m the year of the monkey are advised against traveling NE as that is the home of the Tiger and Grand Duke this year. The other animal seen unfavorably this year is the tiger which is also in conflict with the Grand Duke of Jupiter. The snake also needs to pay close attention to decisions made this year. Since my birth year is ruled by the Monkey, and my birth month by the tiger. I really need to pay attention!

The most favored animals for the year are the horse, rooster, goat, and ox.The balance have a mixed year of luck.

The interview the week is on the Incredible Chiropractor, Radionics and Photography Pioneer, Ruth Drown. Harold Sexson joins me to share both his amazing collection of Ruth Drown machines and books and his admiration for her original research, groundbreaking treatments and photography. As Harold says, “She is such a treasure and no one has duplicated to date what she did!!”

Harold Sexson is a Certified Biofeedback Therapist, Aroma Therapist, retired nengineer and has been a Dowser since 1984. He also offers Quantum Biofeedback which includes the use of the computer fields, oils, affirmative statements and Biofeedback to uplift emotional states to a more positive life setting, bringing people into balance. He owns Natures Oils, LLC which offers energized natural essential oils and blends; Email him at, Website:

December 2021 – Winter Solstice. The Pine Cone, the Pineal Gland and Ruth Drown

December 7 to January 7, 2022, is ruled by the White Metal Rat. The rat is seen as a very special animal because it is half yin and half yang. He is designated as such because he has four fingers (yin) in front and five toes (yang) behind. Each animal rules two hours each day.The rat hour, however, crosses two days- from 11p.m. to 1 a.m., so he contains both late night and early morning energies – ending and beginnings. Therefore, th rat is the perfect animal to rule the month of the winter solstice which see yin (darkness) dying to the darkest point of the year and then light. (yang) being reborn! Rat months are known for introducing periods of change and transformation.

During this month our physical sun is the nearest it has been all year to the Earth (northern hemisphere) and the energies of our “invisible” black sun are the farthest from the Earth! The ancients knew that our planet revolves in an elliptical pattern around the sun and every ellipse has two centers. Therefore, our visible sun forms one center, and the other center is called
“the black, invisible sun.” Each planet in our solar system creates different elliptical patterns, so there are a multitude of black invisible suns. It is strange to think that during the darkest, coldest time of the year, our physical sun is the closest! Jung was very captivated with the powerful energies emanating from these invisible suns and wrote about it in his famous “Red Book.”

During this cycle of the winter solstice, there is an ancient tradition that many cultures around the world still practice. That is the veneration of the evergreen tree, which symbolizes longevity, peace, wisdom and harmony. It also holds another gift, the pinecone. The Pinecone has long been a symbol of enlightenment and offers a beautiful example of sacred geometry. At its base, you’ll notice that its scales form a perfect Fibonacci spiral in either direction which are based on the Golden Number of Phi – 1.618. The proportions of our bodies also follow this Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13,24 etc.

Esoterically, the pinecone is the symbol of the “pineal” gland which is located deep within the center of our brain, in the third ventricle. It is a very tiny gland (the size of a grain of rice). is shaped like a pinecone and has many tiny crystals within that act as transmitters for the very high-frequency light. These crystals are sometimes referred to as brain sand.
It controls the internal clocks that are affected by the movement or journey of the sun. As the daylight hours shorten, it releases the chemical melatonin, to regulate sleep and wake patterns, mood, growth development, and tissue function. It is continually monitoring the balance of light and darkness within out systems.

On a spiritual level, the pineal also rules over our consciousness and when activated together with the pituitary gland has the ability to help us awaken and transcend into a higher state of being. It enables the intuitive Third Eye which receives cosmic energies through the Crown Chakra – to link the physical world to the spiritual realms beyond time.

Although much has been written on the pineal, there is some mind – blowing information that was discovered by the amazing chiropractor and radionics practitioner, Ruth Drown. In the mid thirties, she developed a camera which she named RadioVision that recorded etheric photographs made from the blood crystal of a patient.

She was able with her camera and radionics machine to create black and white photographs of the inside of the human body Irregardless of the geographical distance between the Instrument and the patient. She used a drop of the patient’s blood to connect with the client and was able to photographically record the energetic patterns of the person as long as the client was alive. It was an extremely successful system of diagnosis and therapy she utilized for twenty-five years with thousands of patients. She took pictures from clients around the world and was able to diagnose both their illness and treatment. I have seen one picture taken while she was in her office in Hollywood and the patient was being operated on in Paris. She recorded the knife of the surgeon on her photograph just as the operation was taking place. You can see the knife inside of the person! When she decided to etherically photograph the pineal gland, she was presented with photos that no one had ever seen or or wrote about before.

The pictures showed that when we are born, the pineal is in an upright position for a couple of weeks. Then, it moves into a horizontal position for the rest of our lifetime, until a couple of weeks before our death. At this point, it moves back into the upright position! At both birth and death the pineal is in a vertical position. There is much wisdom to ponder here. The Pineal gland beyond monitoring the light cycles within our body is also monitoring our cycles of life and death. The intimate relationship between the winter solstice, pinecone symbolism and the pineal are real!

This week my interview guest is Scott Onstott. He is world famous for his original research, writings and videos on Sacred Geometry. In this fascinating interview, Scott gives us deeper insights into the philosophy and worldwide application of Sacred Geometry. He is the creator of the “Secrets In Plain Sight” video series, an inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design unveiling the unlikely intersection of geometry, mysticism, physics, music, astronomy, and world history. “Secrets In Plain Sight” has been seen by more than 11 million people to date. One of his videos deals with Pinecone Sacred Geometry and symbolism around the world!

He is also the author of 14 technical books on architectural software and several more books on esoteric subjects. Scott has a degree in architecture and worked designing corporate interiors for a decade in San Francisco before becoming an independent teacher, author and filmmaker. Scott says, “Geometry is an exploration of truth, the kind that is self-evident and universal. Where there is universal truth, there is also great beauty and from this a feeling of sacredness naturally arises.”

Video Link:

November 2021 – Yin Earth Pig Ji Hai ⼰ 亥 and I Ching for 2021

November 2021

New Shungite products for the holidays new video on what Mercury Retrograde really means!

November is always ruled by a pig, but with different elements sitting on top of her. This month it is yin earth (soil) sitting on top of the (yin water) pig. In my notes from some Chinese astrology class I took years ago, I noted, there is an expression among Chinese farmers that goes, “we only dig in our Ancestors.” Meaning the family has been there so long the soil is made of their dead relatives—this is Earth Pig Qì. This month may bring forward memories and values so ancient they can’t be named. This is a month to remember what we need to save. The value of animals lies in their capacity to transform, and Pigs are the “great transformers,” able to digest anything! This capacity will be at the heart of the upcoming month.

I Ching for 2021

Each year, month and day has a ruling i Ching hexagram. I think it is a great time to review the hexagram for the year 2021 again to see howamazingly accurate it has been!

For 2021, “the Year of the White Metal Ox, “the annual I Ching reading is Hexagram 36 with kun (soil top trigram) sitting on top of li (fire – bottom diagram. It is usually named “The Dimming Light “or “Clouded Perception.”

According to James DeKorne’s Gnostic Book of Changes, it is also seen as the symbol of Clear Intelligence Wounded, Injury, Wounding of the Bright, Brightness Hiding, The Darkened Light, Concealment of Illumination, Injury of Illumination, Light Obliterated, Intelligence Unappreciated, Censorship, Hiding One’s Light, The Dark Night of the Soul, and Ignorance. It seems like a perfect description of 2021 in so many ways!

I also just discovered that each city in China has a ruling animal. Beijing has the Tiger (next year, 2022 will be a Black Tiger year.) Guess who is the ruling animal of Wuhan – yes, the Ox! Everything seems to be right on target.

There is a new video on “The Science behind Planets going Retrograde!”

Astrologer Elliot Tanzer is back to discuss what really happens when Mercury and all the other planets go retrograde. In this lively interview, he explains that Mercury isn’t the only planet that retrogrades. In fact, all of them do. And when this happens, it isn’t the end of the world as you know it. In fact, retrogrades can be used for good – it depends on what is in retrograde in your astrology chart! Here is the link to watch this informative video –

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And lastly, I am doing a new video for the members on the tongue! I have been researching it since I discovered that like the ear and the iris of the eye, the organs are represented. In Chinese medicine they know that yourtongue is always working for you and represents your energy in 5 Elements. Relative to its size, it is the strongest muscle in your body and if you take a close look at it on a regular basis, you can discover a lot about your energy and health!




October 2021 – Brown Mountain Dog Wu Xu 戊戌 and Facial Piercings


Yang Earth is the Dog’s native element, so this is a double yang earth month (symbolized by the mountain.) For the Dog, yang earth represents territory, protection, stability, unselfish service, and loyalty. These energies are extremely different from the intensity of the last two months which were ruled by the destructive combination of fire and metal mixing to form passion and delusion. The Rooster crowed last month and the Dog will now follow common sense orders! Every insight you have garnered during the last few months will now have a chance to ground and take root. This month presents a window for action, manifestation, and fruition that has not been present for quite some time. Integrity and honesty can flourish under the Dog’s qi if we work to strengthen, heal, and solidify our alliances after the chaos and decisiveness of the last two pandemic years.

This month is a good time to establish a strong, mindful practice such as meditating, praying, journaling, hiking, running, yoga, or martial arts etc., to stay

After getting a great response on last month’s newsletter about the face being a topographical map according to Chinese face reading I decided to continue looking into some other aspects of this fascinating subject. Your face is not just your appearance; it reveals what you are, what you have been and what you will be. The secret, precious information written on your face has been studied and recorded not only by the Chinese, but by other cultures around the world such as ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Chinese Ear

The Chinese, however, codified the most complete compilation of knowledge on the subject.

With the craze for facial piercings still strong, I decided to give a brief overview of what the Chinese predicted would happen if one purposely created “holes” in their face or ears! Each area of the face and ears corresponds to different organs and therefore any piercings can affect your physical, emotional and/or mental health.

The nose governs the fate of your middle age and is the location where the “wealth” palace is located. By putting a “hole” in the nose ( your safety deposit box), it is predicted that your money will drain away, especially in middle age.

The Eyebrows govern your relationship with your siblings and your fate during your thirties. Putting a hole here, when you are a teenager, can negatively affect your relationship with your brothers and sisters at a future point. Physically, piercing here can affect the health of your bladder. The tongue rules desire and how we express ourselves. Making a hole here can create unbalanced, unwholesome desires and problems with communication. The stomach can also be negatively impacted.

The ears represent an “inverted fetus’” which contains a complete map of the body with the ear lobes being the head. The center of the earlobe rules the eyes and worldwide this is the most common spot for earrings. There is no cartilage and the Chinese thought that putting gold earrings here would promote good eyesight, since it would affect that part of the brain relating to
the sight. Interestingly, many other cultures also thought the same thing. Mediterranean sailors said that they wore gold earrings to strengthen their vision! Piercing the outside of the ear with rings (where there is cartilage) can damage the spine and piercing the outer top of the ears can hurt the legs Clearly, making holes anywhere but the earlobe is not looked upon
favorably. Botox, plastic surgery and other procedures also bring unexpected consequences!

The You Tube interview this week is part two with Dr. Nisha Manek on “The Magic of Space.’“

In this interview Dr. Manek, explains how Dr. William Tiller’s astonishing, repeatable target experiments with water, fruit flies etc. showed the world the power of intention to change materials under scientific protocol. He proved over and over again that human consciousness changes space and matter and it can be intentionally directed to a specific outcome. Dr, Manek is a former esteemed member of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Rheumatology and an internationally recognized leader of Integrative Medicine. This is a powerful interview packed with much wisdom. Part one was very popular and some people emailed me saying they wished she was their doctor!! You can buy her book “Bridging Science and Spirit,” where she simplifies Dr. Tiller’s dense research into easily understandable concepts through my website:

Month of the Red Fire Rooster Ding You 定有 and The Topographical Map of your Face!

Month of the RoosterThis month is a yin fire rooster. That means it is ruled by the clashing energies of yin fire (ding) melting yin metal (rooster). It is a more conservative yin period compared to last month which was ruled by yang fire and yang metal, but the conflict of the elements is still there. Ding fire is known for bringing the unseen into the light and looking beyond what the naked eye can comprehend. Many hidden agendas should be revealed this month!

Recently, while studying a topographical map for a Feng Shui consultation, I remembered all of the Chinese face reading study I did years ago, The face was looked upon as a topographical map – a living landscape of mountains, valleys and rivers. The terrain of your face provided a map of your personality, your past experiences and future potential. The shape, size and location of your features, coloration, scars, blemishes, shadows all combined to reveal your inner nature and they are constantly changing.

The ancient Chinese incorporated all of their vast wisdom into five categories called the “Five Arts.” These “Five Artsʼ are an integrated classification system that encompasses everything from mountain (knowledge and virtue), meditation, divination, medicine to physiognomy which is translated as the “science of observation,” the “science of forms,” or “the science of reading patterns.” Feng Shui, Face Reading and Palmistry are the three branches of wisdom within the Art of Physiognomy. If we look at the landscape of the face, we find there are “Five Mountains.” They are the hard yang features that are composed of bone. These mountains create the structure and the foundation of the face and represent oneʼs personality and character. Each mountain is ruled by one of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, or metal), and has a specific direction and location on the facial terrain.

The forehead, ruled by fire, is located to the south; the nose, ruled by earth, is in the center; the chin, ruled by water, is located to the north; the left cheek, ruled by wood, is located to the east; and the right cheek, ruled by metal, is located to the west. It is important that the five mountains are strong and high and that they balance and support each other. If they are low or out of balance, it may affect your luck.

The yin energies, which are represented by the soft tissue and features, exude fluids and are called the “Four Rivers.” They are the eyes, the ears, the mouth and the nostrils. These rivers represent the qi energy, the universal breath of life and each river has two forms, one positive and one negative. The positive qi of the eyes is expressed as Light and the negative is expelled as tears. Sound is the positive form for the ears and wax t the negative form. Breath is the positive qi of the nostrils while mucous is the negative aspect. The mouth can both take in and expel both positive and negative qi as kind words words versus critical ones and good food versus bad food!

People with large rivers and low mountains are usually very emotional, expressive and creative. They tend to have an easier life, with less struggle than those with prominent mountains and smaller rivers. Most of the time, those with strong features tend to be more independent than those with larger, softer water features.

The mountains represent the cosmic “Yang qi” of the cosmic father and the rivers the cosmic “Yin qi” of the cosmic mother. They are united at conception. This union produces your unique combination of mountains and rivers. Ideally, there should be harmony between the facial mountains and rivers, but most faces tend to be less than the ideal. The shape of our features are not static and are always changing like the topography of the Earth. We may witness a flood here, a small brush fire there, or a major tsunami across the whole face!!

In the weekly Thursday dialogues, last week’s video was delayed for a day , so please check it out. It is part 2 of dialogues with Phillip Lindsey on the Hidden History of Humanity. The research he has done on the cycles of planetary life are amazing. He has been called the “Modern Day Blavatsky” so you can imagine the depth of knowledge. He has a monthly newsletter and his website is:

This week we have the esteemed astrologer, Malvin Artley. His primary focus over the years has been on bridging the sciences, of both the West and East, to discover the hidden aspects of nature. In this dialogue, Malvin presents the subjective cycles of the planets, especially Saturn. Saturn has a 9 year subjective cycle which is different from the familiar objective cycle of 7 years . He explains how this nine year cycle perfectly aligns with Chinese astrology, the bagua (which is the magic square of Saturn) and much more. This dialogue is filled with much great, original research! He also has a monthly astrology newsletter that is packed with meaningful information,

His website is

The link to the you tube channel is:

Have a great autumn equinox! We need some balance!
Love and light Carol

August 2021 Newsletter – Month of the Red Fire Monkey – Bing Chen

Reflections on Time and New You Tube interviews posted every Thursday!

August 7 – September 8

The seventh month of the Chinese calendar is always ruled by the Monkey. This cerebral yang metal sign represents the qualities of agility, intelligence, and chaotic individualism. Yang red fire is sitting on top of the monkey’s yang metal this month, creating real raw passion during the heat of summer! This combination is known to bring explosions, excitement, brilliance, enthusiasm and the possibility of overdoing it just to get attention. Crimes and mischief that have been under wraps will explode out into the open. Social media justice/shamming/censorship will become even more out of control. This tightening oppression that’s been placed upon the people may begin to melt and expose the lies and deceit that has been fed to them. It is going to be a “hot” month!

Since I am a monkey and this is the cerebral month for over thinking, I have been reflecting on how the ancient Greeks made a distinction between the quantity of time and the quality of time. During the pandemic, I talked to many who commented on how the flow of time had seemed to slow down and become less structured and to others who felt it had become more compressed. Something is definitely happening with our personal conception of time and it seems we all are trying to adjust to how things feel somehow a little “out of order.”

The ancient Greeks had three distinct concepts of time Chronos, Kairos and Aion (Eon.) Each was personified as a god. Aion represented the everlasting eternity of the cosmos, whereas Chronos symbolized clock time, and Kairos the right time. Together, they explained humanity’s place in a temporal world as it moved forward through eternity.

Chronos (Saturn), the god of fate, rules chronological, sequential time. We measure it with clocks which are divided into seconds, minutes, and hours. It’s the constantly ticking movement that governs our daily lives and it only moves in one direction – forward. There is no going back. We can’t slow or stop it, and once it’s lost you can’t get it back. We describe it as the past, present and future or the beginning, middle or end. It can be looked at as the quantitative, digital measurement of time and its geometry is linear.

Kairos, the god of luck and opportunity, rules moments – not the strictly measured seconds of Chronos. It is about qualitative time – “nature time,” not mechanistic, human time. It rules the appropriate moment to take action. It is when a window of opportunity opens and one feels something is about to happen; that there is an opportunity to be seized. Kairos symbolizes the right time while Chronos symbolizes clock time.

Numerology and astrology play a big roll here in helping people to determine that right moment to take action. Kairos is magical analog time and its geometry is the spiral.

This passage from Ecclesiastes is a great description of Kairos. “To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot…”

Aion, the god of perpetual time, eternity, and zodiac, is associated with everlasting time. He differs from Chronos, who is also called a god of time, in that his movements are cyclic and Chronos is connected to linear movement. Aion, like the other two gods is considered a great living organism, not a machine. He is the eternal everlasting god who rules the ages – the iron age, bronze age etc. in cosmic order. Aionic time is a sphere whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.

Since the time of Galileo and Newton, humanity has progressively devolved into mechanistic, chronological digital time. It almost global now. As a result, most of us today would say that time passes, at a consistent and measurable rate, in a specific direction – from past to future. So now, during this curious “out of time” pandemic pause, it may be the perfect moment to widen our view of time and become more attuned to the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. As Hippocrates said:

“Every Kairos is a Chronos, but not every Chronos is a Kairos.”

I am excited to announce that I am launching my Invisible Architecture YouTube dialogues. Starting this Thursday, August 5th, there will be a new one every week. I am interviewing amazing people who I have followed and admired through the years. Each one is so unique and a master of their subject matter.

My initial interview is on sound with Jill Mattson. She is major sound researcher, writer, recording artist who has spend years researching and tracing the evolution of sound through all of the various cultures. The dialog is entitled, “The vibrational power of music controls our civilizations.”

You can link to the channel by just typing Invisible Architecture You tube into your bowser or here is the link:

The dialogue for next week is going to be on Archeology wars through the ages with Phillip Lindsey. Phillip is an author who has written several books focusing on the “Hidden History of Man,” and is an esoteric astrologer, a world traveler (he visits the many sites he writes about) and a documentarian.

I have many other diverse interviews lined up so please join us!

39th Parallel, Mason Dixon line and Cleopatra’s Obelisks

Since it is the Fourth of July weekend, I decided to revisit a newsletter I wrote four years ago about further research I had done on the “Amazing 39th Parallel.” I think the info is really relevant today considering Washington DC is celebrating its 245th birthday without its traditional parade and concert (one will be televised,) while Beijing is jubilantly celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party with a huge celebrations and a parade this week. They both are on the 39th parallel! “In esoteric circles, I had heard that it was the most powerful line of force on the Earth and was also referred to as the central nerve circuit of our planet. After a vast amount of research and dowsing, I realized this had to be true because of all the important cities and structures worldwide that were placed on or near it. Even Tesla tried to get as near to the line as possible to do his Colorado experiments!

I knew that Washington DC had purposely been constructed on the 39th parallel (they even had to drain a swamp to be on it,) but also found out that Thomas Jefferson personally financed the Lewis and Clark expedition to survey and extend the existing Mason Dixon Line. Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, both Master British astrologers and surveyors, created the line originally on the 39th parallel to separate the southern slave states from the north. Is it coincidental that the same line of latitude that separates the North from the South in America also was chosen to separate the North from the South in Korea?

Starting in Washington DC, the line crosses the Serpent Mound in Ohio (native Americans knew), the pyramid ruins in Southern Illinois, the future home of the CIA, our emergency government in Denver and the Bohemian Grove. It, however, does not end at the Pacific Ocean, but extends out to the border of North and South Korea and on to the Forbidden Palace in the center of Beijing and then on to Mount Arat and the Oracle of Delphi.

Initiates who knew the particular magnetic energy of each invisible line of latitude consciously chose all of these locations. So, when the two presidents of North and South Korea shook hands and pledged to end decades of conflict and sign a peace treaty, ( 2018) they were doing so on a magnetic line of energy that connects and affects both Washington DC, Beijing and all points in between. We have sunk so far into matter and the chaos of our current physical world, we cannot see that many world events are being influenced by higher, unknown, mysterious energetic forces.

Recently, while listening to an X episode on Dark Journalist, I found out more information about Jeremiah Dixon. His great nephew, John Dixon, who lived in London, was a Freemason and a British engineer. He was responsible for the almost impossible task of shipping a pair of gigantic obelisks, nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needles, from Egypt – one to London and one to Central Park in New York. There is another matching pair located in Paris and Alexandria. The Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose 111 commissioned the two pairs for the Temple of Heliopolis on the banks of the Nile in 1450 BC. Each obelisk is 71 feet tall and weighs 244 tons.

There is a really engrossing book on the Cleopatra Needles – “Cleopatra’s Needles: The Lost Obelisks of Egypt.” It is a fascinating account of an iconic Egyptian monument, the obelisk, and how its most famous examples have come to reside in three of the world’s capitals. The story of securing and shipping the obelisks is filled with adventure and intrigue! I am still researching for the hidden reason why the three most massive, valuable and impressive obelisks from Egypt were shipped to New York, London, and Paris, and looking at the latitude they were placed on. Knowing that it was a Masonic endeavor means there is more to it all than meets the eye! New York recently spent $500.000 to clean and repair the Needle in Central Park.

Another interesting fact about the Dixon’s deep involvement in America’s history is that Jean Dixon, the world famous physic who consulted with President Nixon over 70 times on major world decisions, married into the Dixon bloodline in Washington DC at age 19! It is also documented that FDR and Reagan consulted with her several times. Jean Dixon even predicted that Donald Trump would become president one day and gave the prediction written on a signed letter to Nixon. Nixon gave it to Trump who now proudly displays it in the Oval office!! Hmmmmm…

The Dixons definitely played, and maybe still do, a major roll in the
esoteric history of America and the world.”

The astrology for the month July 2021 – July 7th – August 7th.

The monthly Wood Sheep, is a contemplative energy that promises a respite from last month’s emotional “war horse’ energy! The Sheep is the eighth sign of the zodiac representing female (yin) energy and is predicted to bring a more quiet, thoughtful, introspective quality. The yin earth sheep however, when combine with yin wood, symbolizes a dry desertlike environment. The yin wood element, which is described as gentle grass or bamboo is trying to grow on harsh arid land since there is no water available in the Yi Wei combination – only earth, wood and fire. This seems so on point as we are now facing such severe drought.

Wishing you have a wonderful July 4th weekend!

Love and Light, Carol

It’s never too late to revisit your Feng Shui or do a House clearing

Interview with Instyle Magazine

7 Easy Feng Shui Tips to Clear Your Space And Your Mind

If you’re feeling out of balance, your home could be to blame.


Here is an interview I recently did with an editor of Instyle Magazine. She did a great job of pulling all of the information into a very readable, clear piece on how to clear your space and
mind through 7 easy Feng Shui steps! I hope you find something relevant to your life! Carol

By Kaitlin Clark May 24, 2021

It’s pretty safe to say that the pandemic impacted our relationships — with family, friends, coworkers, and significant others, in profound ways. One of the most surprising, and unexpected, to be affected? Our relationship with our homes.

When the pandemic hit, home transformed into a multitasking space almost overnight. Some rushed to purchase a desk set-up for a workable home office, while others ordered workout equipment to turn their living rooms into home gyms. And as the months of sheltering-in-place and working from home orders ticked on, even those who hardly thought about their apartment’s aesthetic before found suddenly themselves interested in sprucing up their home’s decor.

Our new, intense home-centric lives led many of us to become more interested in a functional way of living, theorizes feng shui expert Anjie Cho, so it’s unsurprising that the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui — which focuses on balance and positive energy — became the design ethos du jour. “[We] began to look and ask, ‘how can we really create homes that support us?’ I think a lot of people spent a lot of time outside of their home and never realized how much they were disconnected from or unhappy with their homes.”

“Feng shui is all about flow,” says feng shui expert and design consultant Carol Assa, who adds that the direct translation means ‘wind and water.’ “It’s all about flow so that you’re not blocking energy, you’re just letting everything flow easily, because where you live is like your second skin, and just like your circulatory system, you want the house to circulate its energies.”

If you’ve been feeling a little off recently and nothing really seems to help, it could be that your living space needs a refresh and reboot to restore its former sense of tranquility. Here are the basics tenets of the ancient philosophy — and steps you can take to establish a sense of serenity in your home, in your head, and in your spirit. So, what actually is feng shui?

Feng shui, sometimes called ‘the art of placement’, is an ancient practice of arranging objects within a space to create harmony with nature and the environment around you, says Cho. (And we mean ancient: some researchers say that the practice is four thousand years old!) “You ideally want to optimize your home for the best flow of Xi, which is the life force energy in a space.

“Derived from the Taoist principles that reflect different elements in nature, feng shui’s basic principles mirror nature, with particular emphasis on five natural elements: earth, wood, water, metal, and fire. Each element has different attributes and comes to life as a color, according to Cho. In a balanced home, all five elements would be equally represented throughout.

  • Earth’s colors are brown, orange and yellow, representing health and wellness.
  • Wood energy is green or blue tones to inspire growth, healing, and harmony.
  • Water works with your wisdom, making connections and supporting your career, and lives in the environment as the color black.
  • Metal symbolizes efficiency, precision and beauty through grey, white and metallic shades.
  • Fire energy rules passion, visibility, and fame, brought to life exclusively with red tones.

Easy tweaks to feng shui any space:

1. Take a step back. Start the process by simply walking around your home. Is it easy to walk through, or are there barriers in the natural walking paths, like hallways? Can you open all the doors fully, or is there a piece of furniture, or even a hook, that limits its wingspan? Take note of all the obstacles around your home that interrupt Xi, or the overall flow. Zooming out first will allow you to be aware of and intentional with the changes you make.

2. You knew this was coming: declutter. During the pandemic, many people began organizational projects to pass the time and get rid of unwanted clutter. Unknowingly, Assa says, they were practicing feng shui’s cardinal rule, which emphasizes clear paths without obstacles. “In a home, you want the energy to be protective and at your level,” says Assa. “And that starts with removing congestion so both you and the home’s energy can move freely.” This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy (this isn’t the Marie Kondo method!) but it does mean your crap needs to be in its own spot and out of the way.

This might also include getting rid of furniture that doesn’t suit your current space and needs. “A lot of people try to put things in their home that are not appropriately sized,” explains Cho. “It’s important to look and see if you’ve created areas where that Xi, or life force energy, can get stuck,” since that blocked, negative energy can lead to fatigue and other health challenges.

3. Embrace your inner plant lady. Bringing nature into your space is a highly recommended feng shui practice, says Cho. “Plants are wood energy, and that means growth, it means harmony, and also flexibility and kindness,” she says.

Cho considers rounded leaves to be the best feng shui fit, but most important is that you’re choosing a plant you can actually take care of. Dead or struggling plants are definitely not feng shui. “Luckily, there are a lot of plants where you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep alive,” says architect and interior designer Jeffrey White, principal at Ecology Architecture Urbanism, who suggests a small, hardy succulent for a tight space, like a bathroom. “It’s a quick, and efficient bang for your buck way to add a little bit of character from a natural element in a simple way.” Bonus: By taking care of something, another living thing, outside of you, you’ll also boost your own energy and feel-good vibes, Cho explains.

4. Make your home a living vision board. Going back to the colors of the five elements and their attributes, a strategically placed accent, in the color of a trait, feeling, or experience you’d like a little more of in your life, can work as a decor-affirmation, of sorts. Want more inspiration or passion at work? Add a red accent, like a pillow, throw, or a piece of art into your space. Need a helping hand at work? Integrate water’s black hue for to make more connections and give your career a kickstart.

For the bedroom, lean into “wood energy’s green or blue to inspire growth, harmony, and healing,” recommends Cho. Or if you’re coming out of SAD season and you need more joy or help seeing more beauty in the world, “add white, grey, or light grey and let metals wonders work for you,” Cho says. Just ask yourself what you need and let your home be your safe sanctuary and living vision board.

5. Watch out for blocked-energy traps. Blocked energy happens to the best of us, but since feng shui is about flow and fluidity, it’s also a pretty simple fix. There are several common feng shui missteps that Assa often sees when she does an initial walk-through during a home consultation. One common energy-blocker is having too many colors in space, because each has their own energy, and they end up clashing. “In Chinese philosophy, it’s better to have the space be white, or another neutral color, and have your colors in accents around the room,” she says.

Another bonus: Accents can be swapped in and out easily, so that as your priorities change, you can use the accents to strengthen different areas of focus.

For example, Assa says, if you had black accents in a living room because you wanted to attract career growth, but then your life priorities changed and now you want to focus on say, fertility, you could easily replace the black accent for the metallic colors and shapes, which represents children, to shift the energy’s focus. Assa also tells her clients to limit the number of mirrors in a small space because mirrors are reflective surfaces that can “create chaos” by causing bad energy to get trapped bouncing back and forth between them like a pinball, when “you really just want your home to be tranquil, quiet and peaceful.” Most of a home’s blocked energy can usually be found in the bedroom, Assa says. To inspire a sense of peace and calm, “your head should always be against the solid wall,” meaning no windows behind your headboard and no electrical sockets either — those outlets are a whirlwind of energy, says Assa, and can disrupt sleep patterns. Once the big energyblockers are cleared, splurge for a set of crisp, white sheets to inspire “a kind of cleansing purity and a nice, calm feeling.”6. Create small moments of serenity.

Bottom line: Your home should make you happy, and if you can create little nooks or areas that make you smile when you see them, that’s dynamite feng shui. For example, White offers, placing that small plant in a little nook where you can see it periodically throughout the day — like next to your kitchen sink — can provide “a nice, calming experience that you have a couple of times a day.” Or take one of your favorite vacation photos, throw a black-and-white filter on it, and poof—you’ve created a black accent to symbolize water, a feng shui-approved addition for your bathroom wall.

7. Support yourself (literally). Good news: It’s absolutely fine to work from the couch (at least as far as feng shui is concerned!), assures Assa. There is a but, however: you want to make sure your back is always supported against a solid surface, like a plush couch cushion.

“There’s a popular saying in Chinese culture that is part of feng shui,” Assa says, adding that feng shui is best understood when viewing through the lens of storytelling and using animals as symbolic metaphors, two key tenets of Chinese culture.

“You’ve got a dragon on your left and a tiger on your right. You have a red bird in front and a turtle behind you. The turtle’s shell represents protection, so you always want a strong turtle behind you.” And if your couch faces a window to let you look out at the world around you, even better, because “you always want the red bird in front of you to be able to fly.”

By Kaitlin Clar

June 2021 – Month of the Yang Wood Horse


Jia (wood) is seated on Wu (Horse) this month. Jia is yang wood and the the Green Wood Horse is yang fire and together they create a bonfire! After all of the metal and water energies we have experienced the last few months, June is bursting forth with the fiery energy of a horse galloping forward at full speed. It may be challenging to keep our balance during those moments when all four legs are off the ground! The unbridled energy of the wood fire horse will definitely unearth hidden agendas and bring joy as the pandemic begins to fade. To add to this energy there was the Solar eclipse with the ring of fire around it a couple of days ago and the Summer Solstice which is the later this month. ( I have provided links to articles I have written about the dynamics of solar eclipses and solstices at the end of the newsletter.)

With all of the frenzied fire horse energy and planetary alignments ( and let’s not forget Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd,) I found myself reflecting on how loud, noisy and discordant our society has become. I think it is more evident now as the pandemic winds down and more and more people, cars, airplanes, helicopters, buses etc. are filling our streets and skies again. Noise pollution is everywhere with quiet places going extinct.

All of this chaotic noise affects all of nature. According the Nature magazine, birds are changing the tune of there chirping to be heard above the din of traffic and machinery. Male grasshoppers are changing their pitch so they can be heard by females. Frogs also have altered their calls. This change of tune and pitch is not just happening on land, but in the seas as well, as sea creatures rely mainly on sound to find food, detect predators and communicate with each other. Animals are needing to modify their behavior just to survive manmade noise and we are needing to adapt to this new normal, with our adrenal glands pumping stress hormones, our blood pressure and heart rate rising, and our digestion slowing down.

Our ongoing descent into deeper and deeper noisy materialism was for seen by many of our our ancestors. The Hindus formulated four large cosmic cycles to measure universal ages. They called these cycles yugas. They see us presently in the the lowest cycle called the Kali Yuga, or the iron age. It is described as an age of darkness in which spirituality is eclipsed by selfishness and dogmatic materialism and deception and hypocrisy in both religion and politics is the status quo. They see this cycle ending around 2025 and then moving into a transitional cycle.

Classical Feng Shui operates on a major 180 year cycle which is divided into three lesser cycles that are 60-years long each, and then these three cycles are divided into nine sub cycles of 20 years each. The reason why each minor period lasts 20 years is due to the movement of Saturn and Jupiter, in that they take 20 years to align with each other, and it is believed that each time Saturn and Jupiter align, major changes will occur. We will be entering the the bottom of the third cycle in 2024, meaning will be at the lowest point of the 180 year cycle. This twenty year cycle is ruled by fire which is associated with explosions, fires, the internet, Information technology, and Artificial intelligence(AI). Health-wise, it can represent the heart, eyes and blood so you may start seeing health trends related to these. It is also symbolic of middle-aged women and a matriarchy in general. Women will tend to occupy the senior posts in the government and banking sectors. Men will be more involved in sales and research work.

Our ancestors knew that we need harmonic sound, not noise, to survive. The ancient Chinese Emperors consciously employed music, which is patterned sound, to restore or maintain order in the empire. Like state power, music was centralized in the imperial court and was seen as the unifying force embodying all regions of the empire. By regulating and controlling the vibrations people were exposed to, the Emperor was able to maintain order. But when that delicate balance he wielded over the harmonious sound of his empire began to shift, he knew his reign was coming to an end. Interestingly, we have no concept of this!!

2024 will be ruled by a Dragon and will feature a complete solar eclipse which is being referred to as “The Great North American Solar Eclipse.” I think during this fire cycle we will be entering an alchemical transmutation, or initiation, and then emerging into a whole new cycle of noiseless wisdom to be baptized in the water cycle of 2044. That year will also see us entering into a new 180 year cycle.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about solar eclipses and their link to our heart energy.

“Ancient and many modern cultures warn against looking at the Sun. They felt it was harmful and advised staying indoors and not eating during the event. This eclipse is definitely a heart centered event with gold (related to our heart) being eclipsed (taken offline for a period of time) and then being reborn. It is a time for silence and renewal.”

And then, on June 20, We will experience our annual summer solstice.

In this article on Summer Solstices I wrote: “During the summer solstice, which usually begins on June 20th or 21st, our physical sun is the furthest away from Earth for the year and the energies of our “invisible” sun and the “invisible” sun of Saturn are the closest to Earth!

The ancients knew that our planet revolves in an elliptical pattern around the sun and eclipses have two centers. Therefore, our visible sun forms one center, and the other center is called “the black, invisible sun.” Each planet in our solar system creates different elliptical patterns, so there are a multitude of black invisible suns. Jung was very captivated with the powerful energies emanating from these invisible suns and you can read about them in his famous “Red Book.”
I am busy putting together exciting dialogues for my YouTube channel. They will be with different knowledgeable people on astrology, water, sound, dowsing, feng shui, sacred geometry and much more. All will be bringing forth exciting arcane material usually not covered in most interviews, but related to the concept of “invisible Architecture.” Stay tuned…

Wishing you a meaningful Summer Solstice,


Flagstaff Dowsing Conference

“2021 – A Time to Heal”
October 6 – October 13, 2021

For years I have been interested in the powerful magnetic energy of the 39th parallel. Our capitol in Washington, our emergency government in Denver, the Mason Dixon Line, the division of North and South Korea, and even Beijing were deliberately placed on it for planetary control. It is esoterically viewed as the central nerve circuit of our planet. From the ancient pyramids in Illinois to Serpent Mound, to the Oracle of Delphi, our ancestors were well aware of its power and knew how to harness it.

Please join me for an exciting dowsing talk on the hundreds of sites both secular and sacred located worldwide on the the 39th parallel. This ancient view of the world embodied the concept of an “invisible architecture” underlying and maintaining all of creation. They knew there is a dynamic interplay between heaven and earth energies at every spot on Earth.

Please Join us – It is always a festive, informative event!