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August 7 – September 8

The seventh month of the Chinese calendar is always ruled by the Monkey. This cerebral yang metal sign represents the qualities of agility, intelligence, and chaotic individualism. Yang red fire is sitting on top of the monkey’s yang metal this month, creating real raw passion during the heat of summer! This combination is known to bring explosions, excitement, brilliance, enthusiasm and the possibility of overdoing it just to get attention. Crimes and mischief that have been under wraps will explode out into the open. Social media justice/shamming/censorship will become even more out of control. This tightening oppression that’s been placed upon the people may begin to melt and expose the lies and deceit that has been fed to them. It is going to be a “hot” month!

Since I am a monkey and this is the cerebral month for over thinking, I have been reflecting on how the ancient Greeks made a distinction between the quantity of time and the quality of time. During the pandemic, I talked to many who commented on how the flow of time had seemed to slow down and become less structured and to others who felt it had become more compressed. Something is definitely happening with our personal conception of time and it seems we all are trying to adjust to how things feel somehow a little “out of order.”

The ancient Greeks had three distinct concepts of time Chronos, Kairos and Aion (Eon.) Each was personified as a god. Aion represented the everlasting eternity of the cosmos, whereas Chronos symbolized clock time, and Kairos the right time. Together, they explained humanity’s place in a temporal world as it moved forward through eternity.

Chronos (Saturn), the god of fate, rules chronological, sequential time. We measure it with clocks which are divided into seconds, minutes, and hours. It’s the constantly ticking movement that governs our daily lives and it only moves in one direction – forward. There is no going back. We can’t slow or stop it, and once it’s lost you can’t get it back. We describe it as the past, present and future or the beginning, middle or end. It can be looked at as the quantitative, digital measurement of time and its geometry is linear.

Kairos, the god of luck and opportunity, rules moments – not the strictly measured seconds of Chronos. It is about qualitative time – “nature time,” not mechanistic, human time. It rules the appropriate moment to take action. It is when a window of opportunity opens and one feels something is about to happen; that there is an opportunity to be seized. Kairos symbolizes the right time while Chronos symbolizes clock time.

Numerology and astrology play a big roll here in helping people to determine that right moment to take action. Kairos is magical analog time and its geometry is the spiral.

This passage from Ecclesiastes is a great description of Kairos. “To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot…”

Aion, the god of perpetual time, eternity, and zodiac, is associated with everlasting time. He differs from Chronos, who is also called a god of time, in that his movements are cyclic and Chronos is connected to linear movement. Aion, like the other two gods is considered a great living organism, not a machine. He is the eternal everlasting god who rules the ages – the iron age, bronze age etc. in cosmic order. Aionic time is a sphere whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.

Since the time of Galileo and Newton, humanity has progressively devolved into mechanistic, chronological digital time. It almost global now. As a result, most of us today would say that time passes, at a consistent and measurable rate, in a specific direction – from past to future. So now, during this curious “out of time” pandemic pause, it may be the perfect moment to widen our view of time and become more attuned to the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. As Hippocrates said:

“Every Kairos is a Chronos, but not every Chronos is a Kairos.”

I am excited to announce that I am launching my Invisible Architecture YouTube dialogues. Starting this Thursday, August 5th, there will be a new one every week. I am interviewing amazing people who I have followed and admired through the years. Each one is so unique and a master of their subject matter.

My initial interview is on sound with Jill Mattson. She is major sound researcher, writer, recording artist who has spend years researching and tracing the evolution of sound through all of the various cultures. The dialog is entitled, “The vibrational power of music controls our civilizations.”

You can link to the channel by just typing Invisible Architecture You tube into your bowser or here is the link:

The dialogue for next week is going to be on Archeology wars through the ages with Phillip Lindsey. Phillip is an author who has written several books focusing on the “Hidden History of Man,” and is an esoteric astrologer, a world traveler (he visits the many sites he writes about) and a documentarian.

I have many other diverse interviews lined up so please join us!


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