Yang Earth is the Dog’s native element, so this is a double yang earth month (symbolized by the mountain.) For the Dog, yang earth represents territory, protection, stability, unselfish service, and loyalty. These energies are extremely different from the intensity of the last two months which were ruled by the destructive combination of fire and metal mixing to form passion and delusion. The Rooster crowed last month and the Dog will now follow common sense orders! Every insight you have garnered during the last few months will now have a chance to ground and take root. This month presents a window for action, manifestation, and fruition that has not been present for quite some time. Integrity and honesty can flourish under the Dog’s qi if we work to strengthen, heal, and solidify our alliances after the chaos and decisiveness of the last two pandemic years.

This month is a good time to establish a strong, mindful practice such as meditating, praying, journaling, hiking, running, yoga, or martial arts etc., to stay

After getting a great response on last month’s newsletter about the face being a topographical map according to Chinese face reading I decided to continue looking into some other aspects of this fascinating subject. Your face is not just your appearance; it reveals what you are, what you have been and what you will be. The secret, precious information written on your face has been studied and recorded not only by the Chinese, but by other cultures around the world such as ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Chinese Ear

The Chinese, however, codified the most complete compilation of knowledge on the subject.

With the craze for facial piercings still strong, I decided to give a brief overview of what the Chinese predicted would happen if one purposely created “holes” in their face or ears! Each area of the face and ears corresponds to different organs and therefore any piercings can affect your physical, emotional and/or mental health.

The nose governs the fate of your middle age and is the location where the “wealth” palace is located. By putting a “hole” in the nose ( your safety deposit box), it is predicted that your money will drain away, especially in middle age.

The Eyebrows govern your relationship with your siblings and your fate during your thirties. Putting a hole here, when you are a teenager, can negatively affect your relationship with your brothers and sisters at a future point. Physically, piercing here can affect the health of your bladder. The tongue rules desire and how we express ourselves. Making a hole here can create unbalanced, unwholesome desires and problems with communication. The stomach can also be negatively impacted.

The ears represent an “inverted fetus’” which contains a complete map of the body with the ear lobes being the head. The center of the earlobe rules the eyes and worldwide this is the most common spot for earrings. There is no cartilage and the Chinese thought that putting gold earrings here would promote good eyesight, since it would affect that part of the brain relating to
the sight. Interestingly, many other cultures also thought the same thing. Mediterranean sailors said that they wore gold earrings to strengthen their vision! Piercing the outside of the ear with rings (where there is cartilage) can damage the spine and piercing the outer top of the ears can hurt the legs Clearly, making holes anywhere but the earlobe is not looked upon
favorably. Botox, plastic surgery and other procedures also bring unexpected consequences!

The You Tube interview this week is part two with Dr. Nisha Manek on “The Magic of Space.’“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06AWKTWuAqo

In this interview Dr. Manek, explains how Dr. William Tiller’s astonishing, repeatable target experiments with water, fruit flies etc. showed the world the power of intention to change materials under scientific protocol. He proved over and over again that human consciousness changes space and matter and it can be intentionally directed to a specific outcome. Dr, Manek is a former esteemed member of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Rheumatology and an internationally recognized leader of Integrative Medicine. This is a powerful interview packed with much wisdom. Part one was very popular and some people emailed me saying they wished she was their doctor!! You can buy her book “Bridging Science and Spirit,” where she simplifies Dr. Tiller’s dense research into easily understandable concepts through my website: https://www.invisiblearchitecture.com/category/natural-science


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