The wise Green Wood Snake cycles is known for reveling behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and clandestine activities. As each new revelation brings more confusion and uncertainty into our lives, it is important to remember that cosmic and earthly cycles play a basic fundamental role in our lives, They are involved not only in our daily affairs, but our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. From the motions of planets, to the ups and downs of the stock market, to personal biorhythms, to wars, to droughts, to the seasons, we unwittingly out picture their many influences. For many cultures and traditions, we are in or entering ending cycles. In Feng Shui, we will enter the lowest 20 year cycle of a bigger 180 year cycle in 2024.

With all of the uncertainty, disorder and chaos swirling around us during this current cycle, it is important to remember what is really important. Within each of our individual lives, we can consciously create order and harmony. Our living space is a great place to begin!

We all are aware by now of the importance of controlling noise, eliminating clutter, and bringing in fresh air and natural light into our living spaces, but there are other invisible energies that also affect our health and well-being.

In Feng Shui, we know that we are strongly influenced by all objects in our environment. I have found in my space clearing sessions that certain art and decorative objects can have a very weakening effect on people. I muscle test my clients (using kinesiology) while they are looking at a particular painting, statue, decorative object etc. to see whether it strengthens or weakens them. It is amazing how often a work of art that is prominently displayed right where they enter the house or on the wall opposite the bed where it is the first thing they see when they wake up, weakens them.

An interesting experiment, carried out by a fellow dowsing colleague, Bill Russell, showed that even the way we place our shoes on the floor when we take them off of our feet could strengthen or weaken us!

People muscle tested strong when they looked at a pair of shoes that were d harmony lined up together in a parallel fashion. When the shoes were pointing towards each other, however, or one shoe was facing forward and one shoe was facing backward, or they were just tumbled together, the person tested weak!! He found we have an energetic “tie” to our shoes, as they are symbols of our feet.

Here is the link to his insightful article:

It is important to look around when you are at your desk, dining table, or anywhere you sit frequently and see what is on the wall, on a table, or on the floor. Then, focus on it and muscle test or dowse to discover its effect on you. If you are unfamiliar with muscle testing, there are You Tube videos that demonstrate the technique (kinesiology).

There are many things in our environment, from our art to our shoes that need to be tested to ensure we are consciously creating order and harmony within our homes and offices. Just because you like or are attracted to some object, you paid a fortune for a piece of artwork or it was created by a famous artist doesn’t mean it is supportive of your health and well-being. It might not be in resonance with your personal energetic frequency. By making conscious changes to our environment, we can reduce much of the stress and anxiety in our lives.

Maybe its time to schedule a Professional Space Clearing!


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