Month of the Wood Ox

On January 6th, the Wood Rat energies change to the month of the Wood Ox in the year of the Brown Mountain Dog. The final month of the year is ruled by the ox until the first day of Spring, when the tiger arrives. The Ox is the perfect animal to end the year as it brings strength, perseverance, thoughtfulness and the urge to take control and correct all that is ‘out of whack” in ones life.

This year, the first day of spring is on February 4th which is also the beginning of the new solar calendar. The lunar calendar for 2019 begins on February 5th.

I am sending two newsletters this week as there is too much info for one! This one lists the auspicious and inauspicious dates for January and the next one will focus on the yearly energies of 2019, the year of the “Muddy Brown Pig..” It is a year of very yin energies; soil and water. These energies are vastly different from those of 2018, the Year of the “Brown Mountain Dog.”

Last year, I wrote that, “ 2018 year is not ruled by a dachshund, poodle, or terrier, but by a strong, stubborn, powerful, tough, conservative Dog, who is resistant to change. The underlying elemental energies are yang earth (mountain) over the yang earth (mountain)
energies of the Dog. Picture a huge fixed mountain sitting on top of another fixed mountain.” It certainly was a year which focused on protecting and guarding social order and traditional values.

Following are the auspicious and non auspicious days for the “ Wooden Ox.” Remember to check whether your sign clashes with the day energy. If so, the day is not good for you – ie. – if it is a Tiger day, (like Jan. 17th) it is not a good day for a monkey.

Auspicious Animals

January 12 – Earth Rooster
Great day for traveling, moving into a new house,opening a new business, starting a job, making business deals, getting married, signing or making contract, seeking medical advice, seeking promotion, renovating, digging earth, will be powerful and prosperous descendants.

January 13 – Metal Dog
Great day for starting a new job, asking for a raise, proposing marriage, asking for favors, closing a business deal, trading, increasing wealth and reputation.

January 17 – Wood Tiger
One of the best days of the month for burial, cleaning, cleansing, demolition work, repairs, medical procedure, ending a relationship, starting a diet, getting married, moving to a new house, renovating, opening a business. It’s a good day for all large scale activities.

January 21- Earth Horse
Second best day for accepting new work assignments, signing agreements, starting a new project,ground breaking, opening a business, planting, asking for favors, renovating.

January 24 – Metal Rooster
A moderately good day for opening a business, traveling, moving into a new house, starting a job, making business deals, getting married, signing or making contracts, seeking medical advice, seeking promotion, digging earth, or burying someone.

January 28 – Wood Ox
Really great day for getting engaged, proposing marriage, seeking medical advice, opening business, starting a new job or position, negotiating, growing your business network, attending business meetings, making business deals, doing construction, trading, excavating, landscaping, getting married,

January 29 – Fire Tiger
great day for cleaning, cleansing,, repairing, medical procedure, ending a relationship, starting a diet, moving house, renovating, opening a business.

February 2 – Metal Horse
Great day for all important activities. Can bring an increase in wealth and advancement in life.

Avoid these dates in January 2019

Below is the list of days you need to avoid in January 2019 for any kind of important work. These are dates when the qi energy of the day opposes the qi energy of the month (ox) or the year (dog). These dates are unpredictable: January 7 – Wood Dragon, January 10 – Fire Goat, January 19 – Fire Dragon, January 22 – Earth Goat, January 31 – Earth Dragon and February 3 – Metal Goat.

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Now is a great time to book your annual Feng Shui consultation and/or Space Clearing to welcome in the New “Muddy Pig” year! 2019 is going to be an extremely weak, yin year. It is therefore very important to remedy the negative energies in your home or business and to enhance the positive healthy and wealthy areas this year.


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