Russian Pyramids
The Soviet Union fell, there was an abundance of brilliant scientists who, no longer researching weaponry, had little to do. Due to the fact that many of them already had a background of knowledge on wave technology, they decided they wanted to study pyramids Their research has shed light on the so called called“pseudoscience”that Pyramidologists spend their whole careers defending, and to the surprise of many, the Russians have given these theories credibility.

They have opened the door to a new and greater understanding of this mysterious architecture, and have gotten the wheels rolling on what could be an energetic revolution. A group of scientists from the Russian National Academy of Sciences set out to uncover what exactly pyramids are capable of. The results of their research thus far are astonishing. Since 1989, Alexander Golod has built 17 pyramids in Russia, and has lead a group of Russian and Ukrainian scientists in researching their effects [DeSalvo 117, 118]. The pyramids are made from fiberglass; they contain absolutely no metal, as predetermined by Golod due to its conductivity. Also, they are hollow inside (DeSalvo 125), and are more steeply sloping than the Great Pyramid, built at an acute 73 degree angle. The Great Pyramid was built on a 52 degree angle.

Golod constructed the pyramids at this angle due to calculations he made using a mathematical principle called the Golden Section, or the Golden Ratio [DeSalvo 120]. The most recently built of Golod’s pyramids is being referred to as the New World Wonder. This 144 foot high structure was completed in 1999 [DeSalvo 119]. The 55 tons of fiberglass has attracted millions of visitors, from famous actors to cosmonauts to presidents [DeSalvo 121]. But of course, Golod’s Pyramids were not built as mere tourist attractions.

Along with his team of researchers from the Russian National Academy of Sciences, which includes the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Graphite Scientific Research Institute, and the Institute of Physics in Ukraine, Alexander Golod has conducted studies which have thus far have produced positively exciting
results. When asked why he continues to build and study these pyramids, Golod responds, “I have children. I have a grandson. I do it for them. These pyramids are an instrument to make the world a better place to live and benefit mankind” [DeSalvo 120]. The phenomena that have been recorded in using what is commonly referred to as “pyramid power” are undeniably some of the most groundbreaking that we, as a global society, have ever found.

Pyramids are no longer just about the past; they are the future. Pyramids have exhibited their incredible ability to conduct energy in affecting many different kinds of material. It can directly affect biological and non-biological material. Placing agricultural seeds inside one of Golod’s pyramids for one to five days resulted in 30-100% increase in yield, and plants grew one and half to three times faster than controls, and were hardier (less sensitive to drought-like environments). Organisms exposed to the pyramid showed an increased immune system, and bacteria and viruses had decreased pathogenically in strength. Certain medicines increased in potency, while at the same time their negative side effects decreased [Pyramids (Golden Section) Research in Russia]. The implications of the medical experimentation that has been conducted on mice are enormous. These studies suggest that unlocking the secrets of the pyramid may bring advancements in treating medical conditions, by utilizing and combining this energy with the body’s own natural mechanisms [DeSalvo 135]. Dr. Yegorova at the Mechnikov Vaccine Research Institute injected mice with a deadly bacterium called S.typhimurium. A control group was injected and left out of the pyramid, while the other was placed in a pyramid and observed. All the mice in the control group died within 25 days, but the survival rate of the group place inside the pyramid was approximately 40%. Another study used two groups of mice injected with carcinogens. One group was given water that was placed in the pyramid, while the control group was offered regular water.

Lumps ands swellings were four times greater in the control group which drank regular water [DeSalvo 137]. Compelling evidence of pyramids’ capabilities is shown through the experiments conducted by Professor Klimento and Dr. Nosik of the Ivanovskii Institute of Virology, who studied the strength of immunoglobulins after being placed in the pyramids for several days. Venuglobulin, a type of immunoglobulin, is a molecule that fights viruses in the body. They used this venuglobulin to treat a specific virus called encephalomyocarditis, which had infected a mouse. A control was also used. This imunoglobulin mixture that was stored in the pyramid was shown to inhibit the virus over three times more [DeSalvo 136]. Further research in the medical arena, with results that are as well defined and measurable as those described above could to lead to nothing of a total revolution in the world’s healthcare systems.

However, pyramid technology is not only beneficial to our own health, but it is also a tool for improving the health of our planet as well. For the past forty years, the world has been going through an energy crisis. We continue depleting our non-renewable resources, and pay the price for it. Not just the price at the gas station— we have also damaged our environment. Greenhouse gasses have deteriorated the ozone layer and contributed to global warming. Solutions on how to fix these issues are plentiful.  Unfortunately, often times though one solution may be applicable for one issue, it may worsen the next issue. Greater oil resources mean more greenhouse gasses, and more greenhouse gasses means a growing hole in the ozone layer. There is one solution, however, that can benefit every aspect. You guessed it: pyramids. When Golod installed a complex of pyramids on an oil field in Bashkiriya, Russia [DeSalvo 125], what he found was that within a few days the oil wells produced oil that was 30% less viscous (meaning it flowed more easily), and therefore increased yield of the same percentage.

The structure of the oil actually began to change, enhancing its quality; Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas has confirmed this [Pyramids (Golden Section) Research in Russia]. Fossil fuels still take millions of years to form, but integrating pyramids into the production of the oil that remains will increase efficiency. However, as great as this capability is, even greater is the fact
that with “pyramid power,” the need for dirty oil will diminish. At a time when wars are being waged over oil drilling rights, gas prices remain painfully high, and there is outrage over the enormous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the need for a clean, renewable energy source is in dire need. Pyramids, astonishingly, have the capacity to not only offer this energy, but also to repair the damage of the fuel we have relied on for so long. Indeed, the same structure which has the ability to increase production in oil can also revert the ill effects of the substance. It has been hypothesized that the energy field that radiates from Golod’s largest pyramid is actually mending the ozone layer of that local area in Russia [Pyramids (Golden Section) Research in Russia].

This energy column ascends above the pyramid and can be detected by military radar equipment. This energy has been estimated to be 500 meters in width, and 2000 meters in height [DeSalvo 139]. Golod and his team determined that the scale of this energy was so great, that if it was being produced electromagnetically, it would match the energy of all the power plants in Russia combined. Merely two months after the pyramid was complete, the ozone layer over that part of Russia had somehow repaired itself [Pyramids (Golden Section) Research in Russia]. The scientists studying Golod’s pyramids believe that this radar-detectable energy is responsible for the reparation; this energy, they say, is a torsion field [Wilcock]. If torsion wave energy could be harnessed, the need to deplete the world’s remaining oil, dirty the air with coal, or use any of the harmful substances we use to fuel our modern day world, will no longer exist. We will have conquered the energy crisis, and with this new energy abounds new and exciting possibilities for technology and every day life. Torsion fields are the source, and pyramids are the tool we need to harness it. One might wonder, why is it that the specific pyramid shape has the ability to create, and/or channel this energy that scientists are calling torsion fields? As of yet, it is unknown. There is one possibility, which involves a concept called “sacred geometry.”

Despite the name, it has a substantial scientific foundation, as geometry is found in the most basic life functions and forms. “Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. This value system is seen as widespread even in prehistory, a cultural universal of the human condition [Crystal].”

The term torsion field was first introduced by a distinguished French mathematician in 1993. This mathematician, Élie Cartan, proposed a hypothetical field generated by rotation [Megre 6]. It is difficult to define, as it is a brand new conception of energy. It can be likened to what it must have been like to conceptualize gravity after Sir Isaac Newton first discovered gravity. Unlike gravity, though, the idea that the physical universe was birthed from a spinning void, a torsion field, is one of the oldest notions of any culture in world. Modern science has recognized dark energy, but the concept of the spiraling torsion field inside of dark energy is a relatively unexplored avenue currently. Consequently, the definition of what a torsion field truly is, is lacking. In the footnotes of his book The Ringing Cedars of Russia, Vladimir Megre presents one simplified definition: “If matter can be thought of as ‘frozen
energy,’ then energy can be equated to ‘frozen torsion fields [Megre 6].’” Wynn Free also offers a more in depth, although still elementary, explanation of torsion waves, attesting to David Wilcock’s research on the subject:

“Researchers across the globe are discovering a new source of energy, different from any known electromagnetic, gravitational, or atomic forces, which travels in a spiraling, wavelike pattern… The word torsion essentially has the same mean as words like “spiralling” or “twisting”… Everyone who discovers this energy tends to come up with a new name for it, and
New Agers often simply call it “spiritual energy…” [There is] some form of energy that exists in apparently “empty space.” …Those in the alternative science community have brought back the ancient Greek term “aether” for this hidden, non-physical energy source… Modern scientists acknowledge its existence by calling it such things as the “quantum medium” or “dark energy,” but they are  unaware of… the full nature of its behavior. Suffice it to say that in our new model, all of physical matter is “breathing.” In each moment, atoms are inhaling “clean” aetheric energy and exhaling energy that has been temporarily devitalized.

This is what allows atoms to continue to act as “perpetual motion” machines, maintaining their structure despite all their internal activity… (Please understand that we are being very friendly to the lay reader by not bringing in complicated physics discussion to prove these points, though we certainly could.) This information also suggests that atoms behave similarly to what we call living organisms, thus hinting that life is the rule, not the exception, of the laws of the universe. So again, when we talk about torsion waves, we are simply talking about something that creates “waves” in the aether, similar to waves on the surface of a lake. Now obviously you can’t remove a wave from a lake and have anything left to study—the wave only exists as a movement, a pressure current, in the water.

Similarly, torsion waves are simply pressure currents moving through the “sea” of aether energy that is all around us. Eventually, if a whirlpool or a vortex is created in the aether with sufficient rotational speed, physical matter will emerge, initially as visible light (electromagnetic energy). This is how the physical universe appears to have been created [Free 350, 351, 352].” There are four steps to harvesting the plentiful benefits of torsion wave energy through pyramids. We must obtain a better understanding of torsion fields and how they work. We must begin to delve deeper into the science of sacred geometry, and find the key to the pyramidical shape. And, we must continue to experiment with the two in combination. What is the final step? Education. The world needs to become aware of the effects of this conduction.

Currently, Russia is leading the way in developing this technology, and it is the responsibility of the rest of the world to investigate it as well. The significance of the discovery of torsion fields outweighs most of the biggest scientific breakthroughs ever made. It deserves our attention. With this amazing legacy left to us by our ancestors in Egypt and all across the world, we have the ability to better the world for ourselves and future generations.



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