I recently became aware of Robert Temple’s new book “a New Science of Heaven” which is packed with mind blowing information about the new discoveries in plasma physics. He wrote the book for the average person because he thinks the vast majority of people have heard little or nothing about the science and need to know what plasma physicists have been discovering. He also thinks our increasing understanding of plasma “will be the true paradigm shift for our current age.” The characteristics of plasma, which  is the fourth state of matter, after solid, liquids, and gases have been known and written about in ancient mystery texts around the world for eons and the wisdom is finally seeping through.

Temple explains that the world is made up of 99 percent plasma and only 1 percent atomic matter! The Sun, stars, lightning are all made of plasma.  Since plasma is inorganic, it means that the majority of life forms are inorganic. and like organic life is aware. David Bohm who was a plasma physicist knew about this in the 50’s and found electrons that have been stripped away from atoms do not behave as separate individual particles but rather as part of a larger, organized whole. Dr. Bohm found that these collective movements, gave him the impression that the sea of electrons (plasma) was “alive,” blurring the lines between physics and metaphysics.

One of the most intriguing topics Temple writes about are the Kordylewski clouds which were discovered in 1961 by the Polish astronomer, Kazimierz Kordylewski. He found that there were two massive plasma dust clouds, nine times the size of the Earth, located above the atmosphere between the Earth and Moon. Since the clouds were very difficult to detect, interest in them waned until 2019, when three Hungarians astronomers “rediscovered” them in the same location that Kordylewski had predicted.  Today, they are now  accepted as a reality by mainstream physicists and Google will even correct your misspelling of them!

Since the clouds, which lay on either side of the earth, are above the atmosphere, they are not made of water vapor, but consist of preatomic particles and very fine dust. In the diagram they are L4 and L5.  Temple says each speck of dust in these clouds can hold tens of thousands of electrons. He further states that the clouds are “examples of inorganic life that has existed for billions of years” and asks “Is it possible they could have played a role in the forming of our planet throughout its long cosmic history, perhaps even helped create organic life? Life in its basic state is inorganic and is not made of atomic matter. It is made of pre-atomic matter namely the atomic particles, electrons, protons, and ions… Thus, we and all living things in the universe, whether organic or inorganic, arise from this plasma and the organic state is secondary to our fundamental nature as plasma beings.”


He goes on to explain that due to the Sun’s solar winds bombarding the K clouds with charged particles, the particles and dust inside of them interact with great intensity creating a highly complex non linear electrical network.  This network is made of filaments or rivers and streams that are eerily similar to the nodes and synapsis of our brains. He further states that these plasma clouds having “ordering properties,” can be considered alive, self aware and to have intelligence. Many are speculating that these massive clouds are like huge storage units accumulating billions of years of information from both the sun and the moon and we know stored information becomes memory or history! Now, with a slow shift from a mechanical mindset of the universe back to a more biological view of life, plasma physicists may be actually proving the existence of “the ancient bodiless ones.”

I think this is a book everyone should read. There is so much new scientific information that unlocks the doors to a new way of thinking and validates the true wisdom of spiritual teachings worldwide. I have posted a link to where you can purchase it on my website –

New Science Of Heaven


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