Shungite is a two billion year old stone which is often referred to as the “miracle stone” of the 21st century.


What is the Purpose?

Our ancestors had greater awareness and insight into the workings of subtle energies and the world than we have today.

By synthesizing, redeeming and utilizing this ancient wisdom, both East and West, we can bring greater insight, harmony and balance onto our modern lives.

What People Are Saying...

The Shungite I received from M. Assa has proved to be very beneficial both to myself and those I have gifted with it.

As a working musician I use it on the bandstand before and during a performance to calm, center and energize myself (with amazing results) Students I have given it to say it helps them both focus and settle down when studying for and taking stressful exams. If i am wound up after a show I hold it in my hands to cool me down so I can get a good night sleep. It works great!

David Ross

St. Paul MN

Out of nowhere my eyelid started swelling up rapidly and blinking became really painful.

I held the shungite to it for a few minutes intermittently over the course of an hour the swelling went down, the pain subsided, within 2 hours my eyelid was normal again! I carry my Shungite with me at all times!

Kathe Carter

I have a skin condition that leads to itchy welts. Very unpleasant, and sometimes even painful. I put the Shungite on an itchy spot and the itchiness stops within a few minutes. So much better than pharmaceutical anti-itch creams!

Elke Heitmeyer

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