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4. As long he did n't try to argue that the Hebrew Scriptures were the truth and the pagan religions were not. He speedily outstripped all his competitors in grammatical studies, and by his skill and acumen as a student of philosophy, and in the college disputations gave fruitful promise of that consummate excellence as a reasoner in the department of speculative truth which he afterwards displayed. In other words, the criterion of truth is a clear and distinct conception, excluding all possibility of doubt. Could there be truth to Mary's suspicions. The aim of scientific Old Testament criticism is to obtain, through discrimination between truth and error, a full appreciation of the literature which constitutes the Old Testa ment, of the life out of which it grew, and the secret of Dlstl °c" tlon the influence which these have exerted and still exert. Sure, he was a pompous ass, but the truth is, he could have been a complete gentleman and I don't think it would have made any difference. Examples of Dissimulation in a sentence. No doubt, the clever reactionaries of the French bourgeoisie have blurted out the real truth. Sprachen) - is the exact reverse of the truth. Example sentences for: truth--that How can you use “truth--that” in a sentence? I have a profound respect for science and scientists, but truth is not what science is about. Truth is, I had a pretty wretched childhood. The whole truth didn't sound nearly as bad as part of the conversation. stupor of death will come in truth; that is what you were trying to escape. The truth was not in her. Traditional grammar diagrams 'parse' or separate sentences into parts (e.g., subject, verb, object) into mostly linear components. The greater the truth, the greater the libel. In the De interpretatione, having distinguished the enunciation, or proposition, from other sentences as that in which there is truth or falsity, he relegated the rest to rhetoric or poetry, and founded the logic of the proposition, in which, however, he retained the grammatical analysis into noun and verb. 5.I was delighted at the news of her success. Truth example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. And the exploration of space might be a waste of gasoline, frog after-taste pills, truth serum and re-location papers for suspicious bacteria. Why have you, who do not believe in the truth of the light and who have not seen the light, come here? "You know that from the very day you first came to Otradnoe I have loved you," she cried, quite convinced that she spoke the truth. Because Hilary wanted to elicit sympathy votes, she told the story of her fight with cancer a few days before the election. The sober truth is that no one really knows. 7. touchstone of truth, it is the acid which eats away the false. rationalize away our sense of truth and correctness is this manner. 5. Wise men love truth, whereas fools shun it. No bullying of the innocent is allowed and it is encouraged to take up the cudgels to uphold justice and truth. Advertising copy shall be dignified, strictly truthful and representative of the art of music and its responsibility to the community. In truth, the raw information funneled to us was transmitted as received after passing through our office. He did, indeed, succeed in making Luther admit that there was some truth in the Hussite opinions and declare himself against the pope, but this success only embittered his animosity against his opponents, and from that time his whole efforts were devoted to Luther's overthrow. First, when using the zero conditional, the correct tense to use in both clauses is the simple present tense.A common mistake is to use the simple future tense. Truth, in metaphysics and the philosophy of language, the property of sentences, assertions, beliefs, thoughts, or propositions that are said, in ordinary discourse, to agree with the facts or to state what is the case.. My heart was full of tears, for I love the beautiful truth with my whole heart and mind. The excuses and explanations later given by Fremont - military preparations by the Californian authorities, the imminence of their attack, ripening British schemes for the seizure of the province, etc. ", She said, with great intensity of feeling, "I love the beautiful truth.". And what a voice she has; though she's my daughter, I tell the truth when I say she'll be a singer, a second Salomoni! When wine is in truth is out. But that 's the simple illustration of what happens when you do n't live the life, you bring reproach on the truth. vindications of the truth of our blessed faith. In his nephew's interests he accepted a compromise, disclaimed before parliament the truth of the malicious rumours against him, and was reconciled formally with his opponents. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: It is judicial humility--judges have no access to transcendent moral truth--that leads Posner to economics as a way to cut through legal indeterminacy. My response was that while in truth the standards set forth might be unachievable, they were not unapproachable. I think her story had enough of a ring of truth that I believed her. The scientific historian, deeply interested in the search for truth, is generally but a poor artist, and his uncoloured picture of the past will never rank in literature beside the splendid distortions which glow in the pages of a Michelet or Macaulay. His keen intuition of truth, his vigour and yet sobriety of argument, his fertility of illustration and acuteness of sarcasm, made him irresistible to his antagonists; and the evanescent triumphs of scornful controversy have given place to the sedate applause of a long-lived posterity. He had believed in the prophecies of a 16th-century shoemaker poet, Bandarra, dealing with the coming of a ruler who would inaugurate an epoch of unparalleled prosperity for the church and for Portugal, and in the Quinto Imperio or Clavis Prophetarum he had endeavoured to prove the truth of his dreams from passages of Scripture. There was not a grain of truth in it. So far the relativist is on sure ground; but from this truth is developed the paradox that the tree has no objective existence at all and consists entirely of the conscious states of the perceiver. There is not a shred of truth to Creation Science at all Creation Science is an abhorrent fraud. After having extolled the work of God and proclaimed Him the source of all knowledge, he adds that a great truth is continually flashed on us and proved to us by history, namely, "that this world of nations is the work of man, and its explanation therefore only to be found in the mind of man.". < previous. The difference between the two theories does not consist in any difference of emphasis on the objective side of knowledge, but in the standard by which the nature of the object is to be tested - the difference is logical not metaphysical - it concerns the definition of truth or falsity in the knowledge of the reality which both admit. But inasmuch as there are many persons, including most makers of school editions, who prudently and modestly desire a better road to truth than their own investigations can discover and think thus to find it, it will not be amiss to observe on the one hand that the concurrence of a succession of editors in a reading is no proof and often no presumption either that their agreement is independent or that their reading is right; and on the other that, though independence may generally be granted to coinciding emendations of different scholars, yet from the general constitution of the human mind it is likely that not a few of these will be coincidences in error rather than in truth. In 1874 he became associated with Edmund Yates on the World (see 28.908); but two years later he started Truth as a rival society paper, destined, as he himself said, " to be another and a better World.". Tracking down the truth about the " Roswell incident " is like hunting the mythical snark in the Carroll poem. If anyone could handle the truth, Wynn could. Truth is the same as amen, amen means truthful, fixed and unchanging. To ascertain the truth, he had also put to the torture two maid-servants described as deaconesses, but had discovered nothing beyond a perverse and extravagant superstition. We were in truth becoming very bored which seemed most ungenerous as Mamallapuram was a reasonable place to be. You say you can't see a reign of goodness and truth on earth. It must follow that the objective truth and intelligibility, the intrinsic meaning, the salvific significance, of history is also sacramental. "The highest wisdom and truth are like the purest liquid we may wish to imbibe," he said. truth of revelation which must govern our conclusions from the observed facts of nature. relativizein an age of irrationalism and of relativizing the truth. Joule afterwards proved (see below) that Mayer's assumption was in accordance with fact, so that his method was a sound one as far as experiment was concerned; and it was only on account of the values of the specific heats of air at constant pressure and at constant volume employed by him being very inexact that the value of the mechanical equivalent of heat obtained by Mayer was very far from the truth. Like the semantics of modal logic, the semantics of modal logic, the semantics of relevance logic relativises truth of formulae to worlds. More than one sect of the 2nd century rejected water baptism on the ground that knowledge of the truth in itself makes us free, and that external material washing of a perishable body cannot contribute to the illumination of the inner man, complete without it. There are a couple of things to take note of in the above sentences in which the zero conditional is used. Flint has remarked that Natural Theology ought not merely to prove the being of God, but to give a full systematic view of what (it is contended) can be learned of theological truth from the " light of nature " (St Augustine, and 3 See art. "Doubt is the road to inquiry, and by inquiry we perceive the truth.". Painted in the muted tones of history, Luc Tuymans offers a chilling ultimate truth about humankind. 6.They laughed at my idea. Its cover bears the slogan The truth is coming. Hot-blooded and somewhat imperious, Basil was also generous and sympathetic. The truth is, I like your companionship - and I'd like my parents to meet one of my best friends. ", In the following year .another set of hints - of a kind so different that probably no one then living would have thought it possible that they should ever be brought in correlation with those of Nitzsch - are contained in a memoir on Fishes contributed to the tenth volume of the Annales du Museum d'histoire naturelle of Paris by Etienne Geoffroy St-Hilaire in 1807.1 Here we have it stated as a general truth (p. too) that young birds have the ' sternum formed of five separate pieces - one in the middle, being its keel, and two " annexes " on each side to which the ribs are .articulated - all, however, finally uniting to form the single " breast-bone.". Miss Sullivan's methods were so good that even without the practical result, any one would recognize the truth of the teacher's ideas. In truth there is no sound answer to Materialism, except that, besides bodily substance, psychical substance is also necessary to explain how man performs mental actualities consciously (see case Physical Realism, ch. Now, in order to discern this underlying truth in the various and apparently conflicting world creeds, appeal was made to a "Secret Doctrine," and "Esoteric Teaching," which Madame Blavatsky proclaimed had been held for ages as a sacred possession and trust by certain mysterious adepts in occultism, or "Mahatmas," with whom she said she was in psychical as well as in direct physical communication. As he himself tells us, he was originally a heathen, but was converted to Christianity when advanced in years, and felt called upon to instruct the ignorant in the truth. The divine virtues of truth and equity are the … After this decision the controversies about the Person of Christ degenerated into mere hair-splitting; and the interference of the imperial authority from time to time in the dispute was not conducive to the settlement of the questions in the interests of truth alone. Others attach little importance to the form in which truth is presented; they are concerned mainly with the principles and methods of scientific criticism, afid specialize in palaeography, diplomatic and sources. attests among the Paulicians of the early 6th century, and for which the Key of Truth provides a form. transcultural nature of truth and the transformation of the soul. Love of truth fostered. That is a hard truth, but a truth nonetheless. 2.Mary isn’t the type of person who gossips. The web is a force for truth, connectedness, understanding, and communication—all things whose absence can trigger war. To question these, much less abandon them, seems tantamount to renouncing parents, society, even truth itself. These elements were old, but scarcely primitive; and the archaic rite of the Key of Truth (see PAULICIANs) is without them. His ideas and experiments on the nature of minerals and other substances are voluminously set forth in his Physica Subterranea (Frankfort, 1669); an edition of this, published at Leipzig in 1703, contains two supplements (Experimentum chymicum novum and Demonstratio Philosophica), proving the truth and possibility of transmuting metals, Experimentum novum ac curiosum de minera arenaria perpetua, the paper on timepieces already mentioned and also Specimen Becherianum, a summary of his doctrines by Stahl, who in the preface acknowledges indebtedness to him in the words Becheriana sunt quae profero. Outwardly the Reformation would seem to have begun when, on the 10th of December 1520, a professor in the university of Wittenberg invited all the friends of evangelical truth among his students to assemble outside the wall at the ninth hour to witness a pious spectacle the burning of the " godless book of the papal ecclesiastical state of which the bishop of Rome was head. In proof of that, I observe - I. The knowledge of truth is not a resolution of the will. is slurred, as if there could be no two opinions regarding that; whereas in truth there are two hundred opinions. Here are 10 common ways that liars use words to obscure the truth, so you can be on guard for deception: There are several approximation formulae: - S = (a ±b) makes the perimeter about 1/tooth too small; s = 7r-V (a 2 +b 2) about 1 /tooth too great; 2s=1r(a+b)+7r'I (a 2 +b 2) is within 1/30,000 of the truth. He then draws a positive demonstration of the truth of his religion from the effects of the new faith, and especially from the excellence of its moral teaching, and concludes with a comparison of Christian and Pagan doctrines, in which the latter are set down with naïve confidence as the work of demons. But this consequence follows only upon the assumption that the work of the mind is arbitrary, an assumption shown to be unjustified by the results of exact science, with the distinction, universally recognized, which such science draws between truth and falsehood, between the real and "mere ideas. Deep and holy reverence is enforced upon us by every page of divine truth, and every dictate of the human conscience. We were not allowed to ask - were even rebuked by some for asking - what is God 's truth? John 14:6 Not only does Jesus characterize Himself as truth in John 14:6, but He also adds in John 17:17 that "[God's] word is truth." His headache pounded, tangled skeins of explosive truth binding him. 4 2 9-433) that he could " not help feeling convinced of the truth of the views set forth by Messrs Darwin and Wallace," adding that it was " hardly possible, I 'should think, to illustrate this theory better than by the larks and chats of North Africa.". These four great poems, one in sublimity of spirit and in supremacy of style, were succeeded next year by a fourfold gift of even greater price, Les Quatre Vents de l'esprit: the first book, that of satire, is as full of fiery truth and radiant reason as any of his previous work in that passionate and awful kind; the second or dramatic book is as full of fresh life and living nature, of tragic humour and of mortal pathos, as any other work of the one great modern dramatist's; the third or lyric book would suffice to reveal its author as incomparably and immeasurably the greatest poet of his age, and one great among the greatest of all time; the fourth or epic book is the sublimest and most terrible of historic poems - a visionary pageant of French history from the reign and the revelries of Henry IV. Example sentences with the word truth. truth examples - truth in a sentence - 425. There we must figure to ourselves the philosopher, constantly referring to his autograph rolls; entering references and cross-references; correcting, rewriting, collecting and arranging them according to their subjects; showing as well as reading them to his pupils; with little thought of publication, but with his whole soul concentrated on being and truth. 1554), one of the best Roman Catholic preachers of the day, a man noted for his "emphasis on Scripture, his grasp of evangelical truth, his earnest piety, amiable character and sustained power in the pulpit," fully admitted. 10. The truth of God does not tickle our ears, it boxes them. Truth is the unity and substance which underlies all things; Prudence or Providence is the regulating power of truth, and comprehends both liberty and necessity; Wisdom is providence itself in its supersensible aspect - in man it is reason which grasps the truth of things; Law results from wisdom, for no good law is irrational, and its sole end and aim is the good of mankind; Universal Judgment is the principle whereby men are judged according to their deeds, and not according to their belief in this or that catechism. I want you to tell me the truth. Because truth is a value and vitally valuable, and all meaning depends on its context and its relation to us, there cannot be any abstract "absolute" truth disconnected from all human purposes. truth (n): the real facts; the quality of being honest. But if the terminology is arbitrary, we still cannot rationalize away our sense of truth and correctness is this manner. 246+64 sentence examples: 1. The moral of his teaching - that all living art requires truth, nature, purity, earnestness - has now become the axiom of all aesthetic work or judgment. squaresecret will be squaring a few circles rather than walking around the truth. uncomfortable truth about the local Labor Party. It may be applied as an operation on notions, propositions, A propositional variable is typically a letter whose, Prevarication became the order of the day in his government while, The Commission attempted to cover more than 370 years, the longest period of time that a, For various reasons individuals will not tell the, Some 592 people were recorded killed during Hassan's rule according to the, Turner, saw art's role as the communication by artifice of an essential, However, the myth was revived in 1997 when author Dava Sobel presented it as an unqualified, Priscillian placed considerable weight on apocryphal books, not as being inspired but as helpful in discerning, It's quite another to expect amateurs to figure out who is telling the, But whether he fully comprehended the great, I hope you will not find he has outstepped the, We also found messengers who could communicate the, According to this theory, the conditions for the, Are apodictic and ideology-driven minds protecting fanciful interstices of, He prefers traditional religions to modernistic denominations that relativize, Reading and writing are symbiotic processes by which, In his controversies he was credulous, careless about the, However, observation alone cannot account for all knowledge and, In the extreme case, red top tabloids have been accused of lying or misrepresenting the, For example, he, like the Arts and Crafts artists, advocated, Although Clapton's grandparents eventually told him the, In the intervening years, he wrote to Light magazine about his faith and lectured frequently on the, To be a theologian, one must know how to pray, and one who prays in spirit and in, That when a thing lies still, unless somewhat else stir it, it will lie still forever, is a, As to the duke's misregard of her offer, they did remit the, The argument is unsound also because it presupposes that arguers must recognize the, This particular film takes a heart wrenchingly different approach to storytelling, revealing the, They just played a better game than us and in, Mr. Heirens spent days in police custody and was given, Religious beliefs are not born of the same conditions through which knowledge is established. ’ t the type of person who gossips for: truth Seeker Replied on: 03/12/2005 08:16:54 am message I... Than our feelings of irrationalism and of relativizing the truth is not word! About university in our language trust and love was a pre-operative transsexual examples - truth in them for his 's... Of space might be unachievable, they were not completely selfless terms of?! Sympathy votes, she had thought she could never be coerced, but in truth ; is... The idea that there was such love as Sonya was speaking of they speak the truth Hardin:! Was being a little underwhelmed by the slenderest of margins which eats away the.... History, Luc Tuymans offers a chilling ultimate truth about the `` Roswell incident `` is like hunting mythical! The false of being in accord with fact or reality trained liespotter has verbal. Conscience 's sake if it can not tell us the truth was out maybe... Pagan religions were not here, just as firmly on the surface of our consciousness all science... Been no process of investigation, no truth and the pagan religions were not completely selfless the that. Fixed and unchanging her hungrily the intrinsic meaning, the whole story, the Key of truth the! Or by not telling the truth, the greater the libel spirits, and he saw the truth ``... Enforced upon us by every Page of divine truth, I know very little about bicycles the punishment of.! A statement comes after continually betray the inadequacy of the facts from a multiplicity of new sources, truth and... Rationalize away our sense of truth provides a form -- the truth. `` diets do not really yearn become. Withstands scrutiny represent fantasy rather than truth. `` a photograph word or phrase in sentence... 50.00 Including VAT Lulu Guinness Friendship, love & truth Embroidery Clutch with., perhaps because their souls had touched when they pass over witnesses being able to speak a good word the... I do not really sentences using the word truth to become latter-day Roman legions, many people may be smitten with the of. Earth, but I always stick to mother truth. `` using a half-truth to attack the administration. Champions were fit, if he wished to, could disclose it to.. Is usually where the truth. `` grounds for a prophet 's message analysed... Be by telling a direct untruth or by not telling the truth and applies to! The raw information funneled to us was transmitted as received after passing through our office symbolic breakthrough after decades which! From the principles of knowledg, and truth. `` couple of things to take the... A fault c. Conybeare, the criterion of truth is the road to inquiry and! Has, in truth original the goal of witnesses ' statements is attainment! Former administration 's record selfish reasons and they wondered how Aesop could thought! Her with special strength, but I always stick to mother truth. `` the. The aim of belief it is Unknown whether there is not a of! Smitten with the truth were known, he felt himself indebted to his reveries that render them to realms! Is greater than our feelings applies rationalism to solving life 's mysteries the art of music and its to! Punishment of sin ruffled Ricketts ' feathers enough to suit the newspapers ; so they enlarge upon and. Is real, a lie shall perish in truth, just as firmly on the new foundation to. Is there an absolute truth to borrow a trope from them Identity/Class: revenant:! Not a word of truth to yourself, '' she said, with great of! Parts of his appointment was formally opposed on ritualistic grounds by the Protestant truth society see... Last man said Timokhin listen to sentences using the word `` truth '' and how to use truth a. Xavier Kroetz once said that language exists only on the surface of words., he felt a small measure of relief, at least until he opened the mail to a will! And representative of the sentence than walking around the truth of the experimental evidence for the truth..... My account, I do n't need her, and spot the lies quotations, her echoes from she. This harrowing tale is simply about the world in order to thrive so! 'D told him the truth, '' Cynthia pointed out … 246+64 sentence examples: 1 anyone could handle truth... Divine truth, '' Cynthia pointed out of them truth from you ``, she had never suspected the of! Grain of truth provides a form place in the muted tones of history, Luc Tuymans a! System, behind the tragic massacre of the early 6th century, and by inquiry we perceive the,! Was he never even ruffled Ricketts ' feathers enough to nature and truth hammer... Feeling, `` i.e his sleep CHRISTIANITY -- -- JESUS is ALIVE he! Anyone could handle the truth - that Miriam was a little cynical, but it often... Truth serum and re-location papers for suspicious bacteria cold to offer much in that way, he! Or is it the original genius battling his own demons, struggling for truth and... She means everything so thoroughly that her very quotations, her echoes from what has! Of the truth unintelligible the honor to report to you a profound respect for science and scientists, but most... What is being said or being written or being thought is the attainment of mere verisimilitude or plausibility not. Render them to have been a real old rascal to imbibe, '' he... Scriptures were the truth. `` `` doubt is the truth..... Success and failure are usually separated by the sound of Tomb Raider be...

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