Blacksmiths, Consciousness of Space and Buddha Relics


This month the elements are in conflict. Geng is yang metal and Wu, the horse, is yang fire. Raw geng metal is of no use until it is forged in fire and bent or hammered into a useful tool or weapon such as an needle, axe or sword. This means June is predicted to be a month of transformation.

Thinking about the qualities of this month reminded me of the importance of the “blacksmith” in society. He was seen symbolically worldwide as the magician – the master of the elements. He extracted metal from the earth, put it in fire fueled by the wind and then quenched it in water. His skills were believed to be supernatural because he could make metals subservient to his will.  In Russia, oaths of marriage, real estate and business contracts were sworn on the anvil rather than the Bible. In some cultures, like the Dogon, the blacksmith even performed the circumcision ceremonies.

Vulcan, the Roman god, of fire, was the patron saint of blacksmiths and used volcanoes as his forge. Like Vulcan, blacksmiths were both feared and respected because they had the secret knowledge to create objects for both war and peace.

The Israelis saw Tubal-Cain as the first blacksmith and his vast knowledge of the secrets of nature are used throughout masonic ritual. Manly P. Hall said of Tubal- Cain, “One must follow in the footsteps of Tubal – Cain, who with the mighty strength of a war god hammered his sword into a plowshare.”

This seems to sum up the energies we are faced with this month.  We, like the blacksmith, can consciously use the yang fire and yang metal to create peace, not war, in our environment. Maybe June is the right month to hang an iron horseshoe, which was esoterically seen as a magic crescent with seven nails, in our home. The crescent shape and iron were both believed to ward off evil, provide protection, and bring good luck.

Speaking of magic, I recently received a newsletter from the Subtle Energy site about the “Magic of Consciousness and the Buddha Relics.” When I opened the newsletter to read the article, I saw a video attached to it. To my surprise, it was the interview I did With Dr. Manek on the subject.

In my interview, she reveals how Dr. William Tiller was able to condition any space to the level of a cathedral and introduces us to the amazing power of the Buddha relics. She also presents never before seen “other worldly pictures” of the Buddha relics taken by a canon camera! The information shared show how ancient religious relics hold spiritual essence and affect the consciousness of space. Here is a link to the interview.

If you would like to know more, below is an excerpt from the
Subtle Science article.

“Buddha relics have long been revered for their spiritual significance and healing properties in various cultures around the world. These relics are believed to contain the essence of the Buddha’s teachings and compassion, capable of bringing comfort and solace to those who come into contact with them. Beyond their spiritual value, research by the late Stanford physicist William Tiller has uncovered intriguing evidence suggesting that Buddha relics may also possess the ability to influence physical space conditioning.

Tiller’s research partner, Dr. Nisha J. Manek, has continued to share Dr. Tiller’s work after his passing through her public workshops and book entitled, “Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller’s Physics and the Promise of Information Medicine”. In her book she discusses how we as a culture tend to place truth on the shoulders of science, expecting science to solve various issues we face in the world. As such, science tends to build its knowledge base from the ground up. But Tiller’s unique work, on the other hand, in some ways approaches science from the top down.

The Buddha relics are the physical remains left behind after the cremation of a Buddhist master or monk. These relics can take various forms, including pearl-like crystals, crystalline beads, or even ashes. Throughout history, these relics have been housed in stupas, temples, and shrines, where they are venerated by devotees seeking blessings and healing.

The Maitreya Buddhist relics are said to be from the historical Shakyamuni Buddha and are believed to possess a unique healing energy that transcends time and space. Dr. Tiller’s studies have shown that the presence of Maitreya relics can induce a sense of calm and well-being in individuals who come into contact with them. Dr. Tiller and Dr. Manek approached this study as a rare opportunity to learn about consciousness.The healing properties of the  Buddha relics are often attributed to the loving kindness essence  encapsulated within them. This essence is said to radiate positive energy and compassion, creating a harmonious environment that promotes healing and well-being. When individuals interact with the Buddha relics, they may experience a sense of peace and tranquility that resonates on a deep spiritual level.

The specific Buddha relics that were studied by Dr. Tiller were more than 2,600 years old. When Tiller’s research partner, Dr. Nisha Manek, spoke about first entering the room where the Buddha relics were located, she said, “I immediately felt an intense state of awareness, or Presence. It was as though the Buddha himself was present. The state was non-verbal, vast; and profound; it was exquisitely gentle and yet like a rock. There was a silence and a state of peace that seemed limitless. . . . the essence of time ceased to exist. My mind became quieter. I felt a tangible radiation of exquisite energy flowing from the relics to my heart center.” What Dr. Manek was experiencing was the R-Space provided by the coherent, lovefilled information stream emanating  from the Buddha relics.

Further comments on the experience revealed a reported sense of Oneness and Unity with all things. Even though the Buddha was not technically present in the room, the vestiges of his biological remains still held his consciousness, emanating it into the surrounding environment. In other words, the Buddha relics appear to be conscious. And as such, the space surrounding the relics is also conscious. This is mind beyond the brain and the body.

Dr. Manek further shared the unique experiences she and her family had when the curators of the Buddha relics allowed her to house the relics in her home for a few days. Even her family members, who had little experience with these kinds of things, noticed a huge difference in the feeling of their home.  The moment the relics were carried into the home through the front door. They said it was like their home had instantaneously transformed into a holy place,
much like Westminster Abby. Furthermore, the electronics in the home went crazy. Light bulbs popped and appliances stopped working. The curators of the relics assured Dr. Manek’s family that this was quite normal because the high energy of the relics tended to have a cleansing effect on surrounding  electronics.”

I have printed out the picture of the monk with the streams of light and there is a palpable spiritual energy emanating from the picture!

Wishing you a meaningful Solstice!

Love and Light Carol



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