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July 7th – August 7

We are now about to enter The Yin White Metal Goat month which is the sixth  sign of the zodiac and symbolizes purity, gentleness, kindness, intelligence, creativity, dependability, and calmness. It is one of the most yin signs in Chinese astrology. The gentle, intuitive goats do not like to create waves, but to quietly go along with the flow. This month we may find ourselves overly concerned with our mental balance, freedom and personal boundaries while wading through the turbulent currents of the dragon year.

It is important to remember that the Goat’s qi this month is taking place during a yang wood Dragon year. I wrote at the beginning of the year – “Each of the 12 yearly cycles is ruled by a different celestial animal and one of the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. 2024 is ruled by yang wood sitting on top of the Dragon who is primarily composed of yang earth. There two elements are in a destructive mode as wood suppresses and takes the nutrients out of the earth. This means the year will see more conflict and less harmony. Yang wood is like the oak tree, strong and unbending with a dislike for change and is sometimes referred to as the element of chaos and crisis. It also represents the head and can indicate a powerful, stubborn leader who will fight for his beliefs and not compromise.”

The Chinese group the 12 astrological animal’s qi into four groups of three.  Each animal in the triad is seen as compatible and works to support and enhance the other two. The monthly Goat is in the protector group and its qualities are sorely needed this month amidst the all the worldly chaos – the yearly Dragon is in the Competitor group. Here are the four groups:

Protectors: Rabbit, Goat and Pig.
Thinkers: Snake, Ox and Rooster.
Diplomats: Dog, Tiger and Horse.
Competitors: Dragon, Monkey and Rat.

I am finally back with the Invisible Architecture You Tube interviews! This is one not to miss!! My guest, Dr. Angela T. Smith, is a well known remote viewer, who for over thirty years has carried out remote viewing projects for clients around the word, She is also a noted author, remote viewing instructor, founding member and director of the International Remote Viewing Association.

In her fascinating journey through the fields of consciousness research, parapsychology and shamanism, she has worked at Princeton”s Pear Lab projects on Precognitive Remote Perception (PRP) and Human-Machine Interaction (micro-PK) studies, and for the Robert Bigelow Foundation.  Many of you will know him for his famous Skinwalker Ranch experiences and research.

In the interview, we discuss what remote viewing is, how it works, and several of Angela’s important RV projects for government and private groups, which range from solving murders. investigating the Space Shuttle, Saturn, and Jupiter to participating in a protocol to “interview” races from other planets and dimensions!

The video link is:

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