month of fire sheep

July is ruled by the sheep every year, and in 2022 it is ruled by the fire sheep which enters our lives on July 7th. The sheep/goat which is the eighth sign symbolizes purity, gentleness, kindness, intelligence, creativity, dependability, and calmness. After the extreme energy and chaos of the double fire horse this month, the world is calling us to slow down and return to the center to harmonize our body, mind and spirit with the nurturing qualities of Yin Earth, the element of the Sheep.

Speaking of returning to center to harmonize our body, mind and spirit, it is the perfect segue into the main subject of this newsletter – labyrinths, devas and the brain. There are currently many studies being done by spiritual communities, universities, medical centers etc. on the many health benefits of walking a labyrinth and this has led to thousands of hospitals, health care facilities, spas, public parks, and houses of worship worldwide to install labyrinths in recent years. Researchers have found that walking a labyrinth is a right brain activity (creative, intuitive, imaginative), and can induce a contemplative or meditative state of mind, calm anxieties during periods of stress, deepen self-knowledge, enhance creativity, and lead to personal and spiritual growth.

A labyrinth is not a maze. It has a clear winding path from the entry point to the center and then that same path is used to return to the exit point. Many see it as a tool to create full concentration, focused meditation and contemplation.

Reflecting on all of these benefits, I decided to see if there was a labyrinth near me. To my surprise, I discovered a beautiful Chartes Labyrinth on top of a hill, surrounded by trees that are over a hundred years old at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale and It is only fifteen minutes from my house. It is free, accessible every day and there seldom are people near it in physical dense that is!

I started walking the labyrinth two or three times a week, repeating the “Great Invocation.” It is a world prayer that invokes divine energies of light and love and spiritual power for all humanity. Then, in one of my You Tube interviews with Cynthia Sue Larson on the Mandela Effect, she talked about how she would ask an important question when entering the labyrinth and found when she got to center, her question was answered. So, I decided to do this and am continually amazed at the unexpectedly
profound answers I receive!

The first startling answer was when I was at the entrance. I asked what I needed to know about the labyrinth and the answer was, “Welcome, I am the Deva of this Labyrinth.” Inherently I knew from my years of research and study that everything in creation, on all planes, has a deva (the body – container,) but I had never thought of the deva of the labyrinth ! So I entered into his/her being (they are androgynous I’m told) and through subsequent visits learned that all labyrinths actually exist in 3 dimensions in the form of s large cone with the center being the heart center in the head – the diamond cave as it is referred to in Chinese esoteric anatomy. I was told when I entered in to always be conscious of spiraling up to the center and then spiraling down on my walk out. This was validated when I shared this info with my fellow dowser friend, SueTrumpfeller, who I knew had built many labyrinths in her labyrinth classes at the beach. Sue said she and her students were always amazed when they built a labyrinth that the sea gulls would not fly through it, but instead circled around the perimeter. Then, as they were leaving the beach, the sea gulls flew in and sat around the edge. They knew an etheric temple had been built!

I learned how my brain circuitry and dna are entangled with that of the labyrinth and was instructed to bring a quartz crystal with me each time so it could be programmed with the continual wisdom. I also was told it is best to walk a labyrinth out in nature, so I am aligning as the common surface between heaven and earth and not being used as an agent for the agenda of the building I am walking in. When walking the labyrinth outdoors, you are a tuning an etheric temple dedicated to nature and bringing life back into a synthetic, harmonic whole.

Every visit is a new experience! Since I have pages and pages of wisdom from the Deva, I have decided to write a small book entitled, “Messages from the Deva of the Labyrinth.” I have taken several friends to walk the labyrinth and they are usually amazed by the answer they get to their question!

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Try to find a labyrinth near you – either the Classical 7 circuit one or the Chartes 11 circuit one – both work and both offer different experiences!

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Love, Light and Power!


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