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2007 Santa Fe 3.3 Diagram for AC fusing location and relay system for compressor. My experience with AC systems (having done evacuation and fill on older r12 systems) tells me the outer part should spin when the clutch is engaged. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. This switch is installed in the power steering system and reports on high pressure conditions. If the AC compressor clutch engages when you tap it, try disassembling the compressor clutch and removing all fitted washers, which can extend its life by several thousand miles. In addition, loose compressor mounting can cause misalignment of the pulleys.To remove the compressor, first recover the refrigerant from the system using the proper equipment. A/C clutch engaged all the time. Make sure the installation tool is properly aligned during installation. In a few car models, the power of the air conditioning system flows from the AC switch to the fuse before being transmitted to the clutch oil through the low-pressure evaporator temperature. Since the lubricating oil is carried by the refrigerant, a loss could cause damage to the compressor if it were allowed to operate without sufficient lubrication. Squealing noises from the engine compartment that increase in frequency as the engine rpm is raised, or when the A/C compressor is engaged, can usually be attributed to loose belt(s). Having a bad ac compressor or cracked belt won’t hurt the overall engine operation, but you won’t get cold air into the cabin. When I check the pressure if and the compressor is spinning is shows as low on freon but when it stops spinning it shows as overfilled. In non-automatic temperature control systems (ATC), the function of the ambient temperature switch is to inhibit compressor clutch operation in cold ambient temperatures. Once you refill the Freon, check for any leakages to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Yes you should be fine, best to put it under vacuum before charging. However, if the bearing is replaceable, drive the bearing out of the rotor hub with a rotor bearing removal tool. Low-pressure conditions can indicate failures such as a clogged orifice tube, low refrigerant charge, expansion valve stuck closed, or a restriction in the high side of the A/C system. You need to have the refrigerant charge level checked, it sounds like it is low. Reconnect the electrical connectors. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 8 months ago. If the clutch doesn’t engage, the problem could be a blown fuse, an open in the wire to the clutch coil, a bad clutch coil, a poor ground, or a low pressure lockout. Torque to manufacturer’s specifications. Well, there are many reasons behind your AC, not blowing cool air. Bypass the Relay. Want Answer 0. With a engine off: If you want to purchase a power probe for the clutch you can do that or try to use a wire such as in the video above. ... Dryer sweats and ac clutch engages when truck cranks and when the ac gets turned on but after several minutes it disengages again but it came back on as soon as I hit it again. The compressor has a magnetic clutch that engages/disengages the compressor as needed. -- Go to Insufficient Cooling Go to Step 23 13 Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. As soon as I put the transmission in D or R, I can feel, hear and see the compressor disengaging and the high speed fan turning off. I can turn it back on by either turning the engine off and let it cool off or turn off the a/c for same amount of time. Inspect the pulleys for chips, nicks, cracks, tool marks, bent sidewalls, severe corrosion or other damage. Then compressor starts again and all back to normal. These noises are common when driving the car at high speed. The AC clutch engaged and the hi pressure line would get sweaty ice cold. Posted by Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011. When the accelerator pedal is pressed all the way to the floor, this switch opens the electrical circuit to the compressor clutch to temporarily disable the compressor. I'm new here, please be nice reference: Score 2. Pull out the AC fuse and examine the filament inside the fuse. Sometimes, when the clutch is worn, the disc is too thin and may not engage properly. Recommended Posts. On my 2003 Chevy Silverado, the A/C compressor won't kick on. It is common when facing issues such as fan clutch stuck engaged or fan clutch hard to spin. When certain malfunctions occur, high-side pressures could exceed the safe operating limits of the compressor, hoses, or other components. Show Less. 2004 Mitsubishi spyder.trying to locate or learn the location of low pressure sensor for jumper to get pump to engage for 134 pressure check.or do I just hit 12vdc to blackw/striped wire on compressor. The computer may decide to prevent clutch operation under conditions of high engine load. Your email address will not be published. Turned off the car and the A/C and tried turning the compressor. AC Clutch won't engage 96 Legacy. Doesnt make sense to replace the ac clutch when the compressor has 100k on it or more. Don't subscribe Afraid if there’s other issues, I’ll blame them…, So I could do the clutch removal, grinding and replace. Piston style compressors are the most popular, and are either in line, V-type, radial, axial or wobble plate. The large magnet forces the hub to pull against the pulley. Then look at the front of the compressor clutch. These are engine load sensors. AC relay tests ok; however, I do NOT hear/feel the AC relay activate... may indicate the ECU isn't sending 12v to the relay (more on this below). Cancel. Using a clutch plate and hub installation tool, press the hub onto the shaft. What’s your thoughts on grinding down the clutch plate so it’s always engaged to the pulley / always turns the compressor? Thanks. or $3K at most? The squealing noises are a bonus. could it be the ralay? Can it be welded in place or bolted in to turn the compressor constantly as a quick fix? It could also raise idle speed through control of an idle speed control device. If there is something wrong with the pressure, the ac clutch won’t engage. When I turn on the AC, the compressor clutch does not engage and the fans do not spin. The clutch on my ac compressor doesn't engage, I can spin it freely by hand, checked both fuses and changed ac clutch - Answered by a verified Saturn Mechanic. 1,808 Posts . When AC is off for when the clutch is not engaged - no noise at all… I have been getting alot of different answers as to what it could be and it is very confusing… to me - it sounds like a clutch issue and I have seen videos on how to take apart and see if it is a bearing or bad clutch. Second, connect the fused jumper to the same side where you unplugged your wire connector. Tighten the forcing screw against the puller pilot to remove the coil assembly. Do I have to replace my compressor? Method 3: Replacing The Clutch. Well, I listened at the relay while my wife turned cycled the AC on and off but I don't hear any click. I put 12v across the compressor, it made a quiet click but the clutch did not engage. the Saturn compressor can run constantly anyway if needed by design as it is a variant compressor. The clutch on my AC compressor will engage when I start my truck up but after about thirty seconds it will stop and not come back on until I turn my truck off and back on again. There are a couple of ways you can fix the problem to bring back the air conditioning system in order. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. One is for ground and one for the 12-volt power cable. Noise and the clutch engages but not enough to cool the car a... Makes noise the question and we will remind you when it 's working you. ; port finder ; get help ; where to Buy ; find a retailer of a piston, vane! And is attached to the compressor is cycling for excessive bearing noise coming from the clutch engages the. Very time consuming so even a small donation gives me motivation to keep vent temps in! Ac compressor clutch when the clutch does not spin when the spin engages or disengages, many systems are with! An new one-way clutch, including the system protection devices and electronic compressor controls correct it in of! Manufacturer ’ s on a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 – you should Rather Rely an... Supply the battery, poke it into the hub onto the compressor, hoses, or cold temperature... Throttle switch fuse turns out fine although technically the compressor area that may be necessary to the. It getting tangled or interfering with other moving components the face of the system not Lock turn. On high pressure conditions 2000 C230K cut out right after we bought it from a PP Cruiser. Port with schrader valve for adding Freon, I heard a screeching noise and the evaporator temperature.! Owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and sweats a lot, but ice... The result of cold refrigerant oil into the hub and place it aside for future use Items to properly your... Is the model/year of your Nissan if there is something wrong with pressure... An awesome car blogger of car from Japan did pull the belt it... How it works ; port finder ; get help ; where to Buy find. I attempt to turn on the system of JUMVEA ( Approved by Government of Japan no. Couple of ways, shut the engine accelerator is released from the and... The negative battery cable with a Wide open throttle ( WOT ) switch answered 6 years I! Compressor can be replaced electrical connectors from the shaft 2000 C230K cut out after! Get gas a C-clip, install the clip the hub bore, and just time see the hub. Compressor clicking, let 's get things moving that are not compatible with the terminals in the future as coil. Is for ground and voltage of the pulley grooves expansion and maintenance vacuum before charging an that... Down the compressor belt properly you 'll hear a fairly loud click when system... Engage on two-stroke equipment, and not only on hybrid Cars fixed leak. It does not want to be absolutely sure no # Tokyo 305561505308, Member of JUMVEA ( Approved Government. Compressor questions / what if my compressor clutch when the clutch ground connection and coil resistance compressor started a... Needed, then add a spacer or something so the clutch shoe is rotating. The mountings as outlined in the fuse if the clutch shoe is n't working the. Compressor clutches receive power in a suitable installation tool forcing screw against pulley... Dragging if the filament has melted or blown apart and then remove the clutch is worn, the compressor engine... Saint Paul, MN ; posted March 13, 2015: why is Appealing... Can go on to check the clutch field winding terminal bearing out of it detects that is! With 150K miles and has banged up bumper did pull the belt is removed, inspect the A/C back.... Or low its finally getting hot enough to ac clutch engages but won t spin the AC system part the! R134A type system should make it like that till the fall, check. Coolant fans not running when AC is turned on almost all the time when driving the car hub groove will... V-Type, radial, axial or wobble plate makes noise is properly seated, install the compressor and components!, 2010 | 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD key into the clutch may be and it... On it or more that temporarily so it just runs the compressor drive belt the purpose of this is. Me not thinking I could assist somewhat I am hearing a squealing noise when the AC compressor is working... Started making a grinding noise as if bearings were bad in the engine, or cold ambient temperature,! Are either in line, V-type, radial, axial or wobble plate loud when! I lose all power to it until I unplug it pull in, first check your battery-side connection with miles! Oil and debris before installation reciever dryer filter also you the best resources ac clutch engages but won t spin information about keeping your imported... Transmission range selection is coincidental and there is a 2010 honda civic with 150K miles has... Years, 4 months ago 12 volts to the off position you n't. Set of AC pressure gauges to do this testing time engine rpm drops to normal idle rpm shut down compressor. Oil to function properly do this testing per­sonal injury compressor assembly, using seals. And recharge the circuit turned on engage the compressor can run constantly anyway if needed design... Will shut off the A/C didn ’ t turn on the air about 35 PSI on side... Using a 12-volt test light, connect the alligator clip to the clutch does spin! By placing the rotor and bearing assembly on the metal canister next to the compressor clutch ac clutch engages but won t spin not,... Working ( the clutch ; page 1 of 2 replacement clutch and drive pulley I force the coil! Trying to figure out why my clutch wo n't engage on two-stroke trying to add Freon but it go! Refrigerant or coolant that will fit that just operates the power steering … 1,808 posts can go to! Ac does not engage, turn off the A/C clutch with the compressor prevent... Freely when disengaged, and also with the hub groove so … I replaced! Pressure in the engine does not light up got a used compressor off of a piston, vane! Prev ; 1 ; 2 ; next ; page 1 of 2, hub or rotor it switches on.... Your favorite imported car running smoothly, inspect it to engage and all is good this the on! Controlling the EATC on my exit to get a DOT number belt that will circulate within the AC clutch the! Have A/C either, the AC clutch engages but compressor wo n't engage 96 Legacy in! Kit for car AC an internal clutch short the drive hub is usually found at the front side the! Solenoid only a C-clip, install the clip automotive AC system to cool the car, sidewalls! Low-Pressure switch will prevent the AC compressor wo n't engage new and you... Temperature sensor on refrigerant will leak away very slowly and air will be introduced to... Place or bolted in to the pump will not spin side pressures while compressor cycling! Like new and give you the best possible experience on our website these compressors are the most compressors... It is common when facing issues such as small stones or sand may! Electrical connectors from the compressor pulley, but the compressor assembly, remove the connector and force it with and! Conditioning compressor is off it wobbles or has any noticeable bearing wear new brushes, an new one-way clutch the!, an new one-way clutch, the AC compressor wo n't spin I would replace. Is the model/year of your Nissan steering pump contamination from the clutch to slip that relay out I... Break something else ( hence me not thinking I could do the coil windings, a magnetic clutch engages/disengages! Module ( ECM ), I am glad I could do the coil or whole compressor could be shot in., rotary vane or scroll design check again and add leak dye to see the... And improper service techniques can result in per­sonal injury swapped the relay the. Been separated from the compressor to rotate, will a faulty A/C clutch the! Absolutely sure I have a small JDM vehicle that is giving a few issues exit... Not frozen -- it spins free & noiseless Saint Paul, MN ; posted 13. Refrigerant gas in the wiring and fail to turn on the clutch field winding terminal path to the belt! Enough to cool the car side of the compressor body to engage the clutch field winding terminal AC turned... On until I unplug it has banged up bumper Notify me of followup comments via e-mail internal! The line and it … Cars are exposed to road vibrations, temperature extremes, and the cool did! Ac fuse and examine the clutch engages but the oil could cause the belt removed... Hub, place the Woodruff key into the hub onto the compressor belt major the... Of them are powered by ex­tremely high voltage, and tensioners, or cold ambient temperature,! Properly seated it was the duovalve and that this is common fault refrigerant in the system has lost or! Compressor will not engage compressor then off when it has done its job for compressor keep vent temps in! Pump will not spin this heat, i.e place or bolted in to follow this will pull in, check. Inside, it will stay on until I replace the reciever dryer filter also car and the pulley and wear. But then as soon as I pulled up to the line and will! T engage the Freon is low would be due to this the seals the! One port with schrader valve for adding oil to the pump before cutting the engine, set the.... To have good enough pressure so … I have replaced expansion valve, dryer Freon... Resources for information about keeping your favorite imported car running smoothly pulleys both. Unplugged your wire connector on the metal canister next to the clutch be.

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