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Small dogs can hurt themselves by jumping onto or off of higher beds — a ramp can prevent such injuries. Hope you've found this guide helpful in choosing the best ramp for your large, older dog. Whether you’re buying a ramp for the house or the car, take note of a few general principles when making your purchase: Pictured: non-slip rubber surface on the PetStep. This can be done with treats and rewards. Photo credit: rharrison via / CC BY-SA. Yes - non-slip surface is attached with adhesive. For the car, make sure the ramp you purchase has a safety latch that keeps the ramp from flying open during travel. For any heights other than those listed above, use the formulas below: For Small Dogs:Length (ft.) = 2.9 x height (in.) Product Title Coziwow 62" Bi-fold Portable Dog Ramp for Large Pet Folding Trunk Back Seat Ladder Step Car SUV 62" Average Rating: ( 4.4 ) out of 5 stars 33 ratings , based on 33 reviews Current Price $49.99 $ 49 . There are some dogs who obviously need dog ramps. 'theme' : 'transparent', Reward, praise, and try again The Zinus 4 Step is a highly-rated option made of a soft, yet sturdy high density foam. Where this ramp shines is its surface; artificial turf is easy to grip and soft on your dogs paws. This “telescoping” dog ramp slides in/out and adjusts to fit the exact height of your vehicle. Keep your senior dog safe from injury and give them back their independence with the Gentle Rise Dog Couch Ramp. the next day to encourage him further. SVV had been saying for the past year that we needed to build a dog ramp, then last week, we saw a friend on Facebook doing something similar for her senior dog and immediately dropped everything and followed suit. As with teaching any new behavior, positive reinforcement is key. In addition to the four essentials above, there are other features you may want to consider depending on the use case. Measure in a straight line from the bottom of the steps to the top to ensure that the ramp is long enough to extend across every step. This material means the steps are lightweight, and also safer for your dog than hard plastic or metal. Keep a good, firm grip to help the dog feel secure. An in-home dog ramp may be helpful for smaller dogs or toy breeds (such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, etc), as they can lack the strength or momentum to leap onto taller furniture. They’re made in the USA, and available in two sizes and four colors. As your dog investigates the treats, stand next to him … If your dog has joint issues, lameness, vestibular disease, or any other issue that affects their stability, invest in a dog ramp to help them navigate your home. Your pooch can continue to enjoy the comfort of your bed or sofa, while avoiding the serious injuries that can occur when they try to jump down. Discounted Price $115.99 Old Price $208.60. What are some of the most reviewed dog steps & ramps? A car ramp helps us to improve the lives of our senior pets 19 items found for keyword in Orvis. Look for a ramp with an anti-slip surface so your dog is less likely to fall. Make the incline very gentle at this point; if it's too steep to We created a dog ramp that combines engineered functionality with beautiful aesthetics. Marguerite has been an avid animal lover since she was a little girl. Half Ramp II. For more information on these kinds of portable crates and why you might need one, check out our article on the best dog travel crates. And if none of these are a perfect fit, you can always purchase a dog ramp. 888-235-9763 888-235-9763; For your home, look for space-saving options and dog ramps with landings. Ironically, although it appears that dogs have an easier time getting out of cars, it’s precisely these large jumps onto hard surfaces that puts the most stress on their joints. ramp won't slip). Gentler angle: 44" to 78" (step rise: 7.5"). Extra length gives a gentler incline, which older dogs will appreciate. A common use for dog ramps is to assist your pup with getting on the bed or sofa. A dog ramp allows your senior dog to safely get up and down from your bed or your couch. Quality pet stairs come in many styles and prices. Our couch ramp is handcrafted from solid hardwood by fine-furniture makers right here in North America. Older dogs who aren't stable on their feet (for example, dogs with Some of these dogs are still okay with stairs, so there's a review of a set of stairs You may not think your Labrador Retriever or German Shepherd needs a ramp for the car, but it’s actually much safer to avoid having these types of dogs make jumps. Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp for Vehicles; PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp. Browse Older Dog Care for a dog ramp or steps for the car and give your senior pet a leg up; discover thoughtful products to help your older dog at Orvis. Adjustable dog ramp comes handy in different situations, from high beds to raised cars like SUV. Many dogs are familiar with the feel of carpet and will readily 99 We also paired our list with a detailed guide to help you through the process. Using dog stairs and ramps can help your senior or arthritic dog climb into vehicles and onto furniture (couches and beds), without straining the back. walk on it. 99 List List Price $114.98 $ 114 . 98 All dog steps & ramps can be shipped to you at home. The rare exceptions are those situations where a dog may have developed a phobia of ramps. For example, if your dog is recuperating from an injury, a dog ramp for a car can minimize joint stress when getting in and out of the vehicle. Instagram. You choose how many steps you want (the more steps you have, Its surface is made with ridged rubber that’s easy on a dog’s paws, yet provides traction even in wet conditions. Make sure the ramp is on a surface A dog ramp is a great tool to help protect your senior dog from injury while still allowing them to enjoy the routines they’re used to, such as cuddling with you on the bed or couch. Many aging dogs will experience increased difficulty getting on and off furniture, in and out of cars, or up and down steps. W x 4 in. Buy a lightweight ramp for indoor or outdoor stairs. Portable dog ramps come in two varieties: free-standing, or those that attach to the car. It helps the dogs and other pets to navigate their favorite positions, whether on beds, sofa, or getting into SUVs without the pain of hurting themselves. If you’ve noticed your dog having trouble getting onto your bed or in your car, it might be time to consider a dog ramp. Since then, CFSD has helped thousands of senior dog owners successfully navigate their dog’s golden years to keep them healthy and happy. Wooden bed ramp, suitable for Queen and King sized beds, Available in two styles: White and Cherry Wood, Stylish ramp; can fit the decor of your bedroom, Requires assembly, which takes about 15-20 mins, Folds up for easy storage, and includes a built-in handle, Tethers to a car’s latch for added stability, Reflective stripes for visibility at night, Suitable for chairs, couches, and most beds, Tested to support up to 120 pounds (200 pounds for large version), Dimensions: 24” L x 16” W x 19.5” H (standard), 28” L x 18” W x 25” H (extra large), Folds flat for easy storage under the bed or chair, Dog car ramp made with artificial turf surface, Rubber grips on both ends for extra ground traction, Tethers to a car latch for added security, Not as wide as other car ramps (it’s 16” wide), Appearing uncomfortable after jumping, either by panting or yelping, Hesitating or spending too long “lining up” their jump, Ramps that are too narrow for larger or wider dogs. Both options are fine, but make sure whichever option you choose, that the mechanism for attaching the ramp is secure and unlikely to slip or give-way. How to Teach Your Senior Dog to Use a Ramp or Stairs. Dogs used to going up and down multiple stories at home can benefit from familiarity when using dog stairs. thoroughly. ÷ 12, For Large Dogs:Length (ft.) = 2.9 x height (in.) As you can see from these lengths, having a ramp that folds up is ideal, especially for use on the go. Some dogs may also find the sandpaper-like surface abrasive on the paws. Just use the wood slats like 2x4s to build the sloped frame and then cover the slope with a piece of carpet. Dwarf breeds (such as Welsh Corgis, Dachshunds, or Basset Hounds) may not have trouble getting onto a couch, but lofting themselves into an SUV is another story. Both work great; it all depends on your dog’s preferences! Also, if you are caring for a senior dog, you can use a dog ramp to ease your dog’s aches and pains. Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp Most pet ramps are made for young, healthy dogs - ones that have strong, healthy backs, good balance, tread on their paws, and cataract-free eyesight.Finally, there are a few pet product designers who understand the real physical limitations of older and disabled dogs. Fortunately, training a senior dog to use a ramp is very easy in most cases. If you have a senior dog, a dog with arthritis, or a dog with other mobility issues, it may be time for dog stairs or a ramp. It’s tested to hold up to 250 pounds, and folds together for easy storage. Here’s a helpful video to use when training them for the car: You may notice in the video that his dog rides in a crate while in the car. Unfortunately, Tashi is an older dog and running down the stairs to greet Jeff became more difficult as the years past. Older dogs tend to develop mobility issues, whether from arthritis or injury. Chances are, if you need a dog ramp in the house, you’ll probably also need one for the car. 1 2; Dog Ramps and Steps Help your pets get around safely with our selection of dog ramps that make climbing into cars, trucks and SUVs simple. Simply measure the height you want the ramp to reach and compare it with the values in our chart below. Majestic Pet 3 Step Towers Pet Stairs. But with all the options available, you may be wondering which is best for your situation. it. 48" to 87". They are portable and can help your dog get into a van, truck or car and can hold up to 200 pounds. The PetSTEP Original Folding Ramp is our top choice for cars, boats, or other outdoor uses. By Petful Jan 3, 2019 April 20, 2020. doing this until your dog will readily walk across the length of the ramp. Mailman Builds A Ramp For The Senior Dog On His Route After Losing His Own Pup. A ramp can help them do so comfortably and independently! When the ramp is fully compacted, it is 27.5″ long, and extends all the way out to 63″. seniors. that has grip (like carpet, or grass) so that it doesn't slip when your dog walks on The Doggie Ramps Adjustable Ramp is a quality built dog ramp perfect for pups that need help getting on beds, couches, and chairs. Lead your dog onto the ramp, and give lots of encouragement and treats. One-person operation, but easier with two people. your dog to get comfortable with it. The chart gives the recommended length for various heights, depending on whether you have a large or a small dog. small commission at no extra cost to you. Since we're talking about big dogs, There are certain things that us pet owners should consider as our dogs get older. It's best if the ramp has a textured surface built right in, but if need be, you can also add traction on your own as well, using anti-slip tape or safety tread . Use on floors where it won’t slide, such as a carpet. Get free instructions here to build a dog ramp like a pro. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This article may contain affiliate links. PetSafe’s Happy Ride ramps are quality built, aluminum products available in multiple sizes that fit any car, truck, or SUV. From puppies to senior dogs, a dog ramp can help alleviate extra stress on the joints that your dog may experience when climbing stairs or jumping up to his favorite spot on the bed. Get an adjustable dog ramp if you plan to use it in different parts like a couch, bed, or car. ÷ 12. by making it easier for them - and for us! We’ll explore all of these topics and more in this helpful buying guide. Pet Gear Extra-Wide Free-Standing Carpet Pet Ramp. comfortable going one or two steps up the ramp. Receive free shipping on dog ramps and dog stairs from 1-800-PetMeds, America's Largest Pet Pharmacy. The ramp is also rated to hold up to 500 pounds of weight, and can be easily folded up for easy storage. Even if your dog isn’t from a breed prone to joint issues, large jumps can be difficult on a dog’s spine and joints. At 70 inches, it’s longer than most indoor ramps, with a gentler slope for your dog. Twitter Facebook Google Plus Pinterest. 'position' : 'right', Lure him up the ramp, one paw at a time. It’s wonderful you’ve decided to invest in a ramp, ... Caring for a Senior Dog was born. Fill the sloped frame solid with plywood, and this dog ramp will allow your dog to easily reach the … … Looking for a set of dog stairs? peels or gets scratched off by the dog's nails. HELP. Using carpeted steps in the rain may cause it to trap moisture, so it needs to be dried out Training a Senior Dog to Use the Ramp or Stairs. Dog ramps are also perfect for senior dogs of any breed. 70". Or perhaps your dog is in a canine wheelchair, or is otherwise disabled and can’t navigate steps easily. Yes - non-slip, ridged rubber surface that's built right into the ramp. Some large breeds such as Goldens and Labs, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers, are prone to arthritis. Here’s our list of the 4 best dog ramps for cars. Some of the most reviewed dog steps & ramps are the Pet Gear 66 in. In 2019, Jeff noticed Tashi struggling to get down the stairs to see him. There are several reasons to consider a ramp, depending on your dog’s age, breed size, and use case. These kinds of ramps are perfect for small dogs, seniors, or dogs with arthritis, mobility issues, or neurological issues. If you buy a product through our links we may earn a commission. Bottom of pet stairs does not include a non-skid coating. health. As dogs get older, their joints start to wear down, they may develop balance issues, and their vision can become impaired. Shorter length can mean a steeper incline on a higher vehicle, such as an SUV or truck. Has a carry handle and a safety latch to prevent ramp from opening accidentally. Has handles for carrying. Until now. The Pet Gear Extra Wide Ramp is perfect for dogs that need a little extra space on their way into the car — at 19.5 inches across, it’s 3 inches wider than most standard dog ramps. Yes - washable carpeting. degenerative myelopathy) might also find the use of a Author Reyus Mammadli. L x 16 in. Remember, the goal is to figure out the proper length to reach the height you want, without creating an angle that’s too steep for your dog. A quick note: We’re reader supported! The traction grip can also wear out over time and make the ramp A quick heads up: this option is tested to hold up to 120 pounds, so may not be suitable for extra large breeds. Senior dogs, very small dogs, and dogs with short legs can all benefit from a dog ramp. However, the ramp itself only weighs 10 pounds, so it can easily be folded up and transported. a slight angle - for example, up against one or two steps (again, make sure the Rubber feet at each corner holds the ramp in place while your dog is walking up and down. How I taught Saffy to use a dog ramp – conclusion. Some dogs find climbing When you purchase through links on this site, I may earn a This particular model folds for easy storage to keep with you in your vehicle. The versatile design can also be adjusted to fit multiple areas of your house — bedroom, living room, or kitchen. It can support dogs that weigh up to 150 pounds. However, there are some scenarios when dogs without a home ramp will still need one for the car. Before using a ramp, it’s important to slowly introduce your dog. It weighs just under 12 lbs, … Each ramp is handmade in the USA with American sourced products, and tested to hold up to 200 dog pounds. A dog ramp is a great tool to help protect your senior dog from injury while still allowing them to enjoy the routines they’re used to, such as cuddling with you on the bed or couch. Materials for a dog ramp. A dog ramp for a car is a great idea if your dog is already struggling with stairs. These dogs include senior dogs with hip or joint damage, dogs who are recovering from injuries or surgery, and very small dogs who can’t jump high enough to get up on the couch or bed. When you’re training your dog to use stairs, be patient and go at his pace. Once your dog is comfortable with using the ramp flat on the ground, put it at It's okay if he's initially only on paws while also providing decent traction. Signs Your Dog May Need a Ramp and Dog Ramp Safety:, Dog Ramp Measurements: Several things to watch out for when purchasing a dog ramp: There are general safety principles to consider with a ramp, wherever you intend to use one. Gradually increase the incline of the ramp until you can place it up against There are also foldable and portable options for home use. Ramps are especially beneficial if you don’t want to continually lift your small dog onto furniture, or if they jump from heights beyond their limitations. This article was reprinted courtesy of Vetstreet. Don’t worry though, we’ve done the math for you. stairs more natural then climbing up a ramp. Maybe you have a senior dog who has a tough time getting around. when you want your dog to use the ramp. Create a trail of treats from the base of the stairs to the top and onto your couch or bed. Finding a couch ramp for dogs that actually works well and looks good in your home is tough. Materials This is a battle of sturdy plastic vs metallic ramps and both have their benefits and shortcomings. end - these dogs might benefit from the use of a. more slippery and harder to climb. A dog ramp for a car can help senior pets and those with mobility issues get in and out of your vehicle. mobility harness We’re highlighting a few of the best DIY options around. Textured ramps are better for traction. There are many reasons why you’d want a dog ramp, and several types of ramps to fit each case. Goplus Dog Car Ramp, Foldable Pet Ramp Portable Aluminum Easy Fold Lightweight Dog Ramp for Car Truck SUV, 15" Wide 250lbs Capacity 4.3 out of 5 stars 103 $139.99 $ 139 . Pet Gear Reflective Extra Wide Dog Ramp, At Home: Helping Your Dog Reach the Sofa or Bed, Ramps for Varying Uses: Features To Look For,,, The 7 Best Elevated Dog Bowls (2021 Reviews), The 8 Best Dog Travel Crates (2021 Reviews), The 7 Best Wet Dog Foods (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide), The 5 Best Dental Water Additives for Dogs (2021 Reviews), The 7 Best Indestructible Dog Beds (2021 Reviews), The 8 Best Wide Dog Collars (2021 Reviews), The 3 Best Cat Flea Collars (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide), The Most Cat-Friendly U.S. Cities for 2021, Dog ramp with high-traction rubber surface, Fits vehicles (including most SUVs and trucks), RVs, boats, decks, Dimensions: 70” L x 17” W, weighs 18.5 pounds, Gentle on a dog’s paws: no sandpaper or rough materials on ramp surface, Rubber ridges provide traction in wet or dry conditions, No setup or installation required; just unfold and use, “Telescoping” aluminum dog ramp for cars, trucks, SUVs, and trailers, Adjustable from 39” to 72” to fit your exact vehicle height, Independently tested to hold up to 400 pounds, Includes rubber feet for ground stability, High traction surface is rougher than other options, and can wear over time, Indoor dog ramp, perfect for beds, couches, chairs, Adjusts to fit six heights between 14” to 24”, Walking surface made with a “non-slip” mat, Designed for all dogs, and rated to hold up to 200 pounds, Handmade in the USA from 100% American sourced products, Family owned and operated business based in Oregon, Quality comes at a price; more expensive than other indoor options, Safer than hard plastic or metal, and easier on a dog’s paws, Top step is removable for easy height adjustment, Available in two heights: 18” and 24” tall, Minimal assembly required, no tools needed. 'share' : { If you’re unsure whether your senior requires mobility assistance, here are some signs they may need a ramp: Often, these conditions go hand-in-hand with advancing age, but not always. Softer and more comfortable Kindness is the greatest gift that we can give others in this world. While only weighing 5 pounds, these steps can support a hefty 120 pounds for the small version, and 200 pounds for the large version. It's helpful to choose both a verbal command and Senior Dog Having Problems Going Up Stairs, An Overview of Liver Problems In Old Dogs, Causes of Aggressive Behavior in Senior Dogs, Products That Improve the Lives of Senior Pets, How to Help a Dog With Degenerative Myelopathy, Dog Vomiting Bile - Another Possible Symptom, Back Problems - Intervertebral Disc Disease, Dog Barking Laws - Stop Excessive Barking, Understanding Your Dog with a Behavior Evaluation, Making Tasty Gourmet, Homemade Dog Treats, Baking Healthy Homemade Dog Treats & Cookies, Simple, Delicious Homemade Dog Treats Recipes, Customize this Recipe for Homemade Dog Treats, Best Cleaning Products and Supplies for Pets, Emergency Preparedness: Dog Disaster Supplies, How to Manage Senior Cat Litter Box Problems, helps us to improve the lives of our senior pets, Dog Health, Training, and Behavior Articles, Lots of different versions of the Solvit ramp are available. By now, Tashi was 14-years-old, and the years were showing. Also designed to float! The PetSafe Happy Ride Ramp is a black folding dog ramp that can help your dog get in and out of any vehicle. Our dog ramp features a gradual slope, … A safety latch then locks the ramp in each position, while its durable build holds up to 400 pounds. The PetSafe Steps are an affordable, highly-rated set of stairs that helps your dog reach chairs, couches, and beds. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband Brad, son James, and their purrfect angel cat, JoJo. To help, we researched hundreds of products, and thousands of verified reviews, to find the 8 best dog ramps available now. As such, they typically aren’t able to jump as high as they once did. helpful when they're going up or down a ramp. PetListed is the destination for the best pet product reviews, guides, and tips. Start by placing the ramp flat on the ground. If you’re unsure whether your senior requires mobility assistance, here are some signs they may need a ramp: navigate. And a dog pool ramp can make rehabilitation with hydrotherapy much safer. Adjustable height for all couches (up to 21"). July 25, 2020 ; Facebook. Our training methods, detailed below, include a training option specifically designed for dogs that may have ramp phobia. your vehicle. Purchase }); One thing to note is that some dogs simply don't like ramps. This ramp is one piece construction – no telescoping or folding so it’s nice and easy to use, not to mention less expensive. Pinterest. PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Pet Ramp, 6. This is actually a set of steps - for dogs who don't like ramps. Whether your dog has tiny, little legs or long, gangly ones, a dog ramp is beneficial in getting your pooch from the floor to the couch or car, and back down again safely. It’s important to practice obedience work and techniques with senior animals, however it is also essential to train your dog to cope with the aging process. Go slow. And that is exactly what Jeff Kramer gave to one family and their 14-year-old dog, Tashi. below. DIY Dog Ramp. The Gen7Pets Dog Ramp is another long, sturdy ramp made for your car. }, H Travel Lite Bi-Fold Full Ramp with 19 reviews and the Pet Gear 25 in. Figuring out how long of a ramp you need requires some geometry. 4. This could potentially be an issue if the surface 'numPreferredServices' : 5 Keep Whatever the reason, ramps are a great mobility solution for your four-legged buddy. Many old dogs don't have good stability on their feet when on slippery surfaces. The price you pay will always be the same as normal. Lastly, it’s wise to train your large dog how to use a ramp if your dog is heavier than you can (or should) lift. Remember, some senior dogs are a little weak or shaky in the back They find them scary, or hard to You also choose the width of the steps. When choosing a dog ramp for your large dog, it’s important to choose one based on its width and weight capacity. Only folds in half, so somewhat bulkier and awkward to handle on your own. It can also be used when only partially extended, in case you have to use it in a cramped situation or your not ramping up to as high of an area. It weighs only 7 lbs, but can support weight up to 300 lbs. Owners with senior dogs may want to stop considering dog steps regardless of the lower price tag, and direct their sights toward a pet ramp for dogs to prevent any further health complications. Senior dogs or those with reduced mobility NEED a dog ramp. Dog ramps work well for large breed dogs of all ages but they can be especially helpful for senior dogs or those with joint issues who have trouble jumping. Breeds with short legs and long bodies can benefit from a ramp for higher-clearance vehicles. Discounted Price $46.99 Old Price $69.99. the ramp a couple of months ahead of when you'll need it, if you can, to allow time for

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