Auspicious Dates for June 2019

Posted by: carol On June 12, 2019

Geng Wu 庚午 Yang Metal Horse June 6th – July 6th, 2019 This month the elements are in opposition. Geng is yang metal and the horse is yang fire. Raw geng metal is of no use until it is forged in fire and bent or hammered into a useful tool or weapon such as an …

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Auspicious Dates May 2019

Posted by: carol On May 9, 2019

Ji Si ( Yellow Earth Snake,) begins May 6, 2019, and lasts until June 6, 2019. The Snake month opposes the Pig year, so the whole month may be challenging. However, there are still auspicious days and non auspicious days (relatively speaking of course!!) As the Yellow Earth Snake brings behind-the-scenes talks, secret negotiations and …

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Posted by: carol On April 3, 2019

戊 辰 Wu Chen – Yellow Mountain Dragon “Seeking a Harmonious Life With Feng Shui!” In a recent interview with The New York Times, I spoke about the importance of both yearly and 60 year cycles for the world, the home and business. The yin muddy pig (2019) is the end of the 12 …

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Auspicious Dates for March 2019

Posted by: carol On March 9, 2019

兔 Ding Mao (Fire Rabbit) March 6th – April 4th, 2019 Ding Mao (Yin Fire Rabbit) month begins March 6, 2019, and lasts until April 4, 2019. I was going to use one of those cute, peaceful Chinese rabbit paintings, but decided this frenetic painting, by Hans Holman, symbolizes the energies of the March 2019 …

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Happy New Year!

Posted by: carol On February 5, 2019

In 2019, the Chinese New Year 2019 begins on Tuesday, February 5th and ends January 25, 2020. The year of the Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) follows the Year of the Yang Earth Dog, 2018, (Wu Xu) and is before the long-awaited year of the Yang Metal Rat (Geng Zi) in 2020. The pig is …

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February 2019 Auspicious Dates

Posted by: carol On February 4, 2019

Month of the Red Fire Tiger Feb. 5th – March 5th, 2019 The New year of the “Yin Brown Pig,” began on February 5th 2019, the first day of spring. February is always ruled by the tiger sign, and this year it is the “Red Fire Tiger.” We are off with a roar! Following are …

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Auspicious Dates for January 2019

Posted by: carol On January 12, 2019

Month of the Wood Ox On January 6th, the Wood Rat energies change to the month of the Wood Ox in the year of the Brown Mountain Dog. The final month of the year is ruled by the ox until the first day of Spring, when the tiger arrives. The Ox is the perfect animal …

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Auspicious Dates for December 2018

Posted by: carol On December 10, 2018

甲⼦ Yang Wood, Rat, December 7, 2019 – January 4, 2019 is symbolized by two elements: yang wood on top of Yang Water Rat. As the water element strengthens the wood, December contains very strong Wood energy. The key essence of yang wood is progressive growth, and a tendency to be fearless, bold and unapologetic. …

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Auspicious Days November 2018

Posted by: carol On November 13, 2018

Gui Hai – Yin Water Pig November 7th – December 7th November 7th was the first day of the winter season, and the beginning of the “Yin Blue Water Pig” month. Since 2019 will be the “Brown Earth Pig” year, we can maybe get a little glimpse this month into what is in store for …

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Auspicious Dates in October 2018

Posted by: carol On October 5, 2018

壬戌 Ren Xu – Yang Water Dog October 8th – November 6th The month of October has many auspicious dates and only two inauspicious dates, because the Yang Earth Mountain Dog rules the year and the Yang Water Dog rules the month. This is a lot of concentrated dog energy! Since the dog energy is …

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